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Drop the Viggle and nobody gets hurt!

Stephanie Panisello: From Coast to Coast, Shore to Shore, Border to Border and beyond the far reaches of our galaxy's solar system, it's time to go all the way live on....

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!!

Me: Thank you Stephanie Panisello and yes, that's my real name. Nothing fake, not a stage name, just my name and the name of this blog is Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it.

Today's program is presented this month by Rip It Energy Drink. The mercury rises up so don't be ending up in a heat stroke, get to your local store and get the .99 cent wonder that is Rip It Energy Drink. Because summer will never be the same again. Now for some real news, not fake news in......

 The Opening Toss-Up story.

On many occasions, Price often breaks records. And last week, one man was set out to destroy the record. Our senior trends correspondent Shira Lazar has more.

Now how's that for celebration? That old record of over $20K was waaaaay back in the Barker era and $50,000 is nigh impossible. Oh and he did his darndest trying to be JOhnny Olsen.

WTG, Ryan!

This Friday on Livewire!, why did Kathy Griffin get the axe from CNN? Find out why you will change your NYE watching habits on Livewire! Catch it here!

After these REAL commercials, Name That Tune goes app-worthy. That's on the way, but first.....

Why is Buzzr scientific? Watch.

(fade to break)

Welcome back to Game Show Live! Later on in the show, what's the best social network for your mental health?

(song fades out)

Right now, we look ahead at a newer Fox Program.

If Name That Tune needed something to fufill an app dream and have 3 teams vie for the million, than Beat Shazam is no exception. In Fact....

Nobody could Beat Shazam in the demo on this first post-season Thursday, as the Fox game show debuted to a 1.2 rating (along with 3.6 million total viewers).
Leading out of that, Andy Cohen’s Love Connection reboot retained 3.4 mil and a 1.1.

Both episodes are now available on, the Fox Now app, Hulu, and On Demand.

Over on NBC, the celeb edition of American Ninja Warrior drew 4.2 mil/1.1, followed by Running Wild With Julia Roberts‘ 4 mil/0.9. Come 10 pm, the Peacock’s Red Nose Day special proper (2.7 mil/0.7) rose 23 percent and a tenth from last year. This year, over $35 million was raised for children in need.

Fox and NBC ran total viewers to a dead heat, but CBS’ Big Bang Theory rerun drew Thursday’s largest audience, with 6.4 million viewers

Guess Fox is making a comeback, huh?

Hey Chase fans, guess what?

When Bradley Walsh and his team packed up The Chase studio for their summer holidays, handing over their coveted 5pm slot to Rylan Clark-Neal and his new game show Babushka, they couldn’t have realised what a furore it would cause. 

Viewers were apoplectic with rage that their favorite daily quiz show had apparently been axed. It hadn’t. It was – as they used to say in Friends – on a break. It didn’t even matter when Chaser Jenny Ryan (aka “the Vixen”) explained that they were having a few weeks off. Twitter went into meltdown. 

The Chase returned to screens last night and viewers certainly seemed happy.

Babushka, hosted by Rylan Clark-Neal, premiered at the start of May and ran for the past four weeks with its first ever series.

The Chase last night returned with 2.4 million viewers at 5PM, with the series back regularly airing Mondays to Friday.

The show averaged 1.3 million viewers across its run after starting with 2 million for its first episode, a number it never managed to better.

Come the final episode last Friday night, just 850,000 viewers were watching.

Now here's something to get geeky about....

The Get-up. Everything geeky....with a Game Show Live! touch. Now from the old Wilton-North building in Grimsborough, here is our chief geek correspondent, Chris Killian.

 Thank you Chris, now on with more news.

For a HSM alum, class is in session.

Fox on Tuesday announced that Vanessa Hudgens — fresh off an energetic hosting gig at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards — will join So You Think You Can Dance as a Season 14 judge, opposite Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy.

“I am so excited for Vanessa to join Mary and me on the judging panel for the 14th season of So You Think You Can Dance,” Lythoe — also an executive producer on the show — said in a statement. “There was instant chemistry in the audition rounds, and I know the SYTYCD fans will love her as much as we do. Vanessa is an accomplished artist and brings her own brand of enthusiasm and energy to our panel.”

The new season of So You Think You Can Dance premieres Monday, June 12 (8/7c).

Would Becky Lynch love this?

It looks as if Irish viewers will soon hear the rings of "The actual retail price is..." as The Price Is Right is set for a return.

Kite Productions, who make hit show Gogglebox, are behind the plan to re-make the popular quiz show for TV3 - and just like the original, contestants will win cash and prizes by guessing the price of retail items.

The Price Is Right first aired in the US in the 1950s, but went down a hit with viewers when Bruce Forsyth hosted it on ITV back in the '80s.

An industry source told the Irish Sun, "The Price Is Right is a proven hit so it will be good for TV3. But nothing is signed yet and the deal is still at the earliest stages."

Lucy Kennedy is the frontrunner to host the reboot.

Ding dong, the witch is.....going to a wedding?

Newlyweds will take part in a new BBC gameshow on their actual wedding day to win an epic honeymoon.

Variety reports that Wedding Day Winners is one of several entertainment shows that the BBC has commissioned since losing The Voice UK to ITV, with the show set to air on Saturday evenings on BBC One.

Each episode will see two couples compete against each other in a series of challenges and games on their wedding day to win a dream honeymoon.

Production on the show is already under way with it set to air next year. Wedding Day Winners is being made by Panda, the production company set up by Moira Ross, the former producer of The Voice in the UK.

It is hoped that Wedding Day Winners can follow the likes of Strictly Come Dancing in being a hit format in the US as well, with All3Media International set to distribute it internationally.

Following The Voice's exit to ITV, BBC One has run Let It Shine in its slot to cast a new boyband for the Take That musical.

Next up is another singing competition in the form of Pitch Battle which will be hosted by Mel Giedroyc and feature full-time judges Kelis and Gareth Malone, alongside guest judges including Will Young and soul legend Chaka Khan.

Pitch Battle is airing this summer on BBC One.

Don't fake the funk.

Professional chefs and home bakers compete for bragging rights and a cash prize in a new season of BAKERS VS. FAKERS , premiering Wednesday, May 24th at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network. In each episode four competitors battle it out through two rounds of culinary challenges, as thy are tasked with creating delectable desserts that need to impress host Lorraine Pascale and a rotating panel of guest judges, including Sunny Anderson, Damiano Carrara, Amanda Freitag, Paulette Goto, Alex Guarnaschelli, Daphne Oz, Damaris Phillips, Aarti Sequeira, Sherry Yard, and Zac Young. A blind taste test determines the best dessert in each round, and with no higher standards for the professionals and no sympathy for the amateurs, it is only after the final winner is selected that the true identities are revealed. Will the professional be victorious, or can an amateur beat the odds and take down the pros? Catch all the fun and surprises over 13 episodes to see if the pros or amateurs reign supreme and take home the $10,000 cash prize.

Can you tell a professional baker from an amateur? Visit Food relive the highlights and get tips to up your baking game. Join the conversation using #BakersvsFakers.

Now let's get real on scrambling words. So for the time being, Can you....Sqramble This?

Hint: He used to do a show about nothing.

 We'll give you the answer after this Google play Music Interlude from Rihanna to close this month of May out.

And we got a ticket to the answer and it is.....

All that yada yada yada paid off, eh?

Now we move on to.....

Last segment of the day....

Tricks and Tweets.  Just last week, @whatstrending on Twitter gave us this.....

But there was more to the story. To the tweet counter!

We start with....

Tell that to Ashley Iaconetti. But this tweet.....

That led to this.....

Really? That led to this again.....

Just so you know, it's $10,000 in the new version. But....


For real. This next tweet was....

Which led to this quote.

Yeah, but I prefer Starbucks. Then this came....

But then.....

That led to this poll the people gave.

Then this word had to be added to the Password dictionary.

And Guess what party people?

See kids? Told you. Now the moment of truth.

Survey says.......

And they lived happily ever after. I wished there was more tweets, but we're close to wrap-up duty. Read the rest yourself on this:

Thank us later. Okay? OKAY???!!!!! Okay.

That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride available in Schmoeville. It'll be you freak the heck out.

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