Friday, September 27, 2013

GTK Overtime #4: Wait just a second....

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now is Pierre Kelly.

Me: Hey everyone. It's overtime. A build up to the weekend and a bright spot to end the month. The new Minute to Win It recently shrinked to one airing starting next week. How did they make a show go bad. Here are 5 things why the show isn't getting along.

1. Who picked Apolo?
The NBC version had a chef. GSN wanted an athelete. Why him? Because he didn't feel over the top and thinks he's the one who meets people you don't know at a party. His DWTS success should've made him feel on the peacock network, but instead ended up on the network for games. Here are some other possible candidates had Apolo not hosted.

-Missy Franklin, swimmer
-Aly Raisman, Gymnast
-Picabo Street, Skier
-Shaun White, snowboarder

They can have his job, but not Apolo. He made himself a ringmaster and that brings us to.....

2. That Darn catchphrase.
The saying "Every....Second....Counts" prior to a start of a stunt definitely gets on your nerves every.....single....time. It's so annoying than what Carrie Ann did on 1 vs. 100. Even my friend David Downs can't stand the tension, so he decides not to watch it anymore.

3. Tuesdays are #Apolidays, but what about Sundays?
Having a show on opposite "The Chase" when the latter arrived made viewers tune in to something else. It looked as if the #Apoliday thing wasn't working out. If they were to move it to Sundays, it would've worked the whole thing out. I mean, Sundays are a good day and speaking of Tuesdays.....

4. 2 new shows is an eternity.
Out of 40 programs in its first season, they showed 2 new shows a week. If you put it that way, it takes up 3/4 of the entire calendar year. Well not exactly. Over 20 shows were aired so far and with less than 20 to go with the new one-a-week plan, I may predict it'll get sent to the weekend graveyard.

5. 2012 Pyramid syndrome.
Last year, a new version of "The Pyramid" felt viewers trapped in the 80's and went away after 1 season. This year, they felt trapped in the NBC version and with a source telling them to shut the whole thing down, there's no denying that a track record with remakes of popular NBC shows can't hold a candle to their original versions.

That'll put the brakes on Overtime. Next week, we begin a new month of GSN The Know for you. So until then, Play on playas.

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