Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Left Way Behind

(Pokémon Go can't give you a go? Try Ingress. It'll be like catching Pokemons....except catching portals and zapping away enemy ones.)

Me: hey everyone, I wanted to make this week's opening a little different. I wanted to take a podcast I like right now and make the whole blog this week in the style of "Welcome To Night Vale." You need to download the podcast if you haven't already. They do it twice a month. So with that being said.....

"She gives me money when I'm in need....and gives me money when I want to be hangry." GSN The know.

Viewers....the 13th floor of the Wilton-North building is making our Pumpkin Spice party on Friday. Stephanie Pressman will perform an acoustic set of songs while playing classic SNES games such as Super Mario Kart and Jamie Petitto will make DIY fall crafts in between sets. The cost is free, but a donation is more than welcome to upgrade a few things to the studio. And now a look at....

 The Starting Line.

Viewers.....GSN has something in common with these people....Ben Gleib, RuPaul, the Soska sisters and Garcelle Beauvais. They are all supporters of Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton. Jerry Springer, the former host of GSN's Baggage (which GSN reruns regularly) is also a Democrat who strongly supports Hillary Clinton. In fact, many stars go with the donkey. More stars tend to stray away from the Republican side of the political spectrum. As a matter of fact, Last month, the Democratic National Convention had far more star power than the Republican National Convention a week earlier. GSN is headquartered in Santa Monica, Californina, in a very Democratic town within a very Democratic state. Without saying, Ben Gleib, RuPaul, Jerry Springer and the Soska Sisters were all great hires for their respective shows (with Garcelle Beauvais yet to be decided). As far as republicans go, The only three choices that go back in GSN history that are Republicans are Jeff Foxworthy (American Bible Challenge), Chuck Woolery (Lingo) and Mike Huckabee (who was in the running to host American Bible Challenge but declined). GSN The Know does not endorse or disavow any political party or candidate.

And now a look at Traffic....

There's been a three-car fender bender due in part to a red shell accident on Halstrom Road, you may want to use Lee avenue as a alternate route unless there's a banana or a moving green shell towards it. Also, slow & go traffic due to an upcoming college football game near the Grimsborough Bowl on Chris Berman drive, use caution there. And now a word from our sponsor....

And now for a look at Showbiz, here's Madi2TheMax.

Thanks Madi, now on to the news.

Viewers....there has been a tweet storm over at @GreatGameShows to go against GSN's move to keep an hour of Idiotest reruns on Tuesday nights with proven bad ratings. The  4 were.....

Currently seeing awful ratings from a Tuesday primetime lineup with reruns from 9-11pm. 9pm hour MUST be removed!

Next was....

...both 18-49 and total viewers for lower primetime average big.

And then....

I assume keeping reruns leading in to new episodes on Tuesdays is to keep network median age down, not for good ratings.

and finally....

Other than skewing about 20 years younger than 'Feud' on Tues., should put Feud from 8-10pm and new 'Idiotest' at 10pm...

Those are about the low ratings Idiotest has. I guess GSN could make a smart some sometimes. Right? RIGHT???!!!!!!

Hellevator is go for season 2, but something seems to be wrong in the state of......Narnia. Hellevator is NOT casting now and will not be casting until/if/when Hellevator is renewed for a third season. We will not know for sure if Hellevator will be renewed for a third season until a long period of time between late October (after the current season) and the spring (annual GSN upfronts-which were on March 8th this past year). The show will debut next month October 7th.

Now a segment in which sometimes you can't hear what you think but can think what you hear. It's...

Say what you want to say.

First is Victor Charles who says....

"Two words: No more time-compression or overly-long commercials. "I want to sit through instances of Jim Perry sounding like he's hyped up on caffeine" said no one ever. "I want to watch commercials that hawk crap you really don't need" said no one ever."

I guess it must be the business of GSN. Jonathan Lahti says....

"After this month I wonder what you'll show on GSN. It will have been 2 years since you reacquired Card Sharks and more Press Your Luck episodes. Will you start to show different episodes of Match Game?"

Buzzr did. August 29th. Carl Chavennes goes with....

"Remember that song "Funk Dat," by Sagat?
"Question: why is that GSN airs "Family Feud" 10 hours a day for nearly 10 years?
Get a new schedule!!!"

Thakns for getting me back into my school years. What about Albert Bernard?

"I know the network is pushing Winsanity hard but it's pretty lame and the host is annoying."

I should've had a better host. Susanne Potter says....

"Is Winsanity only on once now? It used to be back-to-back episodes.."

Yes it is due to low ratings. Finally William Steinmetz.

"Sitting here watching Family Fued with my young children and now I have to explain to them what KY Intense is. Why is that commercial on that early in the evening?"

Google that product, won't you?

(song stops)

I know I was going to go to sports where there is a varsity League of Legends game going on, but alas....I must take the weather.

Now........the 3rd period.

Deray Davis hosted MOAM and the rest....wasn't all history after 40 shows and it was history. Now he tries to make history again by hosting Hip Hop Squares. If you've seen the show before, it was first hosted on MTV2 by Peter Rosenberg. So why did MTV decide to do it again? Well, Ice Cube, a rap legend, decided to revamp the 2-season wonder. So they went with DeRay who is doing stand-up from coast to coast and did some acting on the side after MOAM got the heave-ho. I guess he needed a second chance and he found one. Good luck Deray.

Today's proverb: If you wanna be starting something, to got to be starting something. If you wanna finish something, then you should've asked your parents for something. Mama say, mama sah, mama ku sah.

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