Friday, August 30, 2013

GTK Overtime #3: A bald-headed deer in headlights stare

It's about time for Overtime. More stuff about GSN to get your weekend going and end the month in a happy way. Today's Overtime features a king of comedy. The man who destroys the ratings book week after week after week. I'm talking about Steve Harvey and his show Family Feud. He turned the franchise around after disasterous, well, not exactly that, seasons with O'Hurley and Karn. What makes you think that Steve Harvey made a classic show like this? I put together 5 moments of his tenture so far. If there's more in there, you let me know and we'll work things out. For right now, we begin with number 5.

We all like to pass the puck in hockey, or a hot potato at a birthday party, but there's something you'd like to pass....

Number 4. Is Pork considered meat or an animal that comes after something you can't touch? Evidence:

On to 3. Besides reading or playing around with an Ipad in bed, here's this....

2 remain. One moment has this for target practice.
(current plinko harp strum)
And the final moment belongs to..........
Another Overtime in the books. Tune in next week for another dose of what GSN is doing when no one is looking. Until then, play on playas.

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