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 The Starting Line.

Winsanity is a mere weeks away from its June 9th premiere. A press release tells us that GSN has partnered with iPowow, a T.V. technology company, to enhance a play-along-at-home factor. Our screengrab friend Clip Art who is new here on the blog gave us these photos.

There's the set and Donald, but there is an announcer.....

....named Kira Soltanovich who is known in late night as the voice of a talking photo booth in a sketch on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The Jay Leno Show. She is also involved in Pank-based shows. Madison Brinkman, you got a client. Here's more of the rules.

There are $100,000 worth of prizes to give away in each episode. The largest winnings come at the end with $10,000 and 2 cars split between the contestant and a randomly assigned audience member through the "Green win watch". Ten facts have to be stacked numerically throughout the entirety of the episode with four in the first round, three in the second round, two in the third round and one in the final round.

 Each list is not locked until Faison confirms with the contestant the phrase "Lock the List", similar to "Final Answer" on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
The "Green Win Watch", which each audience member wears, is a glow in the dark, technological watch that lights up green for a member or portion of the audience who is eligible to win prizes.

A contestant is randomly selected from the audience to play for at least the first round and if that contestant performs well, he/she will play in future rounds then the entire game. In the first three rounds, if there is one misplaced answer, the contestant is replaced with another audience member. The first four numerical facts are provided with the selected contestant. In this episode, the contestant and 49 members of the audience have the chance to win $100 gift cards. If the contestant places the four facts in numerical order, fifty $100 gift cards are given (1 to contestant, 49 to audience). No matter what happens throughout the remainder of the episode, the first prize is kept for the contestant and audience.

The second round has three more numerical facts, which must be put in order on top of/between/below the four facts from earlier. The third round has two more facts, which must be ordered on top of/between/below the seven from earlier, now totaling nine facts. Prizes in the second and third round include more gifts cards and an outdoor movie theater for the contestant and each audience member.
You with me, so far? Good.
In the final round, the last numerical fact has to be placed with the same nine facts from earlier in the episode. The final round plays the game of "risk", where the contestant has to choose whether he or she wants to keep all three prizes won earlier (including the prizes with the audience) without moving on to the final fact with the shot at splitting the $10,000 and the cars with an audience member. The other option is moving on to stack the final numerical fact. If the final fact is stacked correctly, the contestant and one audience member split the $10,000 and take home a car each. In addition, the contestant and all audience members are able to keep the three gift cards/prizes won in the first three rounds. If the contestant stacks the last fact incorrectly, nobody wins anything. If a contestant does win everything, it is called "Total Winsanity." It's like going through a perfect game in baseball. I hope the June premiere will be the best game show on GSN.
 After the break, is The $25,000 Pyramid gone? That answer in mere moments from now.
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And it looks like we returned. House cleaning note:

*Card Sharks (Perry) will air at 10:30am weekdays (in addition to 10am); replacing The $25,000 Pyramid
*Deal or No Deal returns to the Wednesday 5pm slot for one week only; replacing a Skin Wars rerun.
*Skin Wars will air Wednesday at 11pm for one week only; replacing Idiotest
*Skin Wars will not have a new run this Wednesday (May 25th). Season 3 episodes 2, 3 and 4 will rerun from 9pm-12am on Wednesday. Idiotest does still have new runs Tuesday, May 24th at 10pm and 10:30pm.
*A 90 minute episode of Deal or No Deal will air Thursday from 4-5:30pm for one day only. Steve Harvey Family Feud will air at 5:30pm
*Baggage will air in Friday latenight at 2am and 2:30am; replacing Baggage On The Road
*Baggage will air at 1am and 1:30am in Saturday and Sunday latenight; replacing Chain Reaction

That'll be next week. But The $25,000 Pyramid had a stellar run on GSN meaning it should've added in new ones instead of sticking with the leased ones. At least the Pyramid from 2012 is still there. Skin Wars will take a week off to regroup. Also, Chain Reaction from last year will be wiped out, yes, WIPED OUT the schedule for good. How did this decision leaves fans hanging? Poem.

Hey, I just met you...
And this is crazy....
So here's my Paddle Bubbles....
Comment it, maybe?
brianjohnson has a comment....
"Pure laziness on GSN's part. Even if they didn't want to acquire another classic lease, why a THIRD airing of a show that only has, what, 50-100 eps. anyway? I'd have gone with a double run of Press Your Luck, which is now the only classic that's only airing once, or even a third ep. of "Match Game" since it has more eps."
This is GSN at work. Deal with it. Wallace Chandler says....
"For people who don't want potty humor(Harvey Feud), watching people get ink or crappy wannabe reality, why bother paying for an upper tier anymore. I can watch Buzzr for free and be just as happy. I know Casey dis-Abell-ed writes about people living in the past, but GSN could satisfy w/ a nice mix. Check networks like TVLand. They are oldies but goodies from 9-5 and move to more recent fare the remainder of the day. GSN is losing variety and sadly I have the feeling it will start to show in their ratings soon. Feud burnout has to be close at hand."
You're absolutely correct.  Look at Cozi, MeTv and Antenna, they air more variety. In a related comment, somebody said....
"While it's true tv land is classic from 9am-8pm, they are no better than GSN when it comes to variety. All they show now is Andy Griffith, Gunsmoke, and Bonanza. Just 3 shows over 11 hours. Not the best overall schedule at all."
Ouch. Darla Fanbridge wraps it up with this...
 "I have a feeling that by the end if the year, GSN will be going in a new direction by eliminating pre-2000s fare and putting focus on 21st century material. GameTv in Canada is already there (the only pre-1990 show on its lineup is Bumper Stumpers, most likely a syndication package from the first season). At least GameTV has Drew's TPIR on its schedule, which is the only modern show I enjoy in first-run - plus it sometimes airs on a weekend on GameTV (many Saturdays and some Sundays). But yeah, I prefer Current TPIR episodes more."
Really? That's for all you Canadians getting that. Wished GSN would get the TPIR-Carey era, but it won't happen. Same for Buzzr.
Also this week, Skin Wars will be at the halfway mark. Tonight's new episode features eight remaining artists and airs new at 10pm ET. Artists will paint magical illusions and fortune-tell their way through art. Magician Christen Gerhart joins RuPaul, Robin Slonina and Craig Tracy as guest judge. Rebeeca Romijn hosts.
With Buzzr turning 1 year old this year, They are having a 3-day celebration from May 30th-June 1st. I'm not lying. A digital scratcher will help you win prizes. As if that wasn't enough, ew episodes of Let’s Make a Deal and special marathon blocks of some of your favorite shows including Family Feud The Celebrity Edition, To Tell the Truth and Match Game will all take place next month. Stay with GSN The Know as we look back on a year at Buzzr. Our GSN The Know Soda Girl Christa Nannos will perform to honor our beloved diginet turning 1 year old. Be part of this celebration!
Now the 2nd intermission presented by Even without Autotune like he did in 2014, T-Pain ushered in a new autotune this one.

Now we spring into the 3rd period.

Chain Reaction with Dylan Lane had a companion at first......StarFace with Danny Bonaduce. Proudced by Joker's Wild host Pat Finn, the program features 3 contestants answering pop culture questions, but contestants putting on masks to resemble a celebrity.....interesting.   In early November, the show was replaced by I've Got a Secret in the 9:30 PM time slot, leaving only a 3:30 PM weekend airing until January 2007, when the show was completely removed from the schedule and Match Game PM took its former weekend slot. That spelled doom for Starface....and Danny Bonaduce's game show career as we know it.

And so it ends. It ends on a dead end. Because it's the end. Today's blog is presented by Rougned Odor's Rock 'em, Sock 'EM Robots. Play against Jose Bautista and let the fight begin! Not authorized by Major League Baseball.

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  1. Sad to see "The $25,000 Pyramid is leaving the schedule. I really wish GSN would just add Donny Osmond's version onto their schedule.


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