Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coming Attractions!

Now that Fourth Of July is over, put away those firecrackers until next year and let GSN The Know burst firecrackers at you.

-we light up the fuse with the Ratings Report
-I'll show you the premiere dates for 2 new shows and pay tribute to Andy Griffith which will make your cherry bomb go boom!
-What the fans say on the 2 new shows that's got more fireworks than a Chinese New Year
-And I'll throw a bottle rocket at why the network goes international without leaving home

So put down the fireworks display and fire away at GSN The Know. A revolution in GSN-only blogs.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby, you're a......sparkler.
(theme fades out)

Welcome to the blog, please stand by saying the pledge of allegiance:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Now continue to stand as my friend Smashcraft will now sing the national anthem.

You may sit down now. Time to start the blog with the first quarter so we can all get patriotic. Hilty, light up the fireworks!

Family Feud took the first 4 spots, but Fifth Grader took the 5th spot, because another episode of the latter show went to #8 while the Feud filled out the rest. Now the place where all the fireworks go to rest, and that's the trash bin:

Password Plus kicks off the list, but there is somewhat a pattern of 2 shows in the icky mud goulash, starting with the Clark Pyramids, the Password twins, and perhaps some Dawson Feud sprinkled in for bad taste. Ick! That ends the first, we bust Hilty on

As we begin the second quarter, news came by fast in 2 weeks notice, because.....

Steve Harvey, the cream that rose his Feud to the tip of the GSN ratings book every week gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you want to talk about his empire, then he's the man for you.

2 programming reminders: first, DOND, the program that got rerun abused like it did is replacing it with Catch 21 as a replacement for a new Thursday night block. The rest remain as is. The other thing is DWTS is having a gargantuan 3-day marathon this week to celebrate. America's birthday. If you want to party with season 5's finest, I suggest you flip the remote to something else.

Houston weather girl Chita Johnson likes game shows, in fact, she was on a couple: TPIR and modern Feud.

With Hip Hop Squares riding high...or low, I should say, our neighbors to the north is shooting a new version of Match Game, just for them. And we wanted the American version....badly. In fact, 1998 was the last time the USA version hit the airwaves. And to wrap up the quarter.....

Former GSN tv and radio personality Bob Goen has a new gig: doing a stage show of TPIR in Branson. Ending the first half, we segue to halftime. Again, please stand as Ronan Tynan sings "God Bless America."

You may sit down now. We kick off the second half with grades from midyear. Mine was a c-minus last week. What about you? We start with CardSharks8689's grade:

"I grade it a C+. At least, despite removing my favorite classic, Card Sharks, off the lineup last April, the returns of Password Plus, Super Password, and brand new episodes of $25,000 Pyramid really makes up for the removal of CS. Not to mention that, despite Card Sharks being on the air last year, my grade last year was a D- because of rerun overkill of the classics. Nothing different, classicswise, last year. Thank goodness this year made up for last year's overkill. Not to mention that I didn't really care for Card Sharks minus the car game."

Thank you Sharky, and Longofan97's grade is.....

"So from above, my general grade for January through June of 2012 is...

A- (about a 91/100).

This of course, is from all the "bad" in 2011. And as mentioned in another thread, the schedule is packed with traditional game shows."

Looks like Lingofan got a higher grade, maybe xkvader1 wants to lower that....


Too much Family Feud and WAYYYY too much Dancing With The Stars (especially the hype with the commercials). However, classics like Whammy and Chain Reaction came back to the schedule, so that saves GSN from getting an F from me. Not to mention, even though I said there's too much Feud, they brought in Steve Harvey's version. For this channel, that's another plus. Still, not too impressed with GSN so far this year, but that's my opinion."

Thinking that too much is not enough, DWTS shortened a few airings and was gone by April, but it returns as a 3-day marathon. Chameleon whammy, you have a grade. Show me!

"B- Love seeing the NBC Password revivals (especially Plus), 1986-1987 $25,000 Pyramid, more Jeopardy! and Harvey have all been great.

Other stuff such as Dancing, 88 Feuds (just a little less please), and the absence of Card Sharks with Jim Perry kind of suck. Also Power of 10 and 1 vs. 100 biting the dust also kind of sucks too."

Yeah, but MDP thinks it can make a good audience despite 12 shows airing it every Saturday Afternoon. Playmaniac001, please step up to the podium and show us your grade.

"I'd give GSN a solid B so far.

I really like that we got a new season of Newlywed Game / Baggage. Harvey Feud is GREAT on GSN. The afternoon schedule is good now with Whammy/Chain Reaction back at 3PM, and the Catch 21 Hour at 4PM. Also the fact that Dancing is gone from the regular schedule now is a major plus... and the fact that we're finally going to see some new originals in a couple months.

My main dislike is the block scheduling and the weekend schedule after 1PM in general. I also dislike the removal of Power of 10 and 1 vs 100 from the schedule."

Mmm...okay. Perhaps I saved the best for last by giving Melyssa56 a grade of.....

How do I grade GSN this year? Below the Phillies, to whom I would give a D. Yes, GSN gets a big "F" for Family Feud overload and the Failure known by the acronym DWTS, along with the destruction of Match Game, showing just the same 25% of the series.

Match game wants the other 75%, period! Thank you posters, you all did great, and of GSN was a school, we'd all be teachers. Now I give a lecture on speeding up the network....

One day almost 10 years ago, the tape machine in GSN's HQ had a problem. Instead of going to technical difficulties, they simply compressed the 30 minutes by speeding up the tape. Why is that? More time for commercials, but it's for perhaps 3-4 minutes, because you get to hear the introduction of Dawson's Feud sped up. Everything from the music to the announcer. I remember watching a match game "Starwheel" episode and the wheel sped up a bit. Yeah, I know why it bites, but the talking isn't like an episode of "Alvin and The Chipmunks." If this was a Micro Machines commercial from way back, that would've fit GSN perfectly, but not for the network today. Reason: outdated. Evenly so, they ruined the classics years ago, but these days, they got out with no hitch in sight. Today, it annoys people like a Starbucks barista making a frappuchino (I know my friend Josie and I like it) every morning and it attracts....well....little viewers to garbage ratings save for Feud and nothing else on the schedule, but whoever needs a tape machine to run Feud to normal speed like it used to be 10 years ago should make ratings grow....faster!

And we have to rev up our engines, because it's time to go. Thank you for seeing this blog and learning more about it each week. Don't forget to email me, tweet me, add me on FB, and look for GSN The Know as a group page. We leave you now with a fireworks show. Have a happy 4th of July and play on, playas!