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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Welcome everybody. Hope we're all relived from the Powerball drawings and talk about why we like GSN. Because everyone is a winner here and not losers like lottery tickets at the gas station. So let's scratch off and reveal.....

The whatstrending.com Starting Line.

Buzzr decided they had enough and bring in a new batch of episodes. That made fans very happy. What else made fans happy? Having marathons of people on their birthday. Mark Goodson, for instance was on TTTT as a panelist with Bill Cullen in for Garry Moore. Betty White did one, too. Here to tell us more is the doctor giving more flu shots like Jagermeister.....Dr. Buzzr.

VO: Dr. Buzzr is a graduate of Maple Heights Community College with a degree in game show classics. He is a lecturer in and around the Grimsborough area and contributed to many in the field of self-help for whatstrending.com and ew.com. He's been interviewed on many podcasts and has yet to appear in TV talk shows and daytime network morning shows. Dr. Buzzr is not an actual doctor, nor a Ph.D., in fact, he doesn't play one on TV. He's simply a game show fanatic who is a member of the Stephanie Thorpe foundation for New Media Excellence, the national Game & Reality foundation and the Stan Lee writers club. And now, coming from his office on the 6th floor of the Wilton-North building....Dr. Buzzr.
(song fades out)
Dr. Buzzr: Thank you Pierre Kelly. Buzzr did birthday marathons and boy did the network come up with rare gems. This was all to celebrate it's 75th anniversary of the Game show. You didn't know that, did you. I'm roud to say that Buzzr will continue to do so for years to come.  This has been Dr. Buzzr and I'm.....Dr. Buzzr.
VO: For a written transcript, please send $6.95 to:
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Me: Thank you Dr. Buzzr for your insight.


When we return, what Chain Reaction did on the positive. That, the Pick 8 and the mega Lotto drawing when we return, so don't freak out like last week's reaction to it.

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Alright everyone, let's surround ourselves with more of the GSN magic like Chris Pratt surrounded by.....sharks in the ocean.

Here's what went down on the 1/15 edition on Chain Reaction:

In one of the episodes last night, a team went into the betting round up $2,200 to $800. That leading team would win the game $2,500 to $0. The team would go on to win a total of $7,500 (+$5,000 in the end game). It was a shutout by the time the betting round came.

In another episode last night, a team led $1,800 to $0 at one point during the main game. That leading team completed the three rounds with a $2,700 to $300 lead. The leading team would end up winning the main game $3,000 to $0 (they had $3,300 at one point). This team had the chance to win even more than in the other episode with a potential $8,000 waiting at the end of the bonus round. However, they did not win the bonus round. 2 straight shutouts in one day. Had the bonus round been won, $15,500 would've been given away out the door.

Caught on tape: Steve Harvey talking to the audience. Tell your friends about this. Here's the tape.

All eyes are dried up and we move on to.....


Carni-Poll. Where we drop polling knowledge like a tower. First off....

How much of 'The Chase' (fourth season) did you watch on GSN in 2015?

64% believe it was all 20 of 'em.

How much of the second season of 'Idiotest' did you watch on GSN?

A narrow margin of 33% say they watched them all.

How much Mike Catherwood-hosted 'Chain Reaction' did you watch on GSN?

A 25% dead lock between a few episodes and all of them.

How much 'Hellevator' did you watch on GSN?

That's the last question and 57% say.....they would rather watch something else. Too scary, isn't it?

Now the 2nd intermission presented by swagbucks.com. Wanna hear a little Francesca Maia to make your winter a little better and warmer since it's cold outside where you live? Well, here you go.

Let's do the 3rd period.

Multiple members of those associated with The Chase have heard that GSN executives reached out to order a short, fifth season of The Chase last Fall. GSN pushed to order a six to nine episode fifth season of The Chase, particularly just around the time as originals Steampunk'd and Hellevator tanked. To put it this way, they want a short season. Long seasons prior got decent ratings. GSN is still holding on it. So why isn't the network doing it? Well, to put it that way, they should've had 10 or 15 episodes. That way, a long 5th season would work. 6 to 9 isn't going to cut it. I'd say drop the short season and go with the long one. That would work anyway.


And there's the news. Our blog is presented by news anchors. Trust us, they like each other. Not when they hate each other or anything.....

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