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(What should you take when it's night outside? You take #ZZZQuill. 2 Pills....and you're pretending to be dead. That's a nighttime knockout.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me:  Welcome to the only blog that queues it up and runs your lane and builds a tower of GSN happiness. This isn't League of Legends, this is GSN The Know. So let the party start with....

 The Starting Line.

Hellevator is up for a 4-week enganement in October and you are more than welcome to kill the lights and gather your furry animals and pillows and blankets for this scary treat. Friday, October 7th will be the date for this event. Yes, you heard me right. Friday October 7th. $50,000 will be at stake. If all 3 survive....The Inferno will get there fast. You don't want to miss what Hellevator is scaring up this October.

August picks out the best & worst teams like picking a team in LOL, and that's why we came up with our Yay & Yawn of August.

The Yay:  Idiotest getting a 4th season. This time it'll be 40 episodes and more puzzles like it was last time.

The Yawn: Winsanity. The ratings seemed to have yawner going up easlily against the Olympics and preseason football. Is there any sport that cannot outlast Winsanity?

Idiotest had a 3-month low and that'll be after you don't vote yes on surrender.

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)
I know you're back, but your opposing team is destroying your tower. Get revenge on it. While you're doing that, Idiotest has suffered a blow in 3 months.

GSN Primetime Ratings for Tuesday, August 23rd (All Times ET):
10:00pm Idiotest (new): 281,000 total viewers/0.05 18-49 (about 65,000 18-49 viewers); down 37% in total viewers from last week 
That report has had the lowest rated since May 24th, one week before summer came.

Divided is getting teams to figure out who'll split the cash and split the brains.....which is a 3-person team of course. The photo reads....Flasher.....

Good luck..........I guess.

However, good news for Winsanity.....

GSN Primetime Ratings for Thursday, August 25th (All Times ET):
9:00pm Winsanity (new): 361,000 total viewers/0.08 18-49 (about 105,000 18-49 viewers); up 55% in total viewers from last week
It finally took 7 weeks......7 weeks to rebound Winsanity after a slump.

It's time to go to a......

Carni-Poll.  Because it's useless to have League of Legends characters next to you on the Tunnel of Love once it's becoming dark.  And they'll torture you with a loop of the theme to Shaft. First question.....

Personally, are you happy 'Idiotest' was renewed for a fourth season?

76% say they're happy for it.

Come October 3rd, will you watch "New to GSN" episodes of Steve Harvey 'Family Feud' (2014-15)?

In a very very very very very very very close one, 13% say they dislike Harvey Feud. I wished they showed classic Feud.

Will you watch 'Hellevator' Season 2?

55% say it'd be too scary for it. Yikes. Would they watch horror movies than that?

Do you like the idea/concept of GSN in development project 'Divided'?

48% say.....yeah they like it. FInal question......

Which GSN slogan do you prefer?

66% prefer The Network for Games.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by We close up Anomaly Acoustic August with a Busker veteran and periscope singer and AI alum Mary Desmond with this.....

Now we go to the 3rd period.

GSN and Skin Wars seemed to have a hit on their hands, but......The Skin Wars twitter account seems to be active and they're still casting for season 4? But what's wrong? Well, GSN wants to renew Skin Wars and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint at once, possibly (and likely) with Idiotest too within the next month. What is likely occurring is GSN negotiations with RuPaul and/or Rebecca Romijn on scheduling and salary. Not to mention some new shows on the way. If Skin Wars gets us to 2017, you might as well look for it.

And with that.....

Image result for league of legends victory

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