Friday, January 29, 2016

Overtime #26: Should've said yes

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Me: Welcome to the very first and I said the very first, Overtime of 2016. GSN in 2015 had its moments. Lie Detectors......Baggage on The Road......Skin Wars.....but we wanted to know what GSN should've did last year. Taken from GSNN BlogSpot page, here are a few examples.

The Chase and Baggage On The Road would have been renewed at the March upfronts. The Chase would have gotten twenty hour-long episodes and then forty half-hour episodes for Baggage On The RoadSkin Wars: Fresh Paint would also have been granted a seven hour-long episode order at the upfronts rather than a special.

If SW: Fresh Paint did the 7 instead of a special, it would've been another story. Also, The Chase & BOTR would've had a long season.

*Baggage On The Road Season 2 would have premiered Wednesday, June 10th at 8pm ET, leading into Skin Wars at 9pm ET then Idiotest at 10pm and 10:30pm ET. 20 episodes (half) of Baggage On The Road would have aired from June 10th-August 12th as lead-in to Skin Wars.

It was ratings that killed it. MOAM, anyone?

*Man Versus Fly never would have made it to air.

In fact, Door 3 would've stayed alive had it been for more Lauren Elise and more Sarah Whittle which I will talk about in March.

*Hellevator would have premiered Wednesday, October 7th from 8-10pm ET (two hour premiere) and would have aired Wednesdays at 8pm ET through November 18th. The 25 remaining episodes of Idiotest would have resumed Wednesdays at 10pm and 10:30pm ET starting October 7th and ending Wednesday, January 6th (one week hiatus on 11/25).

It would've ushered in Halloween month and gave kudos to the Soskia Sisters making what would've been ratings gold.

Super Password would have returned to the 11am and 11:30am ET morning slots. Shop 'Til You Drop and Catch 21 never would have been put in mornings. Pre-1990's would have filled the entire 8am-12pm ET block.

Had $ale and Pyramid stay here, everything would've been fine.

*The remaining ten episodes of The Chase would have been cycled through from July 16-September 17 Thursdays at 8pm ET, with the first twenty episodes of Chain Reaction as lead-out. Chain Reaction would go on hiatus after Thursday, September 17th.

Think about that. And finally....

*The first two seasons of Hollywood Game Night would have been acquired, which accumulates to a little over two dozen hour-long episodes. These would have filled at least an hour of primetime slots on both Mondays and Fridays, instead of tireless Idiotest, The Newlywed Game and Family Feud reruns.

That way, it would've been less Steve and more Jane.

So with that, Overtime is a wrap. See you in February with more things you should know. Play on, Playas.

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