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This week.....the newest quizz app hits the digital streets.....

How to survive Red Nose day......

And can Steve cancel your GSN show? All this and.....Are you lit right now? 



Madison Brunoehler: From coast to coast..............

And Across America.....and the world.........this is..............

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!! 

Me: Thank you Madi2TheMax and this of course is  Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it. Let's get into it with......

 The whatstrending.com Opening Toss-Up story.   

Today, Kiswe, the pioneer of cloud-based interactive mobile video solutions, launched Hangtime, a new and fun mobile gaming platform that lets users play live trivia games and quizzes while interacting with each other directly on the app.
For each game, players can compete to win cash and other prizes while chatting and collaborating with friends in public or private "Hangs," or digital rooms.
"TV has always been a social experience centered around popular shows that air during certain times of the day. However, with the transition to mobile devices, viewers have been given the power to watch any content, anytime, anywhere. As a result, we lost the social benefits of watching TV as a group," said Mike Schabel, CEO of Kiswe, the company that built Hangtime. "By reintroducing social experiences to live video on mobile devices, Hangtime provides fun ways to bring friends, old and new, together to watch and play live game shows. Interactive and collaborative gaming is the first step towards our vision that mobile video is best when shared live with friends. During the beta phase of the app, we were able to build an incredible community of loyal Hangers, and we're excited to bring this new gaming experience to everyone starting today."
Hangtime offers daily trivia and quiz shows at 2pm and 6pm Eastern Time with frequent late-night pop-up shows for the Hangtime Community.
Hangtime currently has three different game shows: "Pop Quiz," "Perfectly Adequate Games," hosted by Will and Erinn of Perfectly Adequate Films, and "The Good Game Show," hosted by Jon Hudson, a local New York City-based comedian.
The app also features live pre- and post-game shows hosted by live animated characters who engage with users and help them get their private hangs organized.
Hangtime does not eliminate players for answering a question incorrectly. Together with the friends-first social features and live interactive experiences, the average session times often exceed the actual length of the game. The app is powered by Kiswe's industry-leading and patented cloud video technology, which has provided state-of-the-art live mobile video experiences for the owners and distributors of large sports and music events.
Hangtime's underlying technology minimizes lag for players and allows for rapid introduction of new game formats and onboarding of interactive video experience from industry content publishers and brands. Hangtime's additional unique features include:
- Live animated host characters, Steeve and DJ Chuck, who engage with and entertain players with banter and music before and after games.
- A live scoreboard to see how you are performing against friends and other contestants during each game.
- A comprehensive leaderboard that lets friends compete, tournament-style, with each other throughout the week as well as reveal the top Hangtime players of the week.
- Public and Private rooms, or "hangs," for you to interact, chat, collaborate, or compete with other players or just your friends. Freebies, or the ability to pass on answering a question, earned by inviting a friend to join Hangtime.
- Simple and immediate introduction of interactive content in partnership with creators and publishers who seek new ways to engage their audience within or adjacent to the games.

After this commercial word, Rudolph's red nose. That's...............when Game Show Live! returns.

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Madison: Some members of our viewing audience will receive.....

Coupons from Wendy's where as of today, there's an app for you to download. Sign up and you'll get mobile offfers right to your phone. Available on the app Store and Google Play. Now back to our operator on the other line, Pierre Kelly!

Me: Thank you Madi and welcome back. Later on, The dude abides where?

Two-time Emmy Award winner and comedian Chris Hardwick is back to host NBC's fourth annual "Red Nose Day Special" on Thursday, May 24 (10-11 p.m. ET/PT). To date, Red Nose Day has raised more than $100 million and has impacted the lives of over 8.3 million children here in America and around the world.
On an action-packed night of programming, some of the biggest names in entertainment will compete on "Celebrity Ninja Warrior for Red Nose Day," where they will be pushed to the limit in grueling physical challenges all to raise money to support the cause. Later, two teams of stars will face off on a special Red Nose Day edition of "Hollywood Game Night" where they will take on classic "HGN" party games that will test their pop culture IQ.
Adding to the excitement, both shows will include live check-ins from Hardwick throughout the night as he gears up for the main event, broadcast live from New York. The evening will serve to entertain and educate viewers while providing many opportunities to support the charity through calls to donate, with money raised supporting millions of children in need in all 50 states and Puerto Rico and around the world.
"Chris' genuine compassion and good-hearted humor make him ideal to host our "Red Nose Day Special" and bridge the evening's exciting and purposeful three hours of programming," said Paul Telegdy President, Alternative and Reality Group, NBC Entertainment. "We are thrilled to once again bring humor and inspiration to our audience in our effort to raise awareness and funds for children in need around the world."
"We are so grateful to NBC and the entire Comcast NBCU family for their outstanding partnership. This year's special night of programming really delivers on Red Nose Day's signature rollercoaster of laughs and tears - shining a light on the children who need our help the most," said Janet Scardino, CEO, Comic Relief USA.
"Celebrity Ninja Warrior for Red Nose Day" at 8 p.m. will kick off the evening followed by a special edition of "Hollywood Game Night" at 9 p.m., featuring Emmy-winning host Jane Lynch and some of the biggest names in entertainment competing to raise money to ensure that children in need are safe, healthy and educated. "The Red Nose Day Special" hosted by Hardwick will close the night at 10 p.m. All three specials will work collaboratively to celebrate Red Nose Day while promoting donations to the cause throughout the night. Additional participating talent will be announced at a later date. Red Nose Day is an annual event that harnesses the power of entertainment to raise money and awareness for children living in poverty in America and internationally.
NBC's night of special Red Nose Day programming is a culmination of a seven-week fundraising campaign, which brings together millions of Americans around the country to have fun and make a difference. The campaign's iconic Red Noses will go on sale Monday, April 2, exclusively at Walgreens and Duane Reade locations nationwide. Talent who have supported the campaign include Julia Roberts, Ed Sheeran, Elton John and many more.
Red Nose Day was created by Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning writer-director Richard Curtis, ("Love Actually," "Four Weddings and a Funeral," "Notting Hill"). It has raised more than $1 billion globally since its launch in the U.K. in 1988.

Remember the flick Real Steel? Well......

Fox is piloting an AI-based game show that sees team of families compete against robots in a large-scale physical contest.
The U.S. broadcaster is working with British production company Tuesday's Child on Man Vs Robot, which was unveiled today at INTV, the Jerusalem-based conference organized by Keshet.
The news came from Tuesday's Child boss Karen Smith, one of the creative team behind talent juggernaut Strictly Come Dancing.
The pilot, which has just come out of the edit, has been in development for more than two years and sees families with competitive brothers and sisters and stay-at-home moms and dads. In each episode, four teams take on the robots in a "battle for supremacy."
The pilot, which was screened at the conference (where Fox chairman Gary Newman was watching in the audience), is hosted by Dermot O'Leary, British host of The X Factor.
Smith said it's a "little bit Tron" and similar to Gladiators, albeit with machines.
"We've created real-size gaming robots because we wanted to hook into how do you have an emotional moment with robots. People are a little bit scared because this great big thing is making its own decisions, and it might only be playing Pong against you but it's a compelling experience to be with them," said Smith.
It is the second Fox show for Tuesday's Child, which produced a U.S. version of British format You're Back In the Room. The production company, which is part of Greenbird Media, which earlier today was acquired by Keshet International, has history in robot programming. It produced Trust Me I'm a Robot for Channel 4 as part of its Rise of the Robots season.

It's time to tell.....

The real live online quiz truth in real live online quiz news, suckers!

HQ had a survival gauntlet test for $25,000 and the real winner turned out to be...............

Mikey Elkins. He tweeted his victory like this:

And HQ reported about it.

Over at the Q, there was a brand spankin new host named Daniel and his wardrobe....well........stare at it.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling


On a more positive note, they decided to have teh Q-munnity throw out the "one wrong and you're gone" rule with the new leaderboard look in which even a wrong answer keeps you going until the end. Isn't that wonderful?

And that sadly was the real live online quiz truth in real live online quiz news, suckers!!!!!

(song stops)

Let's break now for The Dramatic Questioners. 

Load "em Up!

Shotmakers, an innovative new golf competition where precision shotmaking meets intense strategy in a fast-paced format, was announced today. Premiering Monday, April 9 at 9 p.m. ET on Golf Channel, Shotmakers will feature the fun, social experience for which Topgolf is known, blending entertainment, golf and technology throughout the competition.
The announcement was made today by Phil Piazza, Golf Channel senior vice president of programming and Topgolf Media President YuChiang Cheng.
Surrounded by the Topgolf experience in Las Vegas, nine co-ed teams of two will pair up in head-to-head competitions that test precision, distance and control, all while facing intense pressure and strategic decision-making.
The 18 competitors include a former PGA TOUR professional, mini-tour professional golfers, an Olympian, former collegiate athletes, a former World No. 1 World Long Drive competitor, a trick-shot artist, decorated military veterans, and champions from the Topgolf Tour.
"Shotmakers is a great opportunity to introduce a progressive approach to golf competition, featuring dynamic personalities from across the sports landscape," said Phil Piazza, Golf Channel senior vice president of programming.
"Shotmakers also will showcase what Topgolf has been doing for 17 years - evolving the narrative around golf and redefining golf participation."
The competition will utilize Toptracer by Topgolf, the leading technology used on PGA TOUR televised broadcasts that immediately shows players their ball's flight, speed, distance and curve on screen, as well as the games made popular at the 41 Topgolf venues around the world.
Teams will compete for cash and prizes in each competition and will be eliminated until one team is left standing as the champion of Shotmakers.
"Topgolf is proud to partner with Golf Channel for Shotmakers. This show advances our mutual commitment to growing the game through original content that inspires and entertains our audiences," said Topgolf Media President YuChiang Cheng.
"Through Shotmakers, Topgolf blends our unique brand experience with sports, creating compelling content that can be enjoyed by everyone."
Shotmakers is co-hosted by 3-time college national player of the year Amanda Blumenherst and golf host Shane Bacon, along with Golf Channel reporter Chantel McCabe and social media correspondent Alexandra O'Laughlin. Shotmakers will feature seven rounds of competition airing two nights a week- Monday and Tuesday nights - at 9 p.m. ET beginning April 9 and concluding April 30. The series will also be distributed across Golf's international platforms, airing in more than 60 countries worldwide.

ITV has commissioned hit quiz show Tipping Point for a further two years, with a total order of 354 episodes from producers Fizz, the entertainment arm of RDF.
Hosted by Ben Shephard and currently in its eighth season, Tipping Point will return with 330 regular episodes and 24 of its prime-time variation Tipping Point Lucky Stars – across 2018 and 2019.
This will be the fifth series of Lucky Stars, which has to date welcomed over 100 celebrities and raised nearly half a million pounds for charity.
To accommodate production of the super-sized order Fizz will film the new episodes at Bristol's expansive Bottle Yard Studios, with the production teams based out of RDF West's Bristol offices.
The iconic Tipping Point machine is already being assembled in an 8,000 sq ft studio at The Bottle Yard. Control rooms and all backstage elements of production will also be based at the Studios.
A game of knowledge, skill and tactics, Tipping Point is centred around a machine filled with counters worth thousands of pounds.
The series continues to dominate its weekday 4pm slot, frequently attracting up to 3 million viewers and well over 25% shares. The current run has peaked at just over 2.9 million viewers with a 32% share..

BYUtv has acquired "Splatalot," a medieval-themed game show with new hosts from "Studio C," Stacey Harkey and Tori Pence, set to premiere on Monday, April 2 at 6:30pm MT/8:30pm ET.
"These acquisitions are just the beginning of where BYUtv is heading with fresh, innovative and diverse shows," said Michael Dunn, managing director of BYUtv. "Adding new series like 'Hetty Feather,' 'Splat-A-Lot' and 'Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle,' exemplifies our commitment to programming that will connect families through unique entertainment experiences in several genre's including period dramas, game shows and unscripted series. We will continue to provide viewing experiences that will encourage our audience to 'see the good in the world'."
Acquired from Distribution 360, a division of Canadian production company marblemedia, new hosts, "Studio C's" Stacey Harkey and Tori Pence, will provide commentary as groups of teenagers and the Defenders fight against the clock while they compete in this medieval themed game show that features a large, extreme obstacle course and three rounds of competitions.
Splatalot originally aired on YTV for two seasons in 2011 with hosts Jason Agnew & Matt Chin. Season 1 aired on Nickelodeon in 2012.

Time for a Gamestop Game break. When any live online quiz causes technical difficulties, they always ask Can You.....Sqramble This?

Hint: Hamilton.

Ponder on that after a Google play music interlude because for the second time in a row......


Prepare for a maximum of madness. Prepare.....for a madness of Madison. Prepare......for Madi2TheMax-imum March Madness.  Our Match Game mistress of impressionism is remembering Coco.  Since it won at least one Oscar, here's Madi to pay tribute to it.

I must now reveal to you the answer: 

That's about 2 combo meals at a fast food joint. 

This.....just in. Trivia Trap, the short lived 1984-85 game show is getting a board game of its own. Imagination Games is negotiating the rights to the Bob Eubanks hosted-program.....

Holy Settlers of Catan Batfink, It's.....


The Lightning Rant. 90 seconds to talk about why Steve Harvey can replace GSN shows starting from.................



GSN unveiled 3 hours of classics and when it was slashed to 2, Steve Harvey stepped in. Idiotest was done with the 4th season and Harvey stepped in. What does it mean to GSN? Well, the ratings books can tell you right away that Steve Harvey and his Feud will destroy any show on the schedule......the moment when a show isn't doing too well. Look at Divided and Emogenius. They tried in prime time......and failed. What does that mean? Well, lots of complaints about why they should get more classic variety on GSN should lesser Steve, but the execes at the network aren't buying it. If GSN wants even more Steve to cover the afternoon hours and morning hours, it'll turn into a 24-hour Steve Harvey network. That's not gonna happen. What GSN should do is expand the classics on Saturday night to 5 hours and cut back on the Harvey shows with GSN programming we haven't seen in a long time and give back the glory GSN once had in 1994. 



That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is a box of Lucky Charms. If you'll excuse me, I have to catch the leprechaun that stole the box. 

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