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(Hey ladies, your man loves you, so love him back with Sherri's Berries. Here's a good deal for you: $20 for strawberries if you google the company right now if you mention my blog. That's all I know. for more. Hope I finally got that right after 2 weeks of not correcting it. On with the blog.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Hello folks, it's your pilot Pierre Kelly navigating the ship on a preview to what would be spring for most of us. a few weeks of cold weather left to wonder what could GSN do for spring? We'll examine it as the weeks roll on. Right now, 2 weeks of February left and Hilty is here to give it a candy crush. Period 1, right now.
The Chase once again hit the top slot to end the 2nd season and Feud rankled in 2-4. DOND bounced up to 5, and after 2 Feud shows, Catch 21 rounded out the list. There's the sweet for you, what about the sour?
Match Game kicked it off, DED was next, MOAM went ahead and The Pyramid was parted in between MOAM. Another Match game sandwiched Pyramid and more Mind rounded it out. There's the first period. Let's turn off the mixer.
Just ahead, more bad news for MOAM and another salute to a shortie. Please stay where you are.

(song fades out)

(quick fade out)

Back to the show and syndie DOND returns for the first time in about.....oh, 2 years, give or take. The run will last through 3/13 to 3/21 every single weekday at 3/2c.

Even more bad news for MOAM. The network took a chainsaw and slashed out to 20 slots. As for it's time slot, Feud will replace it and move it to 9pm central time. Here's hoping it'll get the WTH? award this year if they keep this up.

Think it over too, girl.....

Think Like a Man in theaters was so successful, Steve Harvey decide to go for broke by.....doing a sequel. I'll let you see the trailer yourself.

Coffee Break, boys....

Now then, according to GSNN's BlogSpot page, it's pretty hard to acquire a new season of Feud. Why? It's can get more expensive. Look at it. Last year, Feud dominated every single chart in a chain line of shows from 1 to past 20. Nowadays, shows like Chase & Catch 21 try to shorten it once and for all. and with over 60 shows Harvey put on the schedule, too much is STILL too much.

Okay, it's 2nd intermission time presented by Lindsey stirling Appreciation Month continues with a visit from Mrs. Chrissy Teigen herself......

And the 3rd period starts.

Another shortie as the month continues is Hold Everything! Yes, Hold Everything! Barry & Enright took what Candid Camera and later Punk'd did for a game show. The host: Pat "I destroyed the Card Sharks image the next decade" Bullard with the weird hairstyle. I can't even explain why the hairstylist wanted to show the audience this, but as for the game, 3 stars try to predict the outcome of situations for cash. Whoever is ahead when it was all said & done got $1000 for charity and later, scoring was changed to $100 per point after Bruce "I used to be married to a Kardashian" Jenner had a scoring goof. I guess you could say the format didn't work despite the fact that it was only 1990 when syndication was done for the season until September, but Hidden Agenda......that's another story.

And it's over. Today's blog was brought to you by Olympians who retire. They need money when they decide it's all over by getting a job. Why not them now?

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We'll see you later and play on, playas.


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