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Pierre Kelly here once again from the Rock House on Grimsborough because the mayor has put a safer at home executive order for the next 2 weeks, so expect to be back in the office come April when the party comes back to it's normal form. In the meantime, let's make it more low-key and start with.....

The Double Toasted opening Toss up story.

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 will go down in history as one of the worst catastrophes on the planet Earth. Not only more cases and deaths grow every day, but recently the Tokyo Olympics are pushed back to 2021. More so, these game shows and reality programming have affected the following......

the novel COVID-19 coronavirus spreads, and states issue mandates to try to contain the pandemic, individual film and television productions — which can be the size of villages — are shutting down across the globe. These shutdowns will have untold financial and cultural impact, and may reshape popular culture and its economic model for years to come.
The shows that have been affected as of Thursday:
- THE BACHELORETTE (ABC): "The Bachelor" may have just ended, but fans could have to wait a little longer than usual to see the next season of "The Bachelorette," given that the competition series has suspended production. Host Chris Harrison has admitted that the show may be recast due to the epidemic and the delay.
- CARD SHARKS (ABC): Production has halted on the hit primetime game show reboot, Fremantle announced, because the company is taking measures to minimize the risk of exposure. "Card Sharks" was originally supposed to return to ABC's lineup this summer.
- AMERICA'S GOT TALENT (NBC): Fremantle's America's Got Talent, which also went audience-less Thursday, has been taping auditions with judges in Los Angeles since March 2. Filming was supposed to continue through March 20 but will be cut short as of March 14. The show is wrapping up a few things today, utilizing minimal staff who are working a very abbreviated schedule before going on hiatus for the time being. If conditions improve, there is an option for some or all of the remaining auditions to be taped in April.
- FAMILY FEUD (Syndication): Fremantle's syndicated game show Family Feud has become the latest entertainment TV program to suspend production in response to the fast growing coronavirus pandemic. The Fremantle series had switched to tapings without an audience Thursday.
- AMERICAN IDOL (ABC): American Idol is still a few weeks away from working on live episodes, but its future is reportedly uncertain due to the coronavirus outbreak. Pre-taped episodes will continue to air until the end of March, giving ABC and producers Fremantle enough time to make a decision.
- LOVE ISLAND FRANCE (Prime Video): Amazon has wrapped Love Island France weeks early after South Africa declared a national disaster as a result of the coronavirus crisis. South Africa has imposed travel bans, barred public gatherings of more than 100 people and shut some schools as a result of the disease. An ITV Studios France spokeswoman said: "Following the announcement by the South African president that the country is now in a 'state of disaster,' Amazon Studios' production of Love Island France will end early."
- AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR (NBC): As announced last night on Instagram, and confirmed this morning with NBC, the Washington D.C. taping of American Ninja Warrior has been postponed. This comes just a few days after the news that the Los Angeles taping, scheduled for March 13 and 14, was also postponed. That location was intended to be the start of season 12.
- ANT & DEC'S SATURDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY (ITV): Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway is still going to continue, but without an audience. Some 'adaptations' will be made to the show this weekend, but staff will aim to air the entire 90-minute episode live. The episode set to air on 28 March will be a shorter, hour-long instalment. An ITV spokesperson told Variety: 'Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway will go ahead this weekend without a studio audience. Our priority is safeguarding the well-being of everyone involved.
- THE VOICE UK (ITV): The Voice UK knockouts, which are pre-recorded, will continue to be broadcast this weekend and the Britain's Got Talent audition shows are due to be broadcast in the next few weeks as planned. We have, however, taken the difficult decision to postpone until later this year The Voice UK's live semi final and final, which were due on air on the 28th March and 4th April, and are working to replace them in the schedule with some bespoke Voice specials.
- COUNTDOWN (C4): Countdown will reportedly be filmed 'behind closed doors' as production continues to run despite the coronavirus outbreak. The Channel 4 show will continue to film as usual, although it will be the first time in 38 years that they will record without a studio audience present.
- WINNING STREAK (RTE): the National Lottery confirmed that 'Winning Streak' is being postponed until further notice, with the winners expected for this week's show being invited for a rescheduled show once restrictions on indoor gatherings are lifted. On top of this, 'Winning Streak' scratch-cards are being removed from sale from outlets for the time being, with those who scratched three stars being added to a draw once the show's back on the air. As it stands, nobody's really sure when the restrictions will be lifted so best to just hold on to the scratch card for the time being until everything's back to normal.
- SWAGBUCKS LIVE: Since last week, the show has been operated by the producer Hal Lublin. With the recent shelter-in-place order given to the state of California, where the show is produced, it is now producing a "Work from Home Edition" at the usual time.
- REWARD THE FAN: With many venues canceling shows, the show has decided to hold off on play for the time being.
- THE GREAT BRITISH BAKING SHOW (C4/Netflix): A source told The Sun: 'Crunch talks about Bake Off this year are happening very soon. 'The last thing anyone wants to do is to postpone the show, but in the current situation we may find there is just no other choice.' A spokesperson for Channel 4 has said that they are 'looking at all possible options for producing The Great British Bake Off safely'. They added: 'Filming of the series will begin once it is safe to do so.'
The shows join "The Price Is Right", "Jeopardy!", "Wheel of Fortune", "Survivor", and "The Amazing Race" in being called off while the world addresses the pandemic.

But this March was an interesting one. Let's award our Yay & Yawn of the month.

The Yay: Christian Dixie. He was a fan of Wheel and when College Week arrived.....he made it his stage.

The Yawn: obviously, Covid-19. It took out every game Show right and left for its tapings. Stay home everyone. We'll have more in a moment.

(Fade to break)

We still jamming on Game Show Live! And we wanted to let you know that Pluto TV is the nation's free streaming service. Why? The classic CBS sitcom One Day At A Time is added. The Netflix version is good but it was the classic casting and of course, Schneider that made it a classic hit. You'll get that plus the best of RuPaul's Drag Race and much much more all on Pluto TV. Download it today.

As of this writing, the husband of Camilla Parker Bowles tested positive for Covid-19. Camilla however, tested negative. Even Slim Thug, a rapper from Houston took the test. Guess who else did?

Cassie Randolph has shared an update on former The Bachelor star Colton Underwood's health and how she's been taking care of him ever since he tested positive for coronavirus.
Colton, who starred on The Bachelor's 23rd season, announced Friday on Instagram he's battling the coronavirus and advised others to "do your part" and remain quarantined.
On Sunday night, Cassie took to her own Instagram account with details on Colton's condition given symptoms of the virus tend to be a cough, fever and difficulty breathing.
"Colton is feeling a little bit worse today. He's been sleeping all day long," Cassie admitted in an Instagram Stories video. "He said it's been a little bit difficult for him to breathe deeply and I think he's just really tired and gets really winded easily, so he's just been laying in bed and sleeping most of the day."
Cassie said her boyfriend is secluded on the third floor in her family's home in Huntington Beach, CA. She told fans that Colton was given an inhaler and frequently checks his oxygen and blood levels with an oximeter.
"Everyone else in my family is feeling okay and we're hanging in there, and that is it," Cassie noted. A couple of hours later, Cassie posted on Instagram Stories that Colton had just asked for a snack and so his appetite seemed to be returning.
On Thursday, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams called on Kylie Jenner and other influencers to encourage their social media followers to observe safety guidelines set by officials, including staying home to avoid spreading the virus.
"Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen also revealed in an Instagram post Friday that after days of self-quarantine and "not feeling great," he has tested positive for coronavirus. "As much as I felt like I could push through whatever I was feeling to do #WWHL from home, we're putting a pin in that for now so I can focus on getting better," he wrote. "I want to thank all the medical professionals who are working tirelessly for all of us, and urge everybody to stay home and take care of themselves."

That advice given by Andy allows us to introduce you to....The Dramatic Questioners in a social media like dramatic sketch.

Moving on.....

Pursuant to shelter-in-place orders, Buzzr, the digital subnet devoted to game shows from the Fremantle library, has been left to run remotely.
The network shared the announcement on its social media feeds.
"For the next few weeks, due to state and local government recommendations, our team will be operating BUZZR remotely," the post reads. "We will continue to broadcast daily and maintain our regular schedule. As you can imagine, working remotely presents some new challenges for us. We are ready to take them on, but you may notice fewer new episodes in the weeks ahead.
"We take great care to ensure BUZZR is a place for you and your families to find some entertainment during this time. We appreciate your understanding while we adjust. The latest schedule can be found here:"

It is understood that this will not affect the upcoming debut of "Concentration" with Jack Narz next Monday.

Time to check the syndicated scoreboard.

Extra, which featured tons of breaking coronavirus coverage each day, was the standout in the session ending March 15, skyrocketing 22% from the week before to a new season high. Although the series which is fronted by the popular Billy Bush, was the only strip anywhere in syndication to clock a new season record, other entertainment magazines lit up the frame with double-digit increases as many viewers turned to high credibility sources for virus updates.
In the household rating rankings that follow, % change is from the previous week; * indicates a new season-high rating; ** indicates a new season low; NC indicates no change from the previous week; NA mean not applicable.

- Jeopardy (CTD) 6.5 +2%
- Wheel of Fortune (CTD) 6.2 +2%
- Family Feud (Debmar-Mercury/FMNA) 6.0 -2%
- 25 Words or Less (Fox) 1.0 -9%
- America Says (Sony) 0.7 -13%
- Funny You Should Ask(Entertainment Studios) 0.5 NC

The latest episode on Saturday (March 21) was the first in the show's history to without an audience due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. And while SNT will be back next Saturday, the reduced hour-long episode will be pre-recorded.
Hosts Ant and Dec announced at the end of last night's episode: "We will be back next Saturday at 7pm, we wont be live."
Speaking on This Morning on ITV last week, the Geordie duo revealed their decision to continue on with the show without an audience. They said: "We wanted to do the show to put a smile on people's faces, we might not be able to do another one.
"We don't know, we just want to get on air, have some fun, and hope that you'll all enjoy it too."
The pair added: "For as long as we are allowed, and as long as we are able, we will try to bring you a show."

Time for a Mistplay Game Break. I have a question here and goes a little something like this.....

It's not Broomstick League but it's something close to it. I'll give it to you after I say.....

Dedicated to the unofficial president of the #madisquad Fan Club Brandon Allen and her fans everywhere, it's................................

Madi2TheMax-imum March Madness!!!!!!

Yes, one last fling for smiles per square inch than a flea market thanks to Ex-Youtuber Madison Brunoehler!

I know it's not bad and all but what does this also remind you of?

My thoughts exactly.  Anyways, what was the answer to that question?   Oh yeah, here you go 

Yes boys and girls..... Quidditch. Once the health directive is lifted, you can get your brooms and soccer ball out and gather your friends for an ultimate spring pick up game.

With Americans stuck at home for God knows how long due to that nasty virus, you can....blast a lot of King Crimson and Jimi Hendrix all day long, binge watch DVD sets you use to have 5 years ago....or listen to a podcast. Which this next segment is called..... should listen to.

Your recommendation for today is.............

Erin Keif, Adal Rifal and John Patrick Cohen try.....and I do mean try to solve Riddler's, brain teasers and puzzles as submitted by listeners and you get to play along once the new episodes drop Wednesdays. If they need hints, that's fine, but should they take too long or have some moments at random related to the jokes they tell, they transition into an improvised scene related to it in some way given their improvisation backgrounds. A Twitter user I follow named Stad St. Fleur had a tweet related to the show and once I started listening, I got on the bandwagon. Some episodes have been paid by their own Patreon page at:

There are even some special episodes too. So join the movement of riddle heads on Spotify, Stitcher, Google play music, Apple Podcasts and more.  Rate, review and tell them Game Show Live! sent you.

(song stops)

I wanna give a shout-out to Richard S. Kline who passed away this week at the age of 79. Barry and Bright made him produce and direct the Tic Tac/Joker hour before he branched out on his own with Kline and Friends. 
His most recent project was Pictionary with Alan Thicke and this moment you're about to see was also in blooper tv specials when that moment took place. the subject of today's Game show Live!......

Warp Ahead!

That had to hurt.

Closing Theme

That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is a chemical mask. It's to protect the air of the virus....and plow hay on the farm, too.

Don't forget to email me at, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Also I'm on Snapchat as MisterGSN and Instagram as MrJackbox. We will return next Wednesday, and until we return, Play on playas.

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