Friday, July 26, 2013

GTK Overtime #2: In Our Forum

Hey everyone, and by everyone, I mean those watching GSN because you, yes, you are in for some overtime. Our list of things you learn more about the network. This month, we say goodbye to the forums. We laughed, we cried.....we even got mad for the hate of why the schedule changes every time. However, on the same day....

They're adding a Player News section to the main site. So let's pay homage to the forums by giving you 5 things why you missed them.
(song fades out)

1. If PYL starts over again, rant on it.
The lack of classics as well as leases are to why fans clamor on why the classics need to return. WHen PYL started the lease all over again, fans were outraged as to why episodes that have not been seen in a while should be on GSN. That changed last year when PYL got the early part of the run. But we still have the late part of the run unseen. If we see that, we'll be jealous of it.

2. What's on the schedule gets talked about here.
When you break the news, that's when the fans talk about it. The reason why they put too much Feud on the schedule is because fans what to rant as to why 21st century Feud is dominating. Oh, and ratings were a factor too.

3. If you missed a show, you'd catch up with it.
The Originals section had fans talking about which show they were on. They went through parts of what they like and what they didn't like. Eveyr show had an offical thread and they talked on it.

4. It was all fun & games until someone......
GSN Forums had a playing section where you did community versions of GSN classics or current hits, as well as fan fiction. Yes, fan fiction. There was even an off-topic section as well.

5. Angel over devil.
GSNAngel took charge of the boards and ran the whole thing until this week. She gave you tips on how to play games, announced Players of the month and so much more.

Oopsy Daisy. Time for us to leave. We'll return Wednesday with a fresh batch of ratings, news & info to fill your life of GSN. Until then, play on playas.

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