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VO: Hey. You. Put your snacks down, because you're about to see the best game show blog in town. It's a rant. Because from the Wilton-North building, if you don't like it, we'll put a plunger to your rear end, because it's....

GSN The Know, the blog that almost knows a lot about everything. Here is Pierre Kelly.

Me: Welcome back to the blog that's so nasty & mean, you'll actually be escorted to a laundromat afterwards. Big blog today, 1st period about to go, so let me stick the quarters in Hilty and we'll add washing powder for the July-August transition week.

Fifth Grader finally took up the top spot, with Feud leading on 2-5. 6th, however was Sherriwed tied with Feud and the latter rounded out the list. Now we leave these out to dry:

Tied for 238th place, 100K pyramid and Match Game kicked off the list, in a moldy sandwich with Super Password. P+ and Baggage came in, followed by MG and Super in another moldy sandwich and Super P with a twin killing of Match Game rounded it out. That's the ratings. Hilty, shrink in the off button, please.

After the break, Bible gets a new season. We'll tell you why and something's coming to Friday nights. I'll tell you what it is after the break. I advise you not to go away.

(song fades out)

And back again on this blog. As you may have guessed, TABC 3 is a renewal for the new season. Here's what they can expect from this season according to rumors.

Premiere Date: "In 2014" is the only thing official, but a premiere date is set for approximately the week of February 24-28 or March 3-7. These are the weeks following the Winter Olympics, which run from February 7-23.

I'm guessing the latter. Moving on.

Choir: There was uncertainty if a choir or live music would be a part of the third season. With the return of Kirk Franklin, the choir will still be there. Turns out, at this point, there will be less choir involvement and the songs will be tones down.

I may be guessing they want more Jeff and less Kirk like radio stations do with more music and less talk. Just look on your radio dial.

Stunts: They're gone. It was really unfair when a team knew a question but could not stack the bibles.

I'm guessing Minute to Win It was too much for Bible. It's back to season 1 after all.

Set changes will remain the same as far as we're concerned, but....

Tournament/Finale: The rerun track record for American Bible Challenge has been poor, especially following the December 23rd marathon. There may just be nine episodes, with the team winning $20,000 for their charity at the end of the episodes and then never appearing on the season again. The press release did not mention a $100,000 Grand Winner Prize for Season 3.

In other words, lesser reurns, more eyeballs. It may be planned, but we'll see in 2014.

Chain Reaction may have picked up steam, but the Friday Night block got GSN upset. SO what did they do to help? Well, they went into the tape library and pulled out "Baggage." So the week of August 12-18th, the Jerry SPringer hosted program will take over.....for now, at least. It performs poorly in the ratings, but it's just a program and I wished it would go away for now.

Also on Labor Day, Ohno's Minute will run from 7am to 5pm CST. Everything else will go as normal.  Finally, A GSN marathon we have to see after not having many on holidays. Isn't it about time they need more of this?

Finally, the Chase brought in big numbers thanks to a portion of this press release.....

August 7, 2013 (Santa Monica, CA) — A cumulative audience of nearly 1 million viewers tuned-in to back-to-back episodes of GSN’s highly anticipated new original series, THE CHASE. In addition, the 10PM episode of THE CHASE featured a team win of $180,000 – marking the highest amount won by contestants on one episode of a GSN original.

But it's not the highest money amount we know of, which brings us to our...
Fast Fact.
The largest money ever offered on a GSN original was $250,000. It was given away on a show called "American Dream Derby." It involved horse racing and ran only 1 season in 2004.

Now the 2nd intermission presented by and we continue Acoustic August with Allie Goertz alias Cossbysweater. Why her? Well, she writes songs about nerdy things. With her glasses and guitar, she has become a phenom ever since her firts youtube song "Comedians" hit the site. She's got a album out now on Itunes and here is one of her songs:

ANd because you paid attention, here's the 3rd period.

"The Chase' has become popluar than MTWI. Why the show? Well, it's because of Brooke Burns and Mark Labett. Brooke may have been done with game shows after "Hole In The Wall," but she came to GSN because of a pilot and this show. Why did GSN choose "The Beast?" Well, it's because the UK version had quizbrains and they found their answer. Apolo, on the other program gave out $10,000 an episode out of a possible $250,000 to teams. Keep in mind, there's only less than 30 shows left in the season. The Chase on the other hand if halfway home through the first season with a new season pretty soon. If the lucky streak keeps up, then we'll continue to make it a Tuesday tradition.

Time to make a split. Today's blog is presented by Apoloday. Make every day Apoloday with Apolo Anton Ohno doing things in under a minute.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We leave you now with Allie Goertz and this hit song. Play on, playas.


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