Saturday, October 29, 2016

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Overtime #25: App-solutely Fabulous!

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Me: Welcome to a special overtime on a Thursday, because tomorrow, our offices and studio will close up for staff recruit training. I'll show these youngsters the ins & outs of being a GSN fan and how we get our sources about the network.  Refreshments from Paula's Place will be on hand as well as a soda fountain not found in any gas station across the united states. Enough about that, let's get to the show.

CBS recently developed a new show based on Candy Crush Saga. Here's a link for reading if you want to see it.

But what if other apps did the same thing, but with a GSN twist? Here's my list of 5 apps that may get on the network one day.

1. Marvel Puzzle Quest
Have 2 teams of marvel fans play superheroes or villains from Marvel. Madison Brunoehler would host that.

2. Ingress
Have the blue team and the green team play an "Amazing Race" style atmosphere, but stick to one city like "The Line" just did.

3. Clash of Clans
Have two teams face-off in real life combat, but only this time with Styrofoam stuff and whatever else to keep the violence to a minimum.

4. Subway Sufers
Two skateboarders race through subway tunnels for a cash prize. I'm guessing New York could be the setting for this.

5. Tetris Blitz
Same like the app game and have 2 players play until one goes against the champion in a best 2 out of 3 brawl. It's gonna be fun.

Time to close the app, but not before we see one lip sync video from the carpool crashers Kristin & Danny just in time for Halloween and gear up for Nann-November. See you guys next month. Play on, playas.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

She Blew My Mind (100 Times)

(Halloween is getting closer and if you got your Horror Block, good for you, If you haven't, get on it right now because Halloween is Monday and you need to hurry before the next block arrives in November at

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: It's me, just getting in the studio of the 13th floor of this crummy old building and just got in at Lunchtime. Had lunch with the Garsow twins, and asked them if they heard of GSN. Well, they hadn't and I asked them to watch and see the shows that's on. I'm from Bartlett, TN. and as you can tell, it's time to run this thing like hell. Let's start with.....

 The Starting Line.

10 Years ago, NBC wanted a companion to their hit show DOND. The result.....

1 vs. 100 with Bob Saget. It only lasted 2 seasons on NBC with Bob Saget and had different forms of earning money. Why 1 vs. 100 did not get renewed on NBC? At the time, mid-2008, Deal or No Deal was fading and NBC apparently wanted to move on. Recall that the success of Deal or No Deal gave us 1 vs. 100 and at times, served as lead-in (8pm) to 1 vs. 100 (9pm).  GSN revived it later with Carrie Ann Inaba and unlike One million dollars in the NBC version, it was $50,000.  The GSN version of 1 vs. 100 did have a "$100K week", where the top prize was doubled which received high marks from the same people/groups who criticized the $50,000 prize as "too low". So......Why 1 vs. 100 did not get renewed on GSN? The original production halt of 2011-12 which tied up Lingo, Love Triangle, Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza and Baggage too. Plus the fact that Carrie Ann didn't return for the 2nd season. But 1 vs. 100 could return one day. One day.

This Friday on Overtime, What 5 apps deserve a GSN treatment based on a recent app getting acquired by a network? I'll tell you about it on tomorrow instead of Saturday.

(song stops)

Does this segment scare you for real or is it just your imagination? Either way, it's the yay & yawn of October.

The Yay: Wheel is coming back to GSN. Jeopardy, you're next.

The Yawn: Friday Night Frights. TGIWTF?

Time to step out for a bit, but we'll return with reactions from Wheel after this short little timeout from Jamie Petitto.

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)

Back on the blog with a GSN swing. Wheel came back to GSN and the fans were so ecstatic, a poem went a little bit like this.....

Hey, I just met you...
And this is crazy....
So here's my eyelash stapler....
Comment it, maybe?
Casey Abell kicks it off with....
"GSN can use all the help it can get for the total day averages. 11:00 AM is the death slot opposite you know what on CBS, but at least GSN is trying to compete. And as another poster noted, Match Game '90 sneaks back onto the schedule on Friday October 28, along with Whammy and Dawson Feud.

It's gonna be strange seeing relatively recent Wheel on GSN. It's only happened once before, in that Black Friday marathon back in 2010."
Let's hope that helps. Adam Lentz says....
"No matter what GSN puts at 11, TPIR usually kills them. But Wheel could do well. I think the Dawson Feud is from 1994 because that was the only season that was an hour long. But I've seen that one. The episode is on YouTube. I did like how Dawson made cracks about the Halloween decorations. I would like to see Dawson back on the schedule, but it probably won't. "
Dawson is still on Buzzr, but the Halloween show will be from 1994 on GSN this week only. Scott T. gets this rant of the day.
"Wow. The first GOOD acquisition GSN has made in years. Unfortunately, I don't know whose idiotic idea it was to replace Lingo, which for all intents and purposes should remain on the schedule in a permanent slot somewhere (whether it be weekday afternoons replacing a rerun-abused show like 2012 Pyramid, or airing alongside Chain Reaction like it used to be, or being aired sometime on the weekend).

You're supposed to increase variety, not decrease it. Every time GSN acquires/produces a new show, they always replace a current program on the existing schedule, instead of just replacing a duplicate rerun of something else, or removing 1 slot of a program that has multiple slots elsewhere on the 7-day schedule.

I mean, at least they acquired an ACTUAL GAME SHOW *gasp* for what's supposed to be a "GAME SHOW" network, so that's a step forward. But it's only because Hellevator is failing (for the record, I correctly predicted in the poll that it would do worse than last year), because Window Warriors WILL fail, and because GSN literally has nothing else coming after Window Warriors (beyond a confirmed Idiotest Season 4 that won't even air until next year).

Instead of focusing on the 18-49 demo, GSN should be focusing on what they do best for the audience that actually watches their network -- produce game shows. That's the problem with Amy Introcaso-Davis and her previous television background. GSN is not Bravo, Oxygen, Lifetime or E!, or any other young-skewing network for that matter. You can't take a network that generally attracts an older audience, start airing young-skewing programming, and then automatically expect that the network demo will suddenly drop 20+ years, whilst still retaining that original core audience.

If I like apples but hate oranges, and the guy selling me apples decides to all of a sudden stop selling them and only start selling oranges, you can't expect me to keep buying from him. I'll find someone else who sells apples and buy it from them instead. Introcaso and Goldhill should take that analogy to heart. Stop going after the 18-49 demo and focus on producing/acquiring content that the current GSN audience wants. You know, the way GSN used to be pre-Harvey Feud."
See there? But when November comes, but away your pumpkins for....

House Cleaning.

Here at the changes for November 7-13:
*"New to GSN" episodes of Family Feud will air Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8-10pm (formerly only 8-9pm). "New to GSN" episodes of Family Feud remain Tuesday from 8-9pm.
*A rerun of The Chase (from Season 4) will air Monday at 10pm; replacing Family Feud.
*Idiotest will air Monday latenight at 12am and 12:30am; replacing Family Feud.
*Family Feud will air Friday nights 9-11pm; replacing Hellevator and Scare Tactics
*Scare Tactics will air Friday latenight at 12am and 12:30am; replacing Hellevator
*Mind of a Man will air Friday latenight at 1am and 1:30am; replacing Scare Tactics (Mind of a Man now up to 6 airings a week).
*A rerun of The Chase (from Season 4) will air Saturday at 9pm; replacing Idiotest
*Idiotest will air Saturday at 11pm and 11:30pm; replacing Family Feud
*Family Feud will air Saturday latenight at 12am, 12:30am, 1am and 1:30am; replacing Scare Tactics and Hellevator.
*Baggage will air Saturday latenight at 2am and 2:30am; replacing Scare Tactics
*Chain Reaction (Catherwood) will air Sunday at 1pm and 1:30pm; replacing Family Feud.
Come November 7th, The Chase will make a long-awaited return in reruns, but Scare Tactics will make an extended stay in the late night postion early Saturday morning to make way for Feud on Friday nights replacing the frights. MOAM will stay right where it is now getting 6 spots per week. Hope you'll get into the weekend with a laugh.
(song stops)
But this.....just in.
From GSNN's BlogSpot page:
"Due to a change at GSN, GameShowNetworkNews is currently not receiving advanced schedules. We are not the only ones that are shifted off their mailing list. We hope this is only temporary and this problem is resolved."
Moving on....
Carni-Poll. Where any haunted hayride can become a trail ride. Even for kids. First....
Despite your personal opinion of the show, will 'Hellevator' get renewed for a third season?
69.........yes, 69% say give the Soska Sisters the pink slips in the mail.
What are your thoughts on GSN acquiring modern episodes of 'Wheel of Fortune'?
57% wished they seen the older stuff....and it's over.
(song stops)
Now the 2nd intermission presented by


Now comes the 3rd period.

Wheel is already on GSN, but what's the speculation behind all this?  It's all about Exposure. Over the past five years, Steve Harvey Family Feud reruns have been exposed on GSN. In that time, Harvey Feud ratings have grown massively in syndication, spun in to its own ABC Celebrity version (now lasting three seasons) and has benefited the host's career, Steve Harvey, greatly.  Sony, on the other hand worked with GSN to help Wheel get back into form where Feud got knocked off a few years ago. Here's hoping Wheel must find a way through reruns to get Feud off the top spot.

Time to step away and let the curtain close. Today's blog is presented by nasty woman clothing on Etsy. Endorsed by Janet Jackson and the surviving members of Vanity 6.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Also I'm on Snapchat as MisterGSN and Instagram as Mister_WCW. We will return next Wednesday, and until we return, Play on playas.