Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Classical Gas Station

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VO: If this intro could mean one thing, then you'll read about....

-The Ratings......

-Where Kelly Goode is Today.....

-And why classics are coming to a halt? Yes, from the Wilton-North building where every day is Comic-Con day, it's.....

GSN The Know, the blog that almost knows a lot about everything. Here is Pierre Kelly.

Me: Welcome back to the nerd cabaret of game shows. Have we got a good one for you today and the ratings report is in progress, so Hilty.....sing to the people.

For the first week of June, Fifth Grader returned to top 10 form by taking it to the top, following that was Feud from 2-10. Now the tuneless people.....

Match Game came in first, followed by Whammy! and then Baggage and teh 2012 Pyramid. Baggage was the bottom of a sandwich with $ale and DED, while P+ parted the sea with Match Game. That  ends the first. Time for Hilty to tune out.

That sends us to a commerical, but when we return, Apolo on cable and Kelly Goode doing cable....on another network. That'll be after this frappuchino break.

(song fades out)

(song fades out)
We're back and gets the 2nd underway. Hey, remember Kelly Goode, the one who locked all teh B&E classics in teh closet as of 2009 before Amy Introcaso Davis came in to replace her in 2011?

Well, she joins ABC Family as Veep of original programming. We hope she'll do well. As for her resume, she was the force behind Sherriwed, Engvall's Lingo, Love Triangle and The American Bible Challenge when it was devleoped during her time there.

Some more cable hopping thanks to "Home & Family." Once an old show from back in the day on ABC Family, it's now resufaced again thanks to Hallmark Channel. Apolo Anton Ohno stopped by and here was proof:

AN article in teh Toledo Free Press talks about "The Chase" and bits & pieces were taking from teh article to Scriptor for detail. Here's the first piece:

"Things were better over on the cable staple Game Show Network, where the channel came loaded with reruns of classic programs, which by and large were just as fun to watch as they ever were. “Password,” “Match Game,” “Press Your Luck,” “The Price is Right,” “The $100,000 Pyramid” and on and on;"

You see, GSN was way cool back in the day, and that faithful day at my cousin's house changed the way I watched TV forever. It continues....

...not to mention a slew of lesser-known titles and original programming which was actually interesting, with games like “Russian Roulette,” “Friend or Foe,” the original “Lingo” and the underrated “Cram.”

And it was interesting throughout the years from the somewhat good to the awfully bad, and by bad, I meant Love Triangle, Late Night Liars, Family Trade and so forth. Keeping things going....

Things are even worse over on GSN...

But it's not going to be once "The Chase" hits the airwaves. Oh, and Bible Challenge was of course, the saving grace of the network. Continuing....

...all the classic games get confined to a block in the morning hours, while prime time is dedicated to nearly endless reruns of the modern “Family Feud” (and hey, I love Steve Harvey, but 40 showings a week or so may be overkill).

Correct us If I'm wrong or not, but we got Chain Reaction on Mondays, Mintue on Tuesdays, Sherriwed on Thursdays and Baggage on Fridays. Got a problem with that? How about one more?

"The channel’s original programming is basically limited to a reboot of “Minute to Win It” and “The American Bible Challenge,” which may be an uplifting experience for the faithful, but at its core is pretty lousy as a game show."


Bible is by far not a lousy agme show. It's a very positive, very driven, very family show. If you think seeing a biblical game show is nothing but fun, I suggest you watch that. Alright, enough of that mess, let's get into the 2nd intermission and has the sponsor. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of going into Java Cabana to see a group called Summerglen. Don't know who they are? Well, they're a trombone and marimba duo and they're the only ones who do so. Here's one of their songs. Consider this as yoru lullaby.

Wake up! It's the third period.

As of today, we got 4 hours of classics on teh schedule, and it does not include Karn Feud at high noon eastern time. Does this mean the end of clasics on GSN? Probably not. They already got rid of Clark Pyramids to cut down on rerun abuse. Now all we got is 2012 Pyramid and nothing else. We still have $ale, Match Game and Password Plus. Why is Karn Feud not a classic? Well, Family Feud was around in 1999 when Louie Anderson hosted the revival when it first got started, so Karn was what GSN acquired so far. Whammy! may be a classic, but it was 11 years ago when it first hit the airwaves. Why can't classics have an audience? I'm talking about the ones who used to watch Card Sharks, Beat The Clock, Tattletales, Trivia Trap and Now You see It among others. They think it's older skewing for a network. Otherwise, it's just a stale network running leases around here. So to answer to that question, the classics are not dead.....yet.

Either Summerglen's trombone player is looking at me or it's time to go. Anyways, this blog is presented by.....Scriptor. He takes the pages so you don't have to.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We'll see you later and play on, playas.

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