Overtime #16: Hostful Goodness!


VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Me: And I'm about to get the 2015 edition of Overtime underway. We are still in the continuation of GSN's 20th anniversary, and this month on overtime, I will reveal the 5 biggest classic hosts of all-time. They're people who did a classic game show. Let us begin.

5: Alex Trebek

Nobody does Jeopardy! than Alex himself. Mustache or not, he has 31 years of this quiz show. That show along with Wheel, made it the best syndication tandem ever and still is. He also did work for Goodson-Todman, but Alex is and will be Mr. Jeopardy! Period.

4: Jack Barry

He was in the midst of the quiz show scandals in the fifties, had a rough sixties, but the seventies gave him The Joker's Wild. It became his comeback. And with Dan Enright in tow until his 1984 death. His company became a syndication success.

3: Bob Eubanks

Say what you will about him. He did The Newlywed Game for decades. It made him the youngest host on network television. He did other things like Trivia Trap, Card Sharks and more, but asking the married couples questions made it much funny to be outrageous for television. That "In the butt, bob" moment is an example.

2: Wink Martindale

He's the mack of what a game show is. Tic Tac Dough was his job and all Barry & Enright did was make him more exposed to him. With more stuff on camera and behind it, the guy is a genius.

And the #1 classic host is...


How many game shows has he been on? Answer it yourself. Panelist. Host. Friend to many. From Hot Potato to Blockbusters, he knows what it's like to get on a game show himself. From shorties to big hits. He is one game show legend.


It's about done. We'll return another time with more information to stuff into. Play on, playas.
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