Change is Good

VO:  A reminder that today's blog is 100% glitch-free.......we think.

...with the master of Everything buzz.....and quick change artist, Pierre Kelly!

Welcome to @ The Buzzr.  

We've got some schedule changes that'll affect your Buzzr watching habits. What are they? Find out once I return.

For the Buzzr Beater question, it was Both Family Feud and IGAS, but IGAS caused it to tie. We'll have another Buzzr beater question after I tell you about the changes. 

(song stops)

Ready for teh changes? Well, here it comes......

8-10am: B&W block (Beat The Clock, The Name's The Same, and I've Got A Secret M-F)
10am: Sale of the Century
10:30am: Card Sharks (Perry)
2-4pm: B&W block (To Tell The Truth, What's My Line, and Password M-F)
4pm: Super Password
4:30pm: Card Sharks (Eubanks)
9pm: Supermarket Sweep (giving it an hour)
4-6pm: Supermarket Sweep
6-7pm: Super Password
7-8pm: Password Plus (Ludden; two hours. since it keeps 8-9)

And it will all take place July 30th.  So are you aware of the new changes? We'll give you 2 weeks to think on it.

That should end it.  anything you question or comment goes to me on social media or email and we'll explain. We will see you all @ The..................... 


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