May day! May Day!

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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most entertained and informed blog in the United States of America. Now, from the Wilton-North building, give it up for the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Just me and only me doing my thing, ready to talk GSN with you. First period underway, Hilty, hailstorm us.

Family Feud went from 1-7, but Catch 21 took in 8th while Feud rounded the list out. Now we get those all wet.

MOAM was sandwiched between 2 Pyramid programs, was the meat in between DED and Match Game and again in single between P+ and Match Game. First period over, clear up Hilty.

Coming right on up, GSN in May and a new way to see the credits. Hang around guys.
(Song fades out)
(Quick fade out)

Back once again and May looks to be a good month any way you look at it.

First off, May 14th will have the last MOAM out of the schedule once and forever. This was in part to the ratings that sank since the show went on the air in January. Next, It Takes a Church will air on June 5th, that's June 5th, people,  but something came in the distance.....

Season 3 of Bible comes at you May 22nd. We hope it'll keep the gravy train a-rolling.

Weight a Minute.....

The casting couches seemed to have move in like a furniture store. First off, Heavy Betters, a show from the upfronts will cast fat guys & girls.....


While App Wars casts those who wish to make your ideas come true on any mobile device or Facebook. Or both.

Kids, guess what time it is?

The GSN Closet. Time for fans to sneeze up like an allergy and let the secrets out.

(song stops)

Ok, let's do the 2nd intermission presented by Ginger & Tonic have done it again. What did they come up with this time?

That was funky. Now to the 3rd period.

The credit crunch got on people's nerves. That includes everyone. These days, it's all split-screen. WHat the heck does it mean? Well, you get to see the names of the people who worked on the Lane version of Chain Reaction including Jennifer Kelly who also produced Studio & for The CW.  By morning, you get to see the fee plugs and the Reg Grundy logo at the end of every $ale and teh Fremantle logo. Also, when Harvey Feud goes off teh air, no credits. What is going on here? To make you realize, Harvey Feud has a lack of credits, so the network decided to ditch it and air the next one at the top after Harvey says goodbye. Ironic twist, isn't it? But this could be a change for years to come.

And that puts a stop to it. Today's blog is brought to you by all-marshmallow cereal. It may be crunchy, but when you add milk, it's still crunchy.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We'll see you later and play on, playas.


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