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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A Millionaire's Dummy

This week...A show that defined Regis.....

2 companies rekindled a flame......

And the dumbest US game shows known to mankind. All this and......

Cruella De Vil going vegan?    


Madison Brunoehler: From coast to coast..............

And Across America.....and the world.........this is..............

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!! 

Me: Thank you Madi2TheMax and this of course is  Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it. Let's get into it with......

 The Opening Toss-Up story.

On this day in 1999, when the typical network TV series in the summer was a repeat or a leftover, ABC tried something original care of game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Hosted by Regis Philbin, who at the time was schmoozing with Kathie Lee Gifford on their syndicated morning talker Live!, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? initially aired in a two-week window on multiple nights in primetime.
The format, of course, featured contestants attempting to win a top prize of $1,000,000 by answering a series of multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty.
After solid sampling at a time when few individuals were watching the broadcasters in the dog days of the summer, ratings rose in each telecast within that initial two-week window. And the result, not surprisingly, was ABC bringing the game show back in the traditional 1999-2000 TV season. By May of 2000, these multiple telecasts of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? held the top 3 spots in all of primetime (pushing former champion ER on NBC to the No. 4 spot).
Since success breeds imitation, the competing networks rushed to get into the suddenly hot game show game format in primetime care of The Weakest Link and Twenty One on NBC, Winning Lines on CBS and Fox's Greed).
While ABC could have (and should have, perhaps) taken the slower approach to keep Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? on the air longer, Millionaire at its height was airing five nights per week (with close to 30-million viewers per telecast). And the rapid rise and over-exposure led to its demise in primetime by June 2002. But that was certainly not the last we saw of the game show.
A syndicated daytime version, initially hosted by Meredith Vieira, began on September 16, 2002. Regis Philbin certainly would have taken the job had he not been co-hosting Live! (by then with Kelly Ripa). Vieira was replaced by Cedric the Entertainer in 2013, followed by Terry Crews and, most recently, Chris Harrison. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? concluded its 17-season run in daytime this past May. And Regis Philbin has popped up on ABC in primetime on occasion with special editions of the show.

After this commercial word, a reunion of two companies. That's.....when Game Show Live returns. 

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Madison: Some members of our viewing audience will receive....

A set of fans from Staples. Since our office A/C is knocked out, we used backup for cooling things off because it's hot outside and rain won't come until tomorrow, so enjoy a fan while it lasts. Now back to our fan of many fans, Pierre Kelly!

Me: Thank you Madi and welcome back. After much retooling, planning, careful disasters, miscasting and knowing when to get it's the reboot of..............Tellymime!

CBS Corp. and Viacom, two of the world's leading entertainment companies, today announced they have entered into a definitive agreement to combine in an all-stock merger, creating a combined company with more than $28 billion in revenue.
The combined company, ViacomCBS Inc., will be a leading global, multiplatform, premium content company, with the assets, capabilities and scale to be one of the most important content producers and providers in the world. The combined company will be a scale player globally, with leadership positions in markets across the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Asia. This includes the largest television business in the U.S., with the highest share of broadcast and cable viewing across all key audience demographics, and strength in every key category, including News, Sports, General Entertainment, Pop Culture, Comedy, Music and Kids - making it a first-choice partner to distributors and advertisers. In addition, the combined company will possess a portfolio of fast-growing direct-to-consumer platforms, including both subscription and ad-supported offerings. It will also include a major Hollywood film studio, Paramount Pictures, which has been a producer and global distributor of filmed entertainment for more than a century and continues to be a global box office driver. Taken together, these distinct strengths will accelerate CBS and Viacom's ability to deliver an array of compelling content to important and diverse audiences across both traditional and emerging platforms around the world.
Bob Bakish, President and Chief Executive Officer, Viacom, will become President and Chief Executive Officer of the combined company. Bakish said: "Today marks an important day for CBS and Viacom, as we unite our complementary assets and capabilities and become one of only a few companies with the breadth and depth of content and reach to shape the future of our industry. Our unique ability to produce premium and popular content for global audiences at scale - for our own platforms and for our partners around the world - will enable us to maximize our business for today, while positioning us to lead for years to come. As we look to the future, I couldn't be more excited about the opportunities ahead for the combined company and all of our stakeholders - including consumers, the creative community, commercial partners, employees and, of course, our shareholders."
Joe Ianniello, President and Acting Chief Executive Officer, CBS, will become Chairman and CEO of CBS. Ianniello, who will oversee all CBS-branded assets in his new role, said: "This merger brings an exciting new set of opportunities to both companies. At CBS, we have outstanding momentum right now - creatively and operationally - and Viacom's portfolio will help accelerate that progress. I look forward to all we will do together as we build on our ongoing success. And personally, I am pleased to remain focused on CBS's top priority - continuing our transformation into a global, multiplatform, premium content company."
Shari Redstone, Vice Chair of the Boards of Directors, CBS and Viacom, said: "I am really excited to see these two great companies come together so that they can realize the incredible power of their combined assets. My father once said 'content is king,' and never has that been more true than today. Through CBS and Viacom's shared passion for premium content and innovation, we will establish a world-class, multiplatform media organization that is well-positioned for growth in a rapidly transforming industry. Led by a talented leadership team that is excited by the future, ViacomCBS's success will be underpinned by a commitment to strong values and a culture that empowers our exceptional people at all levels of the organization." .

he Endemol Shine format Deal or No Deal is returning in Mexico, where TV Azteca has ordered a local version after an 11-year hiatus.
Mexico City-based Endemol Shine Boomdog has been commissioned to produce the latest run of the local version of the series.
Known locally as ¿Te la juegas?, the format last aired in Mexico in 2008. The new run of the show is set to premiere on the Azteca Uno channel on Monday, August 12, at 7:30 p.m., and will continue to broadcast in that time slot every day for the rest of the week.
Luis GarcĂ­a is on board as the series' new host.
The show follows as contestants must choose from 22 numbered boxes, each of which contains a sum of money between one and 1 million pesos ($50,750). Over the course of the game, as boxes are eliminated, the player will periodically be presented with an offer from the bank, which they must decide to either take in cash and leave the game, or continue to play in an effort to cash out with a higher prize.

Remember moments ago when I told you about Millionaire......well.......

AMC and ITV have ordered a three-part series, "Quiz," based on James Graham's play of the same name about a British couple who attempted to cheat their way to win at the game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"
"Succession" star Matthew Macfadyen will star as Major Charles Ingram, who along with his wife, Diana (played by "Fleabag's" Sian Clifford), were accused of cheating their way to winning the million-pound prize on the British version of the game show in 2001. The couple worked with an accomplice, Tecwen Whittock, who was sitting in the audience. The couple stood trial for conspiring by coughing during the recording to signify the correct answers to the multiple choice questions posed to the Major by host, Chris Tarrant.
Michael Sheen will play Tarrant, with Michael Jibson playing Whittock. The series also stars Mark Bonnar, Helen McCrory and Aisling Bea.
"A Very English Scandal's" Stephen Frears will direct. Graham will write the series, which will be produced by Left Bank Pictures. It will be distributed by Sony Pictures Television, which also owns and distributes "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" worldwide.
Filming is currently underway in London.
"If this tale was invented you'd think it too preposterous – the fact that it is true, and told so brilliantly, makes for an unmissable three-part TV event that will entertain and enthrall Americans audiences every bit as much as their British counterparts," Sarah Barnett, president of Entertainment Networks Group at AMC Networks, said. "'Quiz' has the most remarkable bunch of talented people attached both in front of and behind the camera, and we, at AMC, are delighted to be part of it

Australia's most beloved music quiz show will return to our screens once again this November as part of ABC's Ausmusic month.
The original trio of Alan Brough, Myf Warhurst, and Adam Hills reunited in 2018 for a reunion special, which ended up being the most watched ABC program of the entire year. So, clearly, there was a bit of demand for them to return again.
"From the moment Alan, Myf and I were together in a room for last year's Spicks and Specks reunion special, we had each other in fits of laughter," Hills said in a statement today. "Any time I can spend with those two fools is time well spent, and if it takes four more specials to make that happen — so be it!
"The response to last year's show was overwhelming, both in the studio when we filmed it, and at home when it went to air. Spicks and Specks has a special place in our hearts, and I'm genuinely excited to make a few more specials for the ABC."
In addition to the Ausmusic month special, Spicks and Specks will come back in 2020 for three episodes, where they will delve into the music of the '90s, noughties, and 2010's. The date of those specials, and of 2019's show, have yet to be revealed.

And now for a Gamestop game break. Look at this HQ trivia screenshot. 3 choices to the question, but one answer is correct.

You could give a Google Play music interlude to think this one over because we have PintSizedFun direct from Twitch here with us to do a song from Flyleaf as Acoustic August continues on. Ready?

Watch There For You - Flyleaf from PintSizedFun on

Thank you pint and before I even give you the answer, the Project Adventure universe decided to invent a new game. Say Say What?

Watch Game Show - Say What? | #SuperFuniverse from projectadventure on

What does this game remind you of?

Oh we see. If this gets popular, we may have a Pyramid-style set, but i'll stick with You Do What?

But the answer to that thing...............oh here it is.

And in case you were wondering, a ruminant is an even-toed ungulate mammal that chews the cud regurgitated from its rumen. The ruminants comprise the cattle, sheep, antelopes, deer, giraffes, and their relatives. Dayeanne?

Dayeanne: Up next, the semifinals of the international rock climbing pong competition, the female pizza buffet speed trials and the 10 dumbest game shows in America. Don't be dumb changing the channel, stay here for the biggest and the hottest game show headlines on this blog. This is Game Show Live! 2K19.

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No no no,  I meant the office A/C was broken and then I was looking for an available A/C company to come and fix the problem.......Oh look, there's the ON AIR sign, I'll message you when I leave the office, okay? 

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Sorry, I was just chatting with our landlord on when the A/C will be back up. Until we get cooler weather later in the week, we must now do Tenspot.

What's My Line?, I've Got a Secret, Double Dare 1986 and more. They took the idea and made them hits. But we got 10 games that looked good on paper, but looked bad when it aired. Just watch this trash.

And I'm glad it's all over.

That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is Victor Crowley's phone number. Which we can't show it on this blog due to (ahem) standards and practices. 

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