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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Jason Kelly.

Me: Time to shake it up like a Milkquake at Krystal,'s a milkshake, of course. Thanks for making me do the damage to your midweek. There's no earthquake in the building, but it's....

The Starting Line.

What began on 4/20 ended on 4/24. Lie Detectors seemed to be a daily show and was hoping for a hit. Let's take a closer look at how the debut week started.

6:30pm Lie Detectors: 180,000 total viewers; 43K 18-49 (-45% total; -9% 18-49 from lead-in)

The debut of it had 180K. Lower than any other new show out on GSN.

Tuesday got worse, but by Wednesday....

6:30pm Lie Detectors (new): 180,000 total; 19K 18-49 (-49% in total viewers; -70% in 18-49)

Then came Thursday....

6:30pm Lie Detectors (new): 242,000 total viewers; 22K 18-49 (-88% in 18-49; -45% in total)

And that's what caused the mess. GSN decided to take action by placing the program right after Idiotest on Wednesdays and on Saturday nights after putting it at a poor timeslot. The Pyramid wanted it to be a hit at first, but got disasterous afterwards and was placed on afternoons later on. How did the people of GSN do this? Later on, the reactions to the time change.

April felt like an easter egg hunt....with a little paintball at the network, but let's find out which is a rotten egg in this month's Yay & Yawn.

The Yay: Idiotest. It returned on April Fools Day and Brooke Burns even took over....a bit.

The Yawn: Morning changes. It seemed the network got tired of old shows and trim a little.

After this pause, we start the top 10 originals countdown. GSN The Know rattles right back after this.

(quick fade out)

Know-it-alls, reassemble, because we're back!  When Lie Detectors was regulated to 2 nights a week per decision by the network, fans stuck with it. GIving you more of what the subject is, I took you guys to poetry class and wrote this:

Hey, I just met you...

And this is crazy....

So here's my Hurricane 360 Spin Mop...
Comment it, Maybe?
When the announcement was made, GSNN's blogspot page had a discussion with it. We chose Adam Lentz and here's what he said....
"So now, Lie Detectors is new every Wednesday and Saturdays? At least burn them off now, so they can quickly get rid of this show once the 40 episodes air. I wouldn't be surprised if ITAC suffered because of Lie Detectors, but who knows? If Idiotest next week recovers from this past Wednesday, then it's clear that Lie Detectors was the reason why Idiotest hit all time lows. But, maybe the show is flopping because they are airing the new episodes weekdays. They should have put the show after new runs of Idiotest. Then again, BOTR didn't work when it led out to Idiotest."
And that should've when it came out.
I spy with my eye.....and other eye.....

The Facebook Files.
When the news came of it, Buzzerblog reported on their FB page and Robert Siedelman said this:
"If the show wasn't 5 a week and just the Wednesday at 9:00-10 slot, then it might have stood a chance. This to me was GSN wanting it to fail. Why would you put something in a slot that is just disasterous for a new show, especially since GSN has trained a lot of their viewers over the years that the new originals are on at the prime-time hours, not when people are watching news or eating dinner."
You're right. And with Harvey Feud replacing that show, they won over LD. So what?  Mike Klauss gives his reaction to it:
"Wow. Even GSN gave Show Me the Money about 3 weeks before pulling the plug.

Sadly, it deserved such fate. It was not funny or entertaining, the audience members looked bored, and the premise has been done before, but much better."
Ever wonder what a game show is about? Match Game did it. The Price is Right did it. Password Plus did it. Lie Detectors.....didn't. Bill O' Donnell has this:
"Why don't they show Jeopardy? It's not like the Jeopardy people are airing reruns? All those old shows could still be entertaining folks and earning money for Sony."
Here's why: Old Jeopardy: Outdated. Recent Jeopardy: Still outdated. So go watch J! on your local station, okay?
(Song stops)
One house cleaning bit: Sherri Shepherd's The Newlywed Game will replace Baggage in the 3am ET hour, effective Monday, May 4th. The Newlywed Game remains in the 1am ET hour. Everything else stays as is.
FInally, we say Goodbye to Jayne Meadows. She was the wife of the late, great IGAS host Steve Allen and was a panelist on the show there. She was 95.
Now to the second intermission presented by We end April Acapella Awareness Month with the UCLA Resonance and this song:
And time for the 3rd period.

Time once again for.....

For #10, it's the fall....
...before Grace.
Russian Roulette was trivia and $100,000 was at stake if you took down 3 of your friends......and get fallen through a hole. Even if you didn't win the bonus round, you'll still fall through a hole, but still win money and everybody else.....pfft. Zero. Mark Walberg hosted this 2-season hit and had levers....yes, levers in which the lights would go around & around in which you were either dropped....or stayed there. Russian Roulette drops in at....
Time to fly. Today's blog is presented by Avengers: Age Of Ultron. In theaters May 1st. Also, next week kicks off the 2005 class reunion, so the countdown will be until June.
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