Friday, June 26, 2015

Overtime #21: Predict what you preach

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Me: It's our monthly dose of what GSN left out for good measure. It's overtime. I'm ready to give you the outlook on the next 6 months of 2015. Here goes.

Lie Detectors will spend an afterlife on either Hulu, Crackle or Netflix. Come on, make it happen.

Hellevator will be a hit. A horrific hit!

Steampunk'd may follow in the footsteps of Skin Wars....

Buzzr will get newer episodes soon and won't repeat again like it did this week, I promise....

Idiotest will renew a 3rd season by the end of the year.....

Chain Reaction will be the most successful revival since the Lane version.....

And finally, Man vs. Fly will flop.

That's my predictions. What's yours?

(Song stops)

And they've predicted it's time to go. More GSN madness in July. Hope to see you soon. Play on playas.

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