Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Faces, Same old Story

(Think Tinder got you sideswiped? Try, and you'll swipe away the competition with your future Minnie or Mickey.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: This is GSN The Know and you're not alone. You're on a blog where the GSN News is at so let's get our GSN on. Try to focus & unwind and release the karma you had inside and figure out why all the other cable channels are a bore, so when it's all over, turn to it. We're ready to go. First.....

  The Starting Line.

It's more of.....

Door 3: The Closing of a Door.

(song fades out)

The success of Door 3 had some faces in, from Trisha Paytas the sexpert to Jason Horton doing the Room Tour Challenge, but newer faces came in to keep the channel alive. The first of a new batch was Loryn Powell. At the time, her Calling In Drunk show became popular. When she joined door 3 when she already worked for GSN, she was the face appearing in many games and hosting a few like Challenge Accepted and Top List with producer Sunny Peabody.

Next was Sarah Whittle. She moved out of Phoenix, Az. where she did work on a syndicated program called "The List" for some Scripps-owned stations and wanted to join her hosting a game show on this channel as well as getting in a girl fight with Loryn. She also joined in on certain challenges like this one....

Next, Jeremy Culhane, a comic actor known for Safety Patrol, he also interrogated a certain improve way.....

But 3 women wanted to be the next door 3 host. First off, Hailey Bright.....

Lauren Elise...

And Tara Phillips.

If they thought Hailey bright was the favorite, all would be fine, but it went to.....

hold on a sec.......

Yep. It was her. Don't feel bad for Hailey. She would've won anyway. Her first video (out of only 2) as a new host was this.....

And that was before the death came knocking which we'll discuss next week.


The 2016 Upfronts. What went down? Find out after the break.

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)

Time to make more moves. Restart The clock.

The 2016 GSN upfronts in New York City was yet another star-studded event. Flasher was there to take pictures.

In addition, Idiotest gets another season in......April. Like the first season, only 40 episodes will be aired. Themes for this season include an all nude episode, a 1970's episode, a kids episode and 5 celebrity episodes. 

As if that wasn't enough, the show's host Ben Gleib is producing a spinoff for GSN called "Political Idiotest", which has a brand new format. "Political Idiotest" will feature two political pundits facing off in tests that lead to political conversations. Episodes will air on the same day they are filmed so the news is relevant.

Hellevator is getting a 2nd season, so I'm told, but the Soska Sisters may be likely to join.

Also, Window Warriors is getting the green light and will air later this year.

Making a pilot for presentation will be "Breaking App," similar to that of App Wars and "The Invesigation" which is a crime-solving game.

Not only Divided is in dveleopment, but Run & Buzz & Glass Wars are there, too. #friendtrip didn't make it.

As far as Chain Reaction word yet.

Time to open up.....

The Buzzr Twitterers Club. I now call this meeting to order. I will now add the growing # of members to the list. I will now take to the floor by retweet by beginning with this......
Steve from the 90's @SteveFromThe90s Mar 7
Who do you think I am? Michael Larson? tweet....
Kyle Boreing @kyleboreing Mar 2
Watching the late great Richard Dawson on "Match Game" on
And moving on we have....
chris falman @mylifewithfood Feb 23
I could watch Super Password on all day
Why not?
Raymond @RaymondWPS Feb 22
Watching on . What a great show.
It is a great show, but what's not great? Closing it up.  I now call this meeting adjourned.
(song stops)
Now the 2nd intermission presented by Hope everybody braved through the rain and got your seats for.....
Youtube Playhouse.
She has worn many personalities, but only one Madison Brunoheler is known as Madi2TheMax. She can turn those into a dramatic comedy. And here's one of them.....
(song fades out)

Now the 3rd period.
Of all the game show couples throughout the years, none has been more exicting than the power couple of today.....
Steve Harvey & Gaby Johnston.
Gaby worked for Family Feud ever since the days of Ray Combs, but when Steve Harvey came along, things changed. the nature of its questions have changed, the set had minor changes to its previous host, even the locations have changed as well. But that finally took Wheel out of first place. It's YouTube presence and moments turned Feud into a syndicated hit once again since the days of Dawson. And if Steve & Gaby do it more, then they'll regain their throne last did by Dawson & Felsher.
Where's the exit at? Ah, we got you. Time to go. Today's blog is presented by embroidery cookies. Not only they're yummy, but it's a DIY treat.
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