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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Jason Kelly.

Me: Alright kids, sit your butt down and listen to me talk GSN. Thanks for getting in that easy chair to see what's what in the world of GSN. First....

The Starting Line.

A while back, GSN went to war with Cablevision upon moving it to the Male-only tier from the female-only tier. That wasn't fine at all. Now it gets ugly. Real ugly.

Cablevision Systems Corp. urged the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday to uphold its decision to “retier” the Game Show Network, saying it was a business decision based on a lack of subscriber demand and escalating costs, not intentional discrimination.
This is according to law360.com and GSN will continue to stay gone unless they order a package with all the ESPN networks that fork over extra money. That is nuts. Comcast can't do it. If Cablevision did the decision, why can't they go back to the femlae-only tier? My answer is we'll never know.


We'll return with 5 shows that need a reboot. I'll go brush my teeth for 30 seconds in the mirror. In the meantime, you look at this:


(quick fade out)

Now that I decided to put away the Crest Whitening kit, we're back to the dance party. No, not the fancy one from "The Muppet Show," the 90's club thing.

There is a list in which Carrie Grosvenor of About.com picks 5 game shows that need a reboot. Here they come:

1. Deal or No Deal

Why not? Have Howie come back. DOND is Howie and you need 26 models to complete the show.

2. Million Dollar Password

Bring in the Password Plus/Super Pssword puzzle as a qualifying element and let the rest stay as is. Have Ernie Johnson of Turner Sports do it.

3. Grand Slam

IF we can have the best game show winners of the 2000s and 2010s, it would've worked finer.

4. Power of Ten

Drew Carey should one day return to host this thing. He did it before he turned TPIR into a variety show.

5. Dog Eat Dog

Make it less of a stripped-down game thing and have some family-friendlyness in it. Trisha Hershberger could host one day.

Honorable Mentions: Camouflage 2007. Have Kristen Nedopak host this letter dropper.

Lingo. Why not? Let's forget about the Engvall version and focus on the original.

Mind of a Man......oh, forget it. Which GSN show needs a reboot? I'll tell you about after the 3rd period.

To Lie Detectors and It Takes a Church.....You are beheaded! We'll get to Lie Detectors in a minute, but let's start with the latter first. For ITAC, it was one of those shows paired with Bible that led Bible to....the end. But ITAC wanted a 2nd season. It should've stayed out a long time ago after the first season, but once the 2nd came in.....they were right. As far as Lie Detectors went, it was supposed to be daily...then 2x a week....now it's gone. So far, not reaching 20 shows. That's just it. It was removed from gsntv.com and whatever else. May they spend the afterlife with Patrick Wayne forever.

It's our second week tradition known as.....


The GSN Closet. If Stephanie Pressman got fashionably nerdy for game shows, this is where she'll end up.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by swagbucks.com. Remember what I told you a while ago that I introduced you all to Christa Nannos when we got out of this mess of removing $ale & The $25,000 Pyramid back in March? Well, she returns with a new single "Always & Never," but the music video isn't out just yet until later. However, she put out a lyric video for you all to watch. Sopay close attention to it:

Before the 3rd period drops, quick reminders about her....

Her site of fun: http://www.christanannos.com/

La Book of Face: https://www.facebook.com/christa.nannos?ref=tn_tnmn

The video-sharing anomaly of Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCevSVDdUjqVLFh2KEH7BrDw

The Birds nest: https://twitter.com/cnannos

And photogenically: http://instagram.com/cnannos

More music for you this summer. And with that....


Time once again for.....


If you're wanting to pack up somewhere....
then this next entry if for you. Baggage starred Jerry Springer and featured 3 bachelors or bachelorettes looking for a mate. Easy? Wrong. All they did was open bags to reveal juicier and darker secrets....about themselves. That lead to audience reactions every....single....time. Heck, even a recent version went out somewhere. In return....they got dinner if you accept the red baggage to make the date official. Baggage. a 3-season trip....
Gets tripped up to #8.
Time to blow out the candles on these zebra cakes. Today's blog is presented by "Pin The Tail On The Donkey." It's where they'll rob you of sight and figure out where the tail of the donkey was leading to hilarious results.
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