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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Oh hi, glad you stopped watching Kandee Johnson videos for a moment to see me make things up on a make believe TV newsmagazine saying real things about GSN. I'll tell you, it's a makeup haul of things, but with a GSN flair, so let's unbox the wonder with....

    The Starting Line.

It's more of.....

Door 3: The Closing of a Door.

(song fades out)


The aftermath of Door 3. Man vs. Fly Door 3 is now GSN Sports. The only show they're having is Man Vs. Fly. We'll get to that later, but the personalities of Door 3 went on their merry way when everybody got the shaft in September of last year. Some continued to rack up more views on Youtube as did subscribers, some took jobs like Loryn & Sarah over at Defy Media, and others like Lauren....well auditioning to get roles. Good luck with it, but as far those Man Vs. Fly were concerned, fans expressed their dislike as to what Door 3 is today. Video after video, many people now hate what the boring sport is and Nathan Flannery gets the repeat offender award for this comment......

"You suck, Door3."

See? Even a fan of a once-popular channel believes that Debate Your Fate should come back as does the programs and what it used to be. But you never now when Door 3 may come back under its old name. Luckily, it's been 1 week since a Man Vs. Fly video is out. Good news for the channel and perhaps a break so they could change, but who knows what the future of this channel might hold.
Don't Snapchat something just yet, after this we follow up on the 2016 upfronts. We will return in the time is takes to record an Instagram video.

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(Quick fade out)

Thanks for being so nice during the break. Let's get a little more naughty.

With the 2016 GSN upfronts done, we follow-up on the stories that broke when it happened. Game Show Follies reported:

"[GameShowNetworkNews] still insists the Chase has been cancelled. Maybe it has, but until there's an official word, that's a little premature."

Well, The Chase was already canned but so did Chain Reaction. That led to some evidence via GSNN's BlogSpot page....

1) Absolutely zero presence on social media for Chain Reaction since February 1st or The Chase since January 21st
2) Absolutely zero banners of The Chase, Chain Reaction, Brooke Burns, Mike Catherwood or Mark Labbett at the GSN upfronts New York City location.
3) Absolutely zero mentions of The Chase and Chain Reaction in any GSN press release at the upfronts
4) No intention of thanking The Chase and Chain Reaction to contributing to their 2015 ratings success in a January press release from GSN.
5) GSN's programming outlook for 2016 not including The Chase.

So in other words, nothing for both. Not one single mention of it in the list given. Even Game Show Forum says...

"no word on US Chase, so I suspect it's officially canceled"

Giving it more thought, Hellevator had tweet examples. They were:

 Tweet example 1: Twisted Twins did not know when the upfronts were; likely did not receive an invite at that point!
Tweet example 2: Twisted Twins did not know if Hellevator would be renewed yet (or were likely hiding it).
Tweet example 3: Twisted Twins "believed" GSN renewals were in March. That does not sound promising that they were invited to the March 8th upfronts or knew the upfronts were on the 8th!
Tweet example 4: Still said March; they do not know much about renewals.
Tweet example 5: Twisted Twins still in the dark.
Tweet example 6: "....renewals come in March sometime". Does that sound like a person who knows what is going on with the upfronts and when they are?
Tweet example 7: Twisted Twins still in the dark.
Tweet example 8: "Should know soon". But when? That was Saturday, March 5th.
Tweet example 9: This was the Tweet that really got me. It sounded like the Soska sisters were wishing GSN the best as if Hellevator was fading into the sunset. My speculation was wrong.\

You can be glad that Hellevator returned, but you may be upset that it'll only be a 4-episode show.

Chloe Trevor must've called in 2 more string players and 1 half of the Brooklyn Duo to give us a cue for.....

House Cleaning.

Back for a one-week enganegment, Game SHow Moments Gone Bananas will be on at these times....

Monday 8pm ET (replacing Idiotest)
Wednesday 10pm ET (replacing Idiotest)
Wednesday 11pm ET (replacing Idiotest)
Friday 10pm ET (replacing The Chase)
Friday 11pm ET (replacing Chain Reaction)
Now, because of strong ratings, demand of the network brought it back. Also....
Saturday 3/19:
4-6pm: Family Feud (O'Hurley); replacing the Harvey version
10pm-12am: Family Feud (Harvey); replacing Idiotest

Sunday 3/20:
6:00pm and 6:30pm: Idiotest; replacing Family Feud
11:00pm and 11:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey); replacing Baggage
This happened this past weekend and for next month....
*Steve Harvey Family Feud will air 10pm-12am on Saturday nights; replacing Idiotest for two weeks only
*Steve Harvey Family Feud will air 10am-12pm on Sunday; replacing Deal or No Deal for one week only
*A Skin Wars Season 1 marathon will air on Sunday from 12pm-8pm (for one week only)
*Steve Harvey Family Feud will air from 11pm-1am; replacing Baggage for two weeks only
The first Skin Wars will prepare you for the new season, but a 2-week stay of Harvey feud made you wished you'd watch SNL.....or something on Netflix.....or playing Rocket League.
(song stops)
Now the 2nd intermission presented by Who remembers this?
That was Nashville singer & songwriter Beckah Shae. She and her husband not only announced a new baby on the way, but taught Sam & Nia a lesson in how to jam in your car. But on top of the video that trended, they did a follow-up....
That turned out to be a girl after the video has shown to YouTube. But she'll be doing her hit single on GSN The Know. Here it is....
Hope we're alright for the 3rd period.
The $25,000 Pyramid is a storied Bob Stewart franchise and with rumors of it leaving the schedule, I think it deserves to stay. There are episodes GSN hasn't aired in years, and GSN is desperately running out of time to get new ones. They are sick & tired of airing the current lease and they need a new lease fast. The $25,000 Pyramid has been there. Maybe The $100,000 Pyramid could change as Plan B if 25K Pyramid gets removed. Other than that, we must wait until April for a decision.
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