Friday, March 10, 2017

Livewire! 3/10

Madison Brunoehler: From Game Show Live!, this is.....................

Livewire! Yesterday's headlines today. Brought to you by....

The Mandela Effect. It can change your memories.

And now from our Game Show Live! Newsroom, here comes Pierre Kelly!

Me: Thank you Madi2theMax, welcome to Livewire! I was checking the weather app and it's supposed to snow this weekend. So the newsroom was more than welcome to throw a Game Of Thrones binge watching party. And please don't spoil me on the new season, because I'm actually not a fan of the show, but I'm here to dish the dirt on game shows. So put down your red dress and come to our Rains of Castamere, because the night is dark and full of news....

With sass.

I'll fold!

Poker Player Doug Pold was featured on High Stakes Poker, but then....GSN decided it would track down and kill it. This tweet says it all.

And he wants to hire lawyers who did it. Thanks a lot, Dougie.

Ali Gets hitched!

Game Show Live! says congratulations to Ali Fedowsky who is currently married. Even Trista Rehn is so proud.

Father of the Pyramid Bride

It's amazing what Michael Strahan can do. NFL analyst. GMA host and now taking the spot of Dick Clark in primetime. Now he's the 2017 father of the year according to See? He CAN do anything.

May the Odds....Aaah!

This story will make Katniss everdeen Scared.

A group of people from around the globe has agreed to take part in a real-life “Hunger Games” — competing on a controversial new game show in Russia where fighting, rape and even murder is allowed.
The deadly contest, dubbed “Game2:Winter,” will be held on a remote Siberian Island in the Ob River and broadcast worldwide on the internet starting in July, the Siberian TImes says.
The 30 participants — who include an ex-military man from South Korea, a student from Sweden and a self-described “professional blonde” from the Russian Arctic — have all signed a release of liability for injury, as well as death waivers, in addition to agreeing to not hold the organizers accountable if they were to commit a crime during filming.
Good Luck.....we think.
This story is not a myth. 
(New York) - Following the conclusion of its season last Saturday night, MYTHBUSTERS: THE SEARCH became Science Channel's highest rated new series among Persons 25-54 since 2011. Additionally, the finale, broadcast live on Saturday, February 25 at 9pm ET, broke into the Top 20 in key demos among Men and Adults in its timeslot across all of ad-supported cable in L+3.
For the season, the eight episode MYTHBUSTERS: THE SEARCH averaged 473K Total Viewers P2+. The final episode, which crowned Brian Louden and Jonathan Lung as new Mythbusters, averaged a season high 550K Total Viewers P2+. The finale also ranked among cable's Top 20 in its timeslot among Men 25-54 (#12), Persons 25-54 (#19), Men 18-49 (#10), and Persons 18-49 (#17).
The MYTHBUSTERS: THE SEARCH finale also brought in strong numbers on Science Channel's social platforms with more than a million impressions on Facebook and over 500,000 impressions on Twitter where it "trended" throughout the evening.

Here's a Point for Chris Hardwick.....
NEW YORK, NY - March 1, 2017 - AMC today announced that it is building on the success of "Talking Dead," the #1 talk show on television and a pioneer in aftershows, by launching an extension series, "Talking with Chris Hardwick," produced by Embassy Row. Each 60-minute episode will feature an in-depth conversation between Hardwick and a single guest or cast. While "Talking Dead" focuses exclusively on "The Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead," episodes of "Talking with Chris Hardwick" will feature a wide breadth of guests and highlight Hardwick's singularly irreverent and authentic take on today's pop culture landscape.
Compared with a typical 5 or 10-minute talk show interview, "Talking with Chris Hardwick" will leverage the host's gift for deep conversation, on display in his popular podcast. The show will also have a strong social media presence and live audience interactivity, giving fans a new destination to celebrate their favorite pop culture icons.

Our next one files under....

Name That Tune is being a Broadway play. Oh great. It's like Idiotest turning into a high school stage play.

Who's The Expert?

Just when you think "Wait, Wait, DOn't Tell Me" is the stuff of dreams, "You're The Expert" is the program that can take academic research into a show like none other. And that's getting schooled.

Now we move on to "In A Word," a new segment in which  america's favorite contestant....

(lights flicker; newsroom shakes up)

What is going on here?

(Pierre falls into a deep dark dungeon)

Oh no. I am in a dark place and I can't get out. But I can, because all I have to do is to come up with a popular game show or reality program by its word and come up with 2 or 3 until I can't think of any more to escape. If a show is not in the genre, teh big drill will start to speed up adn get closer to me being six feet under in a cemetary. Let's check teh wall to see what the word is....


This should be easy. I'll start with Press Your Luck. The big money no whammies program where Peter Tomarken made him host.

Nice. One more to advance. Another one I thought of was Illinois' Luckiest. A lottery program rooted from the seeds of Illinois Instant Riches and was one of the Johnathan Goodson Lottery shows.

Nice. I get to advance. I'm thinking....Lotsa Luck?

I get it, it's a 70's sitcom, so that means, here comes the drill....

Okay what about....Lucky Ladders. A UK variant of Chain Reaction.

Yes. And....I can't think of anymore....oh I get it, the blinking bailout button. Why didn't I think of that??

Time to go up.....

Now we move on to....

So Impressed! with Madi2TheMax. I just got word that Tangled has a new animated series. So in honor of it coming out, she's doing Tangled impressions. Here now is our Match Game mistress of impressionism, ....Madi2theMax!

(canned applause button)

Thanks Madi. Because I'm all tangled up in blue....and only wanna be with you. Sorry for sticking Hootie & The Blowfish in your head.

That's all for now, but remember one thing: If a game show makes it into a Broadway play, just don't. It's like having Divided turn itself into an opera. Sure, you can turn Sqrambled Scuares into an improv game, but never ever ever turn Match game into a cabaret thing. 

 So until next time and all the on playas. 

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