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Think Ink

Stephanie Panisello: From Coast to Coast, Christmas tree to Christmas tree, candy cane to Christmas cookie and beyond the far reaches of the North Pole, it's time to go all the way live on....

Now here is America's merriest contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!! 

Me: Thank you Stephanie Panisello and welcome to the program that hears what you hear. Game show Live! As jolly as it gets, as merry as it happens and as toasty and warm whenever you feel Fa-la-la-la-like it.

Today's program is presented this month by Hobby Lobby. With the whole thanksgiving thing out of the way, we enter the holidays. You enter the store and you get something to enlighten your Christmas. That's Hobby Lobby. Now listen to what I say with.....

 The Opening Toss-Up story.

Let's draw in today's top story.

 "Ink Master" returns for a tenth season starting Tuesday, January 9 at 10pm ET/PT. For the first time, the series will welcome back three "Ink Master" winners to coach and mentor artists in the quest for $100,000, an editorial feature in Inked and the coveted title of "Ink Master." In addition, the former "Masters," Season Two's Steve Tefft, Season Seven's Anthony Michaels and Season Nine's DJ Tambe, will be competing against each other to win $100,000 of their own. From Truly Original, the tenth season of "Ink Master," titled "Ink Master: Return Of The Masters," will debut on Spike TV starting January 9 and will continue to air on Tuesday nights when the network relaunches as Paramount Network on January 18.

"I am ecstatic that we are bringing back Steve, Anthony and DJ to go head to head this season," said Chachi Senior, SVP Alternative Programming and Development, Paramount Network. "Their coaching styles, as well as their talent as artists is the perfect set up for an intense season 10."

This new season starts off with 24 potential contestants who are put through a series of intense tattoo-style challenges, after which Tefft, Michaels and Tambe will select their top six artists to compete as part of their teams. Throughout the competition, the artists will be tested on their technical skills along with their on-the-spot creativity, as they must conceive and execute original tattoos on "human canvases." Each episode will focus on a different and distinct style of tattooing and, as always, while the artists' masterpieces will last a lifetime, so will their mistakes.

After each challenge, the contestants will face a tough panel comprised of musician, filmmaker and artist Dave Navarro, as well as world-renowned tattoo artists Chris Nu�ez ("Miami Ink") and Oliver Peck (Elm Street Tattoo).
Viewers can find more on each artist including biographies, photo galleries, artwork portfolios and team introduction videos by visiting Throughout the season, fans can watch full episodes and video clips, and are encouraged to join the conversation on social media using #InkMaster. The latest in tattoo culture and series news can be found on the official "Ink Master" Facebook page, on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Now we find out who heard clearly and who needed a box of q-tips. It's the Yay & Yawn of November. Last one of the year.

The Yay: Buzzy Cohen. he gave Austin Rogers a reason to shut up at the TOC!

The Yawn: Anderson Feud. It came.....and went in a week like Wordplay.

This Friday on Livewire!,  which 2 voice coaches spent Thanksgiving? Only Livewire! has the answer. Catch it here.

Hear ye, hear ye, we have a commercial. After this, DWTS dances......for a short sentence? That's on the way, but first.....

Here's a stocking stuffer guaranteed for the whole family.

(fade to break)

Welcome back to Game Show Live! Later on, we speak to "Toy Freaks" as they break their silence for the first time since Youtube took them down.

(song fades out)

Tom Bergeron has announced Season 26 of Dancing with the Stars will only air in Fall 2018 instead of this coming spring. "There will be a mini-Spring season (4 Weeks). Not DWTS Junior. More info Tuesday," Tom tweeted on Monday ahead of Dancing with the Stars' Season 25 finals.

After questions and comments poured in from concerned fans on Twitter, Tom elaborated, "Season 26 of @DancingABC will be next Fall."

The show host added, "The 4 week mini-season in the Spring is a bite size, spray tanned spinoff."

ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" sets its sights on the sports world when it returns with a special all-athletes edition in the spring of 2018. Ten athletes from all corners of the sports world will be teamed up with the show's professional dancers and compete on the ballroom floor for a chance to win the coveted Mirrorball trophy.
Hosted by two-time Emmy(R)-winning host Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews, the special all-athletes edition of "Dancing with the Stars" will air live. The athletes will perform choreographed dance routines that are judged by a panel of renowned ballroom experts, as well as viewer votes.

Hey kids, quiz this!

Today, Snap Finger Click announced that the ultimate trivia party game It’s Quiz Time is out today for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. The game, which is built from the ground up to specifically allow players to stream the game on Twitch, Youtube, and Mixers, lets players compete against up to 10,000 players simultaneously.

It’s Quiz Time is billed to be the ultimate quiz party game for both PC and console. Allowing users to host their own quiz show and share it to the world, It’s Quiz Time was developed to allow players to not only broadcast their quiz to a community, but allow them to play together with an audience. The game is set to launch with two game modes designed for live streaming, with two other modes still in development.

“We are extremely proud that we are launching It’s Quiz Time, after so much hard work,” said Martijn van der Meulen, co-founder of Snap Finger Click. “There is no question we believe that It’s Quiz Time, from our witty AI host Salli to the streamer’s Live Mode, our single-player mode and the sheer size of trivia included, takes the crown as the ultimate quiz party game.”

The game is available now at a price of $19.99 for a limited time, and the developers have already announced that a Season Pass will become available early 2018 that features special event quizzes and other game features. For more on It’s Quiz Time, check out below:

"It’s Quiz Time is the biggest trivia party game on PC and console, with more than 25,000 different questions and answers across thousands of categories, in the single-player mode, player-customized round lists or competitive head-to-head sessions, making this trivia extravaganza the most comprehensive and accessible game of its kind. Up to eight players can play together in It’s Quiz Time, either locally or remotely over the internet, using their smartphones as a controller thanks to the free mobile companion app (iOS or Android)."

It’s Quiz Time is available now for the PlayStation 4.

MXC goes to Saudi Arabia....but.......why?   Well..........

Saudi Arabia’s General Sports Authority (GSA), which is responsible for all sports-related actvities in the Kingdom, has partnered with Japan’s Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) to bring Takeshi’s Castle onto screens in the Kingdom for a new version of the cult Japanese TV show, returning for the first time since 1990.

The Saudi version of Takeshi’s Castle will debut in late 2018 across several of the country’s leading channels and see the fast-paced physical gameshow and its signature challenges be transported to a Saudi setting. An Arab style castle featuring over 50 obstacles will be built in Riyadh over a period of 10 months, in a space of 300k sqm.

The weekly program will be open to everyone in the region and will run over 13 weeks, with huge prizes and new challenges each week

And now a 30-second holiday song break with Lilbumblebear which starts as soon as I chug the egg nog.........

Back to the news.

It seems that Winsanity wanted to welcome the  2nd season, but  it disappeared out of nowhere. Can this be true?

This is what Buzzerblog tweeted out.

Maybe it was because of the changes. Oh well.

Now a question that confuses many doctors and lawyers.......Can You......Sqramble This?

Hint: Why are you staring at dinosaurs?

Give yourself a little pondering after this Google Play Music Interlude because we are concluding.........

NAN-NOVEMBER! I wonder what our resident Remote Control redhead Christa Nannos is singing this time......

And here's the gorgeous reveal to this puzzle......

Doesn't that  make you want to watch "Night At The Museum?"

Okay kids, let's admit it......

"The Joker's Wild was better over Drop The mic."

The show put Snoop Doog on the Game show scene and Drop the mic is just a rap battle. That's all. While the new TJW puts in puzzles to trivia questions other versions didn't do, Drop the Mic hires in a beatboxer to keep up with the energy of the battle. Kaila Mullady wouldve been a better hire. TJW enlists Pyramid host Michael Strahan as producer while Drop The mic gets in James Corden as producer. This isn't the first time a late night segement gets its own show, Lip Sync Battle was on Fallon first and made it a bigger hit today. So admit, The Joker's Wild is better than Drop The Mic. Any questions?

 That's it for this week, today's "lump of coal in the stocking" is a copy of that new BTS album......which I have no idea why they named it but...............

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Also I'm on Snapchat as MisterGSN and Instagram as Mister_WCW. Happy holidays everyone, and until we return, Play on playas.

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