Friday, May 27, 2016

Overtime #30: The Buzz....before the buzz

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Me: It's about time......for Overtime. Let's get it going.

Next week will be Buzzr's 1st anniversary, but before the Buzzr chanel happened.....

It had a Youtube digital channel itself. That's where the Buzz started.

The Beginning:

It was a cheap way to start using a small budget.

Slowly, but surely, The middle:

It all upgraded to a set in Youtube space LA.

More of the same variety than it  was in a small studio. Door3 should've learned when to actually make a show in a studio after they've learned that Trisha Paytas was fired. We told you that earlier in March. Unlike Door3, it had....

The End:

Youtubers took over just like Door3 did in its early stages. Like....


Apparently, Fremantle couldn't afford a 4th season for obvious reasons. That's because the Buzzr TV channel was already growing slowly and the Buzzr digital channel would stop by January.  Luckily, the recent ones garnered more views giving all Door3 subs a reason to jump over from a channel that was once too racy to a channel that is less racy. See there?

It's time to go everyone. Let's end with Anastasia Washington and a Disney song in honor of the upcoming Memorial Day TV movie marathon on the Disney Channel. Catch you next month and play on, playas.

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