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Chefs in Court

Top Chef is in boiling hot water this week. 

Closing arguments were heard today in the trial of four Boston Teamsters accused of attempting to extort driving jobs from the producers of Top Chef three years ago. The case has gone to the jury.

Before a packed courtroom, federal prosecutor Kristina Barclay told the jury that the evidence presented at trial proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the four defendants — all members of Boston’s Teamsters Local 25 — attempted to shake down the show for “unwanted, unneeded and superfluous” services under the “threat of violence and the fear of economic harm.” They threatened to “smash in the pretty face” of the show’s host, Padma Lakshmi, and slashed tires on nine of the show’s production vehicles outside the Steel & Rye restaurant in suburban Milton, where the show was filming.

Defense attorneys, however, told the jurors that there is no evidence that the defendants knowingly tried to extort the show and that their actions on the picket line that day in June 2014 were part of a legitimate labor dispute. 

The show’s next location was to be the Omni Parker Hotel, but the unionized hotel withdrew its invitation to film there when its management found out there would be Teamster picketing. Top Chef producers then decided to leave Boston to escape the Teamsters and film the next episode at the Steel & Rye restaurant in nearby Milton. But Local 25 president Sean O’Brien, who is not a defendant in the case, found out about it and told the producers that he’d be sending 50 Teamsters there to picket. Only six showed up on June 10, but producers had a detail of local police to provide protection.

Defense attorney Carmine Lepore told the jury that “the government’s case is built on speculation. They want you to believe this is extortion just because they say so. They haven’t proven it because there is no evidence of extortion.”

Mambo in Italiano

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd arrived in Italy this week for their honeymoon.

The "Dancing with the Stars" pros shared photos on Wednesday from their getaway to Lake Como -- their first vacation away from their 7-month-old son, Shai Aleksander.
"Lake Como with my love. We were blown away by the beauty! Missing our little Shai - this is our first trip away just the two of us," Murgatroyd captioned a slideshow of photos on Instagram.
"When your bed takes up most of the hotel bedroom and you don't even mind....not even a little bit.... #BecauseComo," Chmerkovskiy added to a picture of Murgatroyd in their hotel bed.
Chmerkovskiy and Murgatroyd tied the knot July 8 at a lavish wedding at Oheka Castle on Long Island. The couple couldn't help but gush about their nuptials in subsequent posts on Instagram


From dancing to singing, it's a 30-second song break with Lilbumblebear which start when I start which is..........


Back to the news.

You better work!

He, er, she, er, whatever may have judged bodypainters or played crew chief to drag queens, but Rupaul is working with famed director J.J. Abrams and streaming service Hulu to delevop a show based on the drag queen icon's life. Maybe Rebecca Romijn could make a cameo in it, who knows?

2, 2 Vienna sausages, ah ah ah!

Vienna Giradi gets a double whammy.........of kids.

They are expecting twin girls come wintertime. Hope they're aren't Thing 1 and Thing 2.

At least WWE was more entertaining.

This past Monday in Montgomery,  the Montgomery Performing Arts Centre announced that Friday's live stage production Hollywood's Greatest Game Shows had been canceled due to low ticket sales.
Those who have already purchased tickets will be given refunds at their point of purchase. 
This is a touring show featuring longtime TV game show host Bob Eubanks. It features several games based on classic TV game shows. The finale of the show would have featured a $1 million cash pyramid. 

In other words, they stayed home and watch RAW, which IMO was worse. Smackdown Live is #1!

And finally.....

Why is this news?

If you think Bob Barker is dead, well think again. Rumors has circulated and it's false. He is not dead. He is still alive at.......94 years old, people.

Before we get a performance from our Super Password Soul Sister Alyse Black, here's some love & light to take with you.

Now we let her do her thing. Go to it!

That's all for now, but remember one thing:   What are the chances a baby from a DWTS couple would be a pro 20 years from now? I'll say 1 in 25.

 So until next time and all the on playas. 

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