Overtime #20: What Game are we playing?


VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Me: Oh hey,it's Overtime. A challenge Charlie Charlie won't take. Today we have 4 shows...that don't involve gameplay.

1. Anything to Win

This one-season wonder featured people trying to cheat...or make them win via documentary. The 666 lottery show is my favorite.

2. GSN Video Games

It had actual video game tv programming every Friday hosted by....Carmen Nicole. She was very sexy. I wonder where she is now?

3. Vegas Weddings Unveiled

We look at what a wedding in Las Vegas looks like...and Best Funeral Ever on TLC was later on. It's future: Divorce Court

4. Dog Park Superstars

Yeah, I know, it didn't involve actual gameplay, but it did involve dogs...in a competition.

If there is anything I left out, hit me up on my fan page.


That's gonna do it. See you next month for actual game show play. Play on, playas.


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