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Augustus among us

(The heat is in the air and you have to cool off by going to Sonic. They got shakes, drinks, slushes and burgers galore. There's a Sonic where you live, so go there now. And we go to this.....)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Hope your seatbelts were fastened, because we about to take you on a ride through GSN. It's the blog voodoo that we do so well, and we'll start with.....

The Starting Line.
August is about a month & a week away. 2 shows will come your way. One will be on August 6th, but I'll save it until the end of the segment. The other game will be on August 12th and that's Idiotest.

In Idiotest, two pairs of contestants the opportunity to face off in several rounds of rapid-fire questions whose answers any "idiot" should know: Every question involves a fun, colorful and often whimsical scene that tests observation and attention to detail as much it tests general knowledge. Contestants play the game on a giant touch screen in the center of the set.

That'll be fun. But on August 6th.....

(song stops)

Yep. Skin Wars. Disaster you'll bring.

Now a segment that has a perk of a cheerleader and a body of a person who just woke up. It's the Yay & Yawn of June.

The Yay: Door 3 favorite SoundproofLiz moves from Austin to LA. Yep. It's true. She did "The Game Show Show" and #gameshow. That's game for you, huh? Oh BTW, she even visited the GSN offices. And it segues it between that & The Yawn for....

IN A SNAP! Flasher became her photo buddy and here's the proof:

Let's hope it'll be a jumpstart on Liz's career.

The Yawn: ITAC's thinking it's not going to work and Bible sinking fast. Are they tired of Thursdays or what?

Up next, schedule chanhging of the guard and the Daytime Emmys. Did they like it or not? Find out why after the break.

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)

Oh look, you just came back. Now that you cooked Chef Boyardee in the microwave and some Vanilla Coke to wash it down with, let's talk about.....

The Daytime Emmy Awards. The spectale of who's who and what's what in the world of daytime television. A star-studded gala never to be missed. and this past week was no exception. Kathy Griffin was the host and The Chase and Bible were up for Outstanding Game Show. Meanwhile, Jeff Foxworthy was ready to win Game show Host. All they got was....

(switches track)

Zippo. They got shutout big time. On the bright side of things, Steve Harvey, the man know got an award for hosting this 500-lb survey monster and Jeopardy!, which needs to be back on GSN pretty soon got the Game show nod as well all in part to Julia Collins' amazing run. But.....was this an award show or a disaster? It's a new segment we call.......

Investigation Unknown.

For the first time in 30 years, the Emmys have not had a TV home. HLN was the last outlet to broadcast it and now it's the internet to do it. We'll get to why GSN didn't win in a moment, but as for the red carpet itself.....

Seeing red?

It was like watching a MOAM marathon for 48 hours. You read it yourself by clicking on the link, but as for the show.....

Kathy cursed up a storm and the only no-shows were......Steve! Why? Either he was doing his talk show or going on vacay. Others were Katie Couric, formerly of "The Today Show," Dr Memhet OZ and Ellen Degeneres.

Daytime Disaster

The Washington Post gave a play-by-play of the ceremony itself, but our GTK Know-It-All Awards haven't had any of that the past 2 years and this year, we promise to do more of the same with bad jokes & puns, musical guests and awards to shows & hosts that defined what the network was in 2014. So be on guard for it.

(song stops)

With so many schedule changes, I thought why not have a title? I said sure, and we call it.....House cleaning. If we could get any music for it?

Thanks for that.  First off......

Weekday daytime changes: 3-6pm, effective June 23rd
*Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air at 3pm and 3:30pm; replacing syndicated Deal or No Deal.
*The syndicated version of Deal or No Deal will air at 4pm and 4:30pm; replacing Shop 'Til You Drop
*Shop 'Til You Drop will air at 5pm and 5:30pm; replacing The Newlywed Game.
*American Bible Challenge will still rerun Thursdays 4-6pm

Latenight changes, effective June 23rd
*Mind of a Man picks up the 2am hour every night; replacing Steve Harvey's Family Feud
*Mind of a Man remains in the 1am hour Wednesday and Friday latenights
*Mind of a Man remains in the 3am hour Tuesday latenights
More MOAM when you can't go to sleep at night. But Harvey Feud in the afternoon? This is the second time it has happened. How long will it last? As ofr Chase, it aired on 6/24, from 7-9 as of this week. Hope season 3 will be in the balance.

(song stops)

And let's end it with.....

Carni-Poll. Grab your baseballs and aim at these answers.

Which show should have won Outstanding Game Show at the Daytime Emmys?

50% thought Jeopardy! was the one, 34% thought a GSN show was the one and 15% say anything else. The reason why GSN didn't win was because it's been not having much variety as of now. Come August, things will change.

Who is the best game show host for their CURRENT game show?

37% say it's GSN's favorite ratings dominator while Jeff Foxworthy drops to 3rd place with just 16% glad they like Steve, don't they?

Should 'American Bible Challenge' have a fourth season?

56% say they should stay where it is, but 21% want it with a different look, and 21% want it with a different host. Hmmmm. That figures.

Will you watch 'Idiotest' August 12th?

Too close to call it, 53% say they can and 46% don't want to. And finally.....

Will you watch 'Skin Wars' August 6th?
90% say oh heck no! Can you say......cancelled?
(song stops)
Now the 2nd intermission presented by Earlier, Soundproof Liz was the Yay of June and here's her story. Roll it, Sinema!
Thanks Lizzy! And now, in its 3rd consecutive year........



We now track the ups & downs of 2014 so far. First off, the successors......
The Chase takes away the top spot for some weeks during the 2nd season and GSN paid tribute to Jim Langs by showing Dating Game reruns. Idiotest got the nod to go on GSN and the 3rd seaosn of Bible and ITAC made their debuts among other things. As for failure city......
MOAM sunk in ratings, ITAC's critisim among viewers, lack of classics......yet again, lots of morning & afternoon shifting, Engvall lingo and 1 vs. 100 (inaba) return to the scene and.....Son Of The Bronx's blogspot page is history. Shall I compare to grade the papers?
It's a D+. GSN can do better than that the last 6 months of teh year. Skin Wars could be a distraction to some.
Let's leave it at that.  Today's blog is brought to you by ramen noodles. It's actually good for you and it only costs less than a dollar.
Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We'll see you later and play on, playas.


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