GTK Overtime #5: The dislike button

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now is Pierre Kelly.

Me: Hi everyone, when I posted about why some people hated GSN, it set off a firestorm for the first time in our 3-period era, but of all time as well. Because you are so nice to me, I will give you 3 more things you somewhat dislike about the network. And here we go.

1. Lack of variety

The GSN Fb page gave us a pop quiz question for all to ponder.....

A. Trivia (The Chase usa, The American Bible Challenge, etc.)
B. Survey (Family Feud, etc. )
C. Action (Minute to Win It, etc.)
D. Other

Whoa there, GSN had variety back then. If you chose A, they had Tic Tac dough, The Joker's Wild and Blockbusters. For B: Play The Percentages was one of them back then. C: Beat The Clock and Cram were piped in.  If you chose d: They would've said all of the above to go with it. Nowadays, it not much classic stuff with 3/4 modern thrown in. Can you be like it was back then, network people?

2. No interactive play-at-home stuff.

Where is Playmania? Where is GSN Live? For both, it was good shows, but they slashed them both for internet work. In short, any game you would play on I say we should bring them back.

3. Any classic not on GSN deserves to be on GSN.

I'm talking about Concentration (all versions), Name That Tune, High Rollers and anything else not on GSN over it's almost 19-year run. If you got the rights to it, you might as well ask them. Heck, TPIR hadn't been on since 2000 and we told you this before back then. If you want them all, tell GSN about it.

And with that, it's time to go. See you next week as we close out October with more things to learn about the network. Until then, play on, playas.


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