Thursday, October 27, 2016

Overtime #25: App-solutely Fabulous!

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Me: Welcome to a special overtime on a Thursday, because tomorrow, our offices and studio will close up for staff recruit training. I'll show these youngsters the ins & outs of being a GSN fan and how we get our sources about the network.  Refreshments from Paula's Place will be on hand as well as a soda fountain not found in any gas station across the united states. Enough about that, let's get to the show.

CBS recently developed a new show based on Candy Crush Saga. Here's a link for reading if you want to see it.

But what if other apps did the same thing, but with a GSN twist? Here's my list of 5 apps that may get on the network one day.

1. Marvel Puzzle Quest
Have 2 teams of marvel fans play superheroes or villains from Marvel. Madison Brunoehler would host that.

2. Ingress
Have the blue team and the green team play an "Amazing Race" style atmosphere, but stick to one city like "The Line" just did.

3. Clash of Clans
Have two teams face-off in real life combat, but only this time with Styrofoam stuff and whatever else to keep the violence to a minimum.

4. Subway Sufers
Two skateboarders race through subway tunnels for a cash prize. I'm guessing New York could be the setting for this.

5. Tetris Blitz
Same like the app game and have 2 players play until one goes against the champion in a best 2 out of 3 brawl. It's gonna be fun.

Time to close the app, but not before we see one lip sync video from the carpool crashers Kristin & Danny just in time for Halloween and gear up for Nann-November. See you guys next month. Play on, playas.

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