Thursday, March 24, 2016

Overtime #28: tested!

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Me: Welcome to a very special Maundy Thursday edition of Overtime. Yes, it is Maundy Thursday, because the offices will close on Good Friday tomorrow. Today, we'll talk Idiotest's 3rd season.

What can we expect? More of Ben, of course.

A change this season is that when Ben Gleib is introduced, his name is titled "@BenGleib", his Twitter handle.

The changes in the Smart Money round (the final round) come with the time limit. In this episode, the two contestants received a combined 40 seconds to win the same $10,000 if they both answered the puzzle correct and an extra $1,000 if one answered the puzzle correct. In the prior two seasons, the cash amounts were the same, but contestants were allowed a combined 30 seconds.

So you get an extra 10 seconds. That's like setting your clocks back an hour last November. There's also a celebrity edition with Mike Catherwood and Dr. Drew Pinsky (Loveline) versus YouTube stars GloZell Green and Gaby Dunn.

More themes for Season 3 of Idiotest include an all nude episode, a 1970's-themed episode, a Chelsea Lately reunion and an episode featuring the cast of NBC's Undateable.

As if that wasn't enough, Political Idiotest will air on April 20th. There's your briefing on season 3 of Idiotest, gumshoes. Now prepare for April 12th.

It's all over folks, but before we go, Here's our geek-a-holic Anastasia Washington with a little ditty from the 90's. So play on playas and take it away......Anastasia!

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