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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Yes, friends and enemies...and sometimes frenemies, it's GSN The Know. We're the only blog that sticks to the script once GSN sticks with you forever. GSN gets you stuck in a daze of game shows and before you stick a fork in it for the night, you'll be sticking to the favorites you keep watching. Time to see what's sticking starting with....

The whatstrending.com Starting Line.

With the Iowa Caucus disposed of, many of us believe if Mike Huckabee would host The American Bible Challenge. Well, the new project came in 2011 by administration  change and  Mike was in the middle of the second presidential run at the time.

This came via article: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/showtracker/2011/05/exclusive-mike-huckabee-in-talks-to-host-bible-quiz-show-on-gsn-.html

However, he turned it down. In his place: Jeff Foxworthy. If Mike had hosted, the show would be a disaster at the start, but with Jeff in tow, 3 seasons was all he got. In conclusion, if you pick a politician to play game show host, don't. After all, a stand-up comic who wants to be a game show host like Ben Gleib can be the perfect example.

Don't get unstuck. After this, what GSN is planning for Valentine's Day. Stick Around, because.....I don't know.
(song fades out)
Looks like Quasimodo rang the bell to signal the 2nd period start.
What will you be doing this Valentine's Day? Taking your sweetie to dinner or.....watching GSN with your sweetheart in tow? Because on 2/14....
"On Sunday February 14th, from 6:00pm to 11:00pm EST, we will be airing episodes of Family Feud (Harvey) that feature love, relationship and marriage themed questions."
Say what now? It seems that GSN wants to air yet another marathon of Family Feud. You know why? Because they're too lazy to think another show to marathon on? Where is Love Connection? Where is classic Dating & Newlywed Game? Why is GSN doing too much of Harvey? Is this an attempt to make money? I think a Love Connection weekend marathon would've worked in our favors. The press letter we got in the newsroom reads:
Each of the 10 specially selected half-hour shows features questions designed to remind viewers about dating, romance and the ones they love the most, on the most romantic holiday of the year.  Harvey elicits impromptu and often hilarious answers to questions like: “Name something a man would be holding that a woman would find sexy,” “Name something you open for a night of romance,” “Name a place where a cheap date might take you” and “Name a reason why a woman would turn down a date with a gorgeous guy.” 
Yawn. Maybe a poem can lighten things up.

Hey, I just met you...
And this is crazy....
So here's my gummy Maker...
Comment it, maybe?

Adam Lentz says this....

"I don't understand this. Feud regularly airs on Sunday nights from 6 to 11 pm. There is love questions galore ever since Harvey has taken over. My idea would have been something like when they did their battle of the divorced couples week when Karn and O Hurley hosted. This is dumb. I just wonder how this marathon will do on Valentine's Day seeing how its up against the premiere of Walking Dead and The NBA All Star Game.

I don't know why, but I'm interested to see the ratings for Harvey Feud from 6-11 pm on February 7th, where the Super Bowl is scheduled. I bet it'll take a chunk out of their audience."

The Super Bowl crushes away at Harvey Feud obviously, but let's see if they stack up against the Walking Dead premiere and the NBA ASG. Another commenter says....

"It's clear GSN is only in search of bigger ratings at this point, because they just slap a new bumper on the same old Steve Harvey episodes and say "Look, a Family Feud marathon!".

It's lazy to the extreme, and an indictment of how stupid and easily placated their audience is. How many times can you see the same old stuff and be entertained by it? How bad are the rest of GSN's shows if Family Feud is the only thing they ever seem to marathon?"

And how long will another marathon that doesn't involve Feud break the jinx?

Now we get the gift of gab from you fans. I want your hearts being thrown out to GSN fans. Let's see what messages you receive in.....

Say what you want to say.

Randy Rudge kicks it off with....

"When is The Chase coming back on the air? Steampunked and Skin wars stink! How can they be considered game shows? Bring back the Chase soon!"

We don't know when the Chase will return yet, but we'll let you know once it turns out. Michelle Schabel has this....

"This station is so ridiculous airing the same commercials over and over again...every break. Get some employees with imaginations.....thank goodness for the remote to change the channel."

Yep. It's like watching a subchannel or syndication. Here's Rachel Hockemy Hayes.

"We used to watch GSN all the time. It was pretty much the only channel we watched. We stopped having cable for a few years, and just recently got it back. We were stoked to have GSN again...until we found that you air Family Feud 10 hours a day (yes, I counted), and even overwrite programs that we DVR with Family Feud so that we have an unpleasant surprise when we watch our DVR. We want more reruns of the classics, like Match Game, Card Sharks, or Press Your Luck, plus more of the newer programming that you guys are having, like The Chase, Baggage, and Hellevator."

Yes, we definitely want more. Babo Cabazo says....

"Picking up King of the Nerds would be very interesting. There is a lot of fan angst since TBS cancelled it, and the numbers weren't that bad. With the success of the comic based shows expanding in both movies and TV, and renewed interest in Star Wars and Star Trek, it would be a statement that complements Skin Wars and future cosplay ventures."

That would be a great acquisition. Perry Skinner will end it with....

"Were contestants and their supporters on Deal or No Deal naturally stupid or greedy? Just caught the end of an episode where the contestant had 20 seconds to either take the deal or not, never seen that before, it was the shows 200th episode. This stupid contestant turns down $225,000 just to open the largest amount left on the board and then takes a $72,000 deal. I would've taken nearly a quarter of a million in a heartbeat!! Stupid people!!!"

If you don't like DOND, change it elsewhere.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by swagbucks.com. For the 3rd year in a row, it's Lindsey Stirling appreciation month. In the past year, she has written a book and did Snapchat. But that didn't stop her from touring and making music, like this one....

Now the 3rd period.

That famous scene in turn inspired a game show hosted by William Shatner, and was the first game show to get pulled after a few shows. ABC wanted 6, but instead got 5. Plus, it had dancers.....yes, dancers with money amounts attached to them by answering questions in 3 parts to a word or phrase. However, after the disaster came glory for 3 dancers. Yesenia Adame was the caller on ABC's National Bingo Night, the predecessor to Bingo America, Eve Torres would become a former WWE diva and Julianne Hough will forever be associated with Dancing With The Stars. Not a bad way to start your career with it, huh?

 The time bomb hath exploded. Today's blog is presented by exploding mail trucks. Making it look like a summer blockbuster.
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