Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Overtime #7: Mindless Behavior

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Hey kids. 2014 means it is a new year, so we have our first overtime of the year. This month: MOAM going downhill. Recently, the show went through a time change. Since its debut last month, the shoe crashed and burned in the ratings, so we have 5 Who's to the downfall.

1: Who came up with this host?
Deray Davis wanted it to be a good host, but he's acting like your buddy at the bar next to you. I'm guessing his show may be a future through his career.

2: Who came up with this talent?

Alonzo Bodden, Skylar Stone Toccara and more have all stopped by to help out the funny, but ir dragged out seconds of gameplay into the fold. Keep the jokes aside for one person, people.

3: Who reduced it to 2 shows a week?

Premiere week came and 4 shows was going to be a good week, but 2 shows was killing and dragging viewers to slip out of contention. Maybe 4 should've done it at all after the premiere week.

4: Who came up with the High/Five round?

The Men's High/Five round was the deciding factor and that made it pointless to watch. They should've dumped it for the VIP question worth more money to decide a winner. That would've made sense.

5: Who moved it to 10/9 central?

I don't know. Because they wanted it to make it more to the late night people than prime people. If it works, it'll turn things around, but it is too late now.

Kids, we are done with Overtime. Tune in next month for what GSN will have. Play on, playas.

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