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Stephanie Panisello: From Coast to Coast, Shore to Shore, Border to Border and beyond the far reaches of our galaxy's solar system, it's time to go all the way live on....

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!!

Me: Thank you Stephanie Panisello and welcome to a thingamablog known as Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it.

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 The Opening Toss-Up story.

After 600's all over.

Comedy Central, host/executive producer Chris Hardwick and production company Funny or Die have decided to bring the comedy game show to an end. The final week for the show will begin July 31, with the show’s 600th episode serving as the last one.
“We took a big macro look and we started having conversations with Chris,” Comedy Central president Kent Alterman tells Deadline, which first reported the news. “… It was a little bit of the audience telling us over time, and we mutually thought, ‘You know what, maybe we should walk away holding our heads high and proud, full of appreciation and gratitude.'”

Adds Hardwick, “It has been a dream to come to work 600 times to make inappropriate jokes about the Internet with my fellow comedian friends. I could not be more proud of this show, staff and crew and at the end of the day, I think we accomplished everything we wanted to accomplish.”

“@midnight” has averaged about 315,000 viewers in its initial airings over its past several weeks; it has drawn fairly consistent audiences over the past couple years, typically bringing in numbers in the mid-400,000s (including delayed viewing). More than half of those viewers are in the 18-49 demographic, and the show has one of the youngest median viewer ages in all of late night.
Hardwick has a whole lot of other TV work to occupy his time. He fronts the “Talking” franchise on AMC, hosts NBC’s game show “The Wall” and is developing another series there called “The Awesome Show.”

May this show will forever be missed.

Now we go to a segment that may or may not give you a heat stroke. It's the Yay & Yawn of July.

The Yay: ABC's Sunday Night lineup. They keep kicking the ground and they're not stopping.

The Yawn: Candy Crush. CBS tried to make the largest game board, but was like the Magnificent Marble Machine.

This Friday on Livewire!,  7 games Alex Trebek has hosted....and it's not Jeopardy! All will be revealed  this Friday on Livewire! Catch it here!

Don't put on mouse ears just yet, because after this, MGM gets another app. Seriously. that's on the way, but first....

With the season of the weddings in full swing, we want you to propose to your girl.....with this.

(Fade to break)

Welcome back to Game Show Live! Why is Nicolas Cage posing with the first lady of Kazakhstan? You'll find out in a moment.

(song fades out)

Sure, MGM has a game based on Shazam, but have they ever tried....Words with Friends?

MGM Television and Zynga are partnering to develop a new television game show based on “Words With Friends,” the companies announced Wednesday.
Since launching in 2009, “Words With Friends” has been installed more than 200 million times and is one of the App Store’s Top 10 free games of all time. An estimated 55 million Words With Friends matches are played around the world at any given moment and more than 75 million words are played every day.

“The interactive social experience of ‘Words With Friends’ makes it the perfect mobile game for us to bring to primetime, following our success with Beat Shazam on Fox,” said Barry Poznick, president of unscripted television for MGM. “Playing ‘Words’ is a daily ritual for some of the biggest names in Hollywood and we’ve created the perfect format to capture their competitiveness and creative wordplay.”

MGM Television, which is headed by Mark Burnett, currently has unscripted series on all four major TV networks, including “Survivor” for CBS, “The Voice” for NBC, “Shark Tank” on ABC, “Beat Shazam” on Fox, and “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” on ABC.
“Over the past eight years, ‘Words With Friends’ has proven to be a place where millions of people connect with their friends and family from around the world every day,” said Bernard Kim, president of publishing for Zynga. “We’re proud to partner with MGM, an industry leader in creating innovative and engaging programming, to extend the iconic gameplay and rich social experience of Words With Friends, and our broader collection of With Friends games, to new mainstream entertainment mediums.”

Back with a brand new style....RYan Seacrest!

ABC is now confirming what has been speculated about for months: Ryan Seacrest will reprise his signature role as host of American Idol for the network’s spring 2018 revival. Seacrest made the announcement on Thursday’s edition of Live With Kelly and Ryan.
“It’s genuinely hard to put into words what American Idol means to me,” Seacrest said in a statement. “I’m so grateful for the show and all the career and life opportunities it’s allowed me to experience. It’s been an incredible journey from day one. To be asked to return this year, at my new home at ABC, is an honor, if not a bit surreal. I believe ABC is the perfect home for Idol, and I’ve every confidence the show’s legions of fans will love it – especially Idol‘s best traditions of showcasing heartwarming stories, remarkable talent discovery, and, best of all, making dreams come true.”

“So much of American Idol‘s overwhelming success can be attributed to Ryan, whose larger-than-life personality and laudable dedication to creating quality entertainment has made him a true master of his craft,” ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey said in a statement. “His talent is limitless, and I can’t think of a more appropriate person to honor the Idol legacy as it takes on new life than the man who has been there through it all.”
New Idol judge Katy Perry immediately responded to the news on social media, saying that “all the right ingredients are coming together” ahead of the singing competition’s return.

Face this next story if you will.....

Syfy is about to get its Game Face on.
The network has announced a spinoff of their award-winning Face Off reality competition, in which four all-stars race against the clock to complete three challenges, with eliminations after every round, until one of ’em walks away with the $10,000 prize.

Face Off‘s McKenzie Westmore will reprise her role as host, alongside renowned judges (and multiple Academy Award winners) Ve Neill (Beetlejuice) and Rick Baker (The Wolfman).
Game Face premieres on Tuesday, Aug. 22 at 10/9c.

For better or worse, Food icons Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray return to lead a star-studded culinary boot camp for cooking-challenged celebrities this summer with a brand-new season of Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition, premiering Wednesday, August 23rd at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network. Anne and Rachael each lead a team of recruits through the intense kitchen challenges, but only the most improved star wins a $25,000 grand prize for the charity of their choice and bragging rights for their team master. The new celebrity recruits are: Nora Dunn, Carmen Electra, Erik Estrada, Vivica A. Fox, Perez Hilton, Carson Kressley, Sean Lowe and Melissa Peterman.

"Anne and Rachael have their culinary work cut out for them with this batch of celebrity recruits - and the results are high-energy and hilarious," said Courtney White, Senior Vice President, Programming Scripps Networks Interactive. "These stars enter boot camp with less-than-impressive cooking skills and watching them gain confidence in the kitchen is remarkable."

In the first episode, Anne and Rachael kick things off with a social media-inspired challenge. The celebrities must make a dish inspired by their tastiest food snaps on social media and judging from their pages online, these stars love a good meal but clearly do not know how to cook one. The mentors follow with a lobster lesson, which proves to be a disaster for some of these clueless cooks. Anne and Rachael then choose their teams, and the culinary training begins. Upcoming episodes feature international flavors, dessert-themed milkshake and cupcake challenges and the return of trivia game Family Food, this time with a "freaky food" twist. The most-improved celebrity cook is awarded a $25,000 grand prize for the charity of their choice in the season finale on Wednesday, October 11th at 9pm ET/PT.

Viewers can learn more about the famous faces competing for kitchen glory at and watch video highlights, see photos from the challenges and take quizzes to improve their own cooking. Tell us who your favorite celeb is on social media using the hashtag #WorstCooks.

Here's something sweet: Lionsgate has licensed the game show Candy Crush to Dubai-based Eagle Films for an Arabic-language version.

The new game-show format will be adapted for the Middle East and North Africa region and produced by Beelink Productions. The 13×60-minute Arabic-language treatment of Candy Crush is slated to go into production later this year.

Peter Iacono, Lionsgate’s president of international television and digital distribution, commented, “With over one trillion game rounds played since launch, Candy Crush is one of the world’s most iconic mobile games. Fans are avid players and are extremely excited to have a live-action TV game show to watch as they play at home. We are proud to announce Eagle Films and Beelink as our first international partners and expect to announce many international adaptations to be produced in the coming months.”

Jamal Sannan, CEO of Eagle Films, said, “Following 15 years of successful collaboration with Lionsgate, we are looking forward to working together again to bring a brand-new TV gaming experience to our viewers, which we are confident will set a new standard in game-show production values.”

Safa Aburizik, the managing director of Beelink Productions, added, “We are very pleased to be the first international licensees of the Candy Crush format after CBS. Content is always king; we believe in premium content and we strive to deliver high production standards that can succeed in our region and travel worldwide.”

Hey Twitchheads! Remember Starcade? Well......

In addition to being the home of video game live streams (and the occasional food channel), Twitch has been gaining a reputation for hosting a number of marathon streams of aging TV shows. There’s been one for Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the Pokemon cartoon, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and even anime. Now the next one has been announced: the ’80s arcade game TV show called Starcade.
If you were a gaming fan in the early ’80s, you might remember Starcade. The program aired on TBS between 1982 and 1984, and featured contestants answering game-related trivia questions and facing off in rounds of hit arcade games of the time, including Pac-Man, Centipede, and Galaga. There were 123 episodes in total, and soon you’ll be able to stream them all from Twitch.

Shout Factory, the production company responsible for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival (as well as its Twitch stream), recently purchased the rights to reboot Starcade as a modern show. They’ll be hosting this Twitch marathon as well, likely as promotion for the new version.
There’s no set date yet for when the Starcade marathon will begin, so keep an eye on Shout Factory’s Twitch channel if you’re interested. They add that all the episodes have been digitized from the original master tapes, allowing the stream to broadcast them in the “best quality possible,” without the fuzzy blur that’s usually seen on shows from the era.

Talk about your Generation....

Former The Great British Baking Show hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins will be returning to the small screen as hosts of the classic series The Generation Game.
BBC has commissioned a four-episode run of the long-running game show, which first premiered on BBC One in 1971.

The series sees pairs of family members across different generations battle it out in a series of performance and task-based games. All of the family pairs will begin in the studio audience and only find out which game they’re playing when Giedroyc and Perkins get them from their seats.

“When asked, this is the TV show that viewers most wanted to see back on their screens and so we are thrilled to be able to make that happen with Mel and Sue, who I know will have just as much fun hosting it as contestants will playing it,” said Guy Freeman, editor, special events and formats for BBC Studios, in a statement.

Giedroyc and Perkins will be joined by a panel of star judges and celebrity guests, although details including scheduling are yet to be announced.

The Generation Game was co-commissioned by Charlotte Moore, director of content, and Kate Phillips, controller, entertainment commissioning. Nic McNeilis will serve as executive producer for BBC Studios.
Giedroyc and Perkins were perhaps best known for their roles as hosts of The Great British Bake Off. After Love Productions sold the rights to the show to Channel 4, the two hosts announced their resignations.

Now we go back to 1990 and I want you to solve this Wheel of Fortune puzzle.

Think about it as we get to this Google Play music interlude from the Double Dare dynamic they are......Red Light Challenge!

And now comes the solution to this puzzle you were pondering......

Now comes our final's called.....

If they Revived.......

Today....what if they revived......

Merv Griffin's Crosswords. A show than ran from 2007 and was supposed to be in the 2nd season until high costs and lower ratings not only spelled the end for Merv Griffin's company, but got ousted by a Canadian show from way back called "Inside The box" as if it was a new show. so If they revived it.....They would increase the clues by $150-$300, $400-$750 in the 2nd and $800-$1000 in the last round. No more crummy old 3-letter $50 clues. Oh and the Crossword Getaway and the Crossword Extra is still there. Add in a Crossword Surprise for a prize regardless of the game. Vonus round stays in play, but this time for $50,000 or a mystery prize. Have Strawburry17 be the host and let EpicVoiceGuy play announcer. Or better yet Edd Hall. Keep the theme as is. Oh, and did I mention every spoiler who participated gets a gift card? Yes. Better than that crummy old Croton Watch. So there it is....If Merv Griffin's Crosswords was revived.

(song stops)

One last note: The Get-up has been cancelled. No word yet on when a replacement news program is being planned, but we will let you know.

That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is a box of Linkin Park CDs we got from the Bargain Hunters store. Not for the retail price of $20, but we got it for the low low price of.....$7. Come and get it!

 Don't forget to email me at, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Also I'm on Snapchat as MisterGSN and Instagram as Mister_WCW. We will return next Wednesday, and until we return, Play on playas.


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