What's Buzzin, Honey?


(Just when you thought Season 1 had Peter Pan's Gang, Captain Hook and Strawburry17 will be joining "The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy" coming next week which is June 12th. More at newpeterwendy.com)


VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Jason Kelly.

Me: And that would be me, just Bugggin' out. Thanks for flying around like a wasp on the porch, except it isn't deadly to you. Had a great time this past Monday at Shira's Social Stream (in which you didn't catch my Instagram: mister_wcw) where we dined on Honey BBQ Wings and drank Pepsi, saw all of Wish It Inc. season 1, WWE Raw and a new channel in which we'll talk about in......

The Starting Line.

Just when fans thought of what GSN had due to lack of classics, Buzzr TV launched at 8pm CST with.....

And there was more to follow. In fact, the schedule was planned out and Flasher is ready to give you the players starting....right about now...........or Now-ish..........

So that's where the lack of classics come from. Dawson's Feud is there. Not the Feud with the guy from Home Improvement, or the Feud with the DWTS or the Feud.......Can't talk about that, old school, 1976-1985 Feud. Straight up! Even the Perry version of Card Sharks is on there. Upset the Eubanks version didn't make it, but who knows. Even the MG left out of GSN's lease is there too. LMAD also comes on and the 2nd season from the 80's syndicated version will make it. It's a shame GSN couldn't get it, because the first season was all they got. Oh and late night B&W will be here too. Hey GSN, do these more often other than December. So there you have a mix of mostly G-T stuff on one schedule. No word on the weekend schedule yet, but we'll report it once we'll bring it to you. And it covers 1/3 of America.....so far. So as the weeks go by, more stations will approve the channel starts to grow like Mario, yo. So Buzzr, Kudos to you.


Don't leave the Roach Motel just yet, because after this, GSN gives you something new. Stick around...as if you were a fly on flypaper.

(song fades out)


(quick fade out)

Welcome back to the GSN Zoo. With Lie Detectors disposed of, Idiotest reruns will replace Lie Detectors in the Wednesday 9pm and 9:30pm ET timeslots. New episodes of Idiotest remain at 8pm and 8:30pm ET. That's 2 hours of Idiotest....just for this week. Next week, there is only one week of Idiotest serving as lead-in and lead-out to Skin Wars, which is June 10th. Starting June 17th, Skin Wars is new at 9pm and Idiotest is new only at 10pm and 10:30pm.

Guess Idiotest had to move to 9pm in an attempt to get more viewers....and it's doing well, basically.

There's also minor cosmetic changes June 22nd-28th, with Skin Wars getting reruns on weekends and on Wednesday.

The New Chain Reaction will be on.......July 16th. All 40 of Psycho Mike's version will air, but joining that will be.....The Chase: Season 4. All the remaining shows left out will air.

If you go to this:


It's a whole new look and feel, plus, they changed the logo.....

Same like the upfronts, but a little better.

Now a segment in which you say what you can think. Is Buzzr better than GSN? Are you psyched for Skin Wars? Why are you painting your body? Those answers and more as you....


Say what you want to say.

Matt Capwell is confused in thinking.....

"Deal or no Deal isn't a real game show."

Well, it's a game show but it involves picking cases to win cash....with models.  David Polling says:

"nice new web page."

I like it too. Marianne Corl says:

"Please stop airing the Key Ninja commercial. I was watching Family Feud with my elderly mother and the strong sexual undertones were embarrassing and inappropriate for this time frame."

Um, Marianne, if you have Buzzr or Youtube on the internet, start watching classic Feud right now. It's appropriate for everyone. As far as current Feud goes, you were right. Although O 'Hurley and Karn don't count, Harvey keeps the network in tow. Greg Miloro says this:

"And wow...this may not have anything to do with GSN, but now that Bible Challenge isn't on anymore, Fox has just revived 5th Grader with Jeff Foxworthy, for a fourth season...and he's no longer wearing glasses! Guess he had his vision corrected?"

Yep. He's back to his old ways before Bible. Frances Killian has this little chime:

"We like to watch Family Feud but we are tired of watching the same ones over and over and we was wondering if they could make some new shows."

They're already in syndication with newer ones until the late 2010s and once the new season acquires, we'll report it to you. Cheryl Hayes wraps it up with.....

"Wasted a minute to check the Saturday morning lineup in hopes that the old game shows were back but see its the same garbage shows. Figure Sunday will be more of the same so will see you Monday morning when games worth watching are back on."

It's still Monday-Friday. Don't you get it?

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by swagbucks.com. Last year, Sonya Belousova was on Overtime in October of 2014 with the Ghost Waltz. Today, she has the rendition of a classic SciFi Tv program that's been on over 50 years and garned more than 4 million views. Ready, Sonya? She's ready. KICK IT!!!!

That made Dino Alexander proud, don't it? Now to the 3rd period.


Time once again for.....


We're resuming the countdown with #9, and let's talk about trust issues. Many friends trust one another, and in 2002.....

Trust was in the form of a game show. 6 strangers were formed into 3 pairs to answer trivia questions all to split the money. However, it's not easy, because they voted via trust box in secret. If 2 people had "Friend," both split the cash. Should one player pick "Foe" and another player on the other side, that Foe gets the whole thing and the friend leaves with no money at all. If both players are Foes.....nothing. Before every decision, players were asked if they trusted each other and were to split the cash. Mostly throughout the series, most players had foe over friend and vice versa. But all in all, it was a good show. Oh and Kennedy was in on it too. Friend or Foe? Trusting in this number.....


 Whoa, Black betty, bam-a-lam, it's time to end this Ram Jam. Today's blog is presented by the new Dodge Ram trucks. Guts. Glory. Ram.

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