Friday, June 28, 2013

GTK Overtime #1: Survive and Advance

Hey there everybody, welcome to GSN The Know Overtime. More about the network you trusted for years in a little to-do list I've complied for you. Basically, every 4th....sometimes 5th Friday, we'll put one subject and give you 5 reasons in the most amazing-est day of teh week. This month, GSN for the past 18 years have done game shows past & present. Recently, it's more present than the past, so with that, I've brought the big trusty whiteboard and give you 5 things on why GSN survives. COMe with me.

(song fades out)

1. Old School in the morning can't sell you an audience, but it can give you a lesson in game shows.

In the beginning, December 1994 to be exact, God,er, Sony created GSN and it was fact it was excellent. So many classics to be had, but by the time the 2010s rolled around, it was eliminated one by one leaving the mornings and weekend mornings. These days, classics couldn't make an audience go wild when it come to teh ratings every weekend, but than can still give you more fan interest when new epsidoes come in. Back then, it had the freedom of playing it all the way through in one run. Nowdays, they chunk up a portion of the run in order to save money. Why? It's the network, that's all. But Youtube is the only thing to see the shows GSN hasn't aired.....yet. If you want to know why they save money, keep it to yourself.

2. If an original can't do it's business, there's always late night.

Take "The Pyramid" for instance, it didn't do too well in a timeslot where local newscasts air and teh fact that it resembles the old Clark versions. Recently, it airs at 2 am in the morning. That's right. 2 am on Sunday mornings to be exact. All 40 shows on a late night timeslot. In fact, it added an afternoon timeslot, too. Why that move? Well, if it had aired at 7pm....or 8.....or's just a different story. If anything past 10 years was to why you see Whammy! in a morning timeslot, then you've seen those before.

3. Endless repeats of Primetime stuff

One thing GSN survived is the endless loop of short-lived and monster hit shows and reivials. From IGAS in 1972 to Million Dollar Password, it gained an audience and made the network its own. Evenly so, MTWI with Guy Fieri was a top 10 hit, but lost steam when they got tired of it. Heck, DED was popular the first time it came, but they got tired of it. Why Primetime stuff? Well, Oh Sit! may be next on the list as does Don't Forget The Lyrics!, but they can't as long as music clearances try to get it right. So it'll be DOND and 1 vs. 100 for you.

4. Advertising somewhere else CAN make an audience.

When TABC first came about, CNN, magazine ads and the ones on fast food chains attracted an audience. Yet, they never gained a compromise as to why this show was a hit. WHen The Pyramid was reviewed on Entertainment Weekly prior to its premiere date. Minute to Win It's new version got on Youtube in its advertising when you wanted to watch a video. What else could they advertise for future projects? On your forehead? On bus stations everywhere? At your neighbor's house? Well, neither can't sell you advertising, but TV can.

And finally.....

5. Feud outsells anybody, period.

When Family Feud first came into the network, it was just another show. 18 years later, it shot itself in the neck to the top of the charts. Matter of fact, it almost snacthed up the whole top 10 every week, in fact it can go into 15 or 20, but the reason GSN survives on Feud......2 things: Steve Harvey and nights to sell an audience. See, Family Feud's most recent incarnation came in 1999, but they decided to go with Karn in 2002 and since then, they made the network their flagship series. Is enough really enough for the network? Probably not.

That does it for overtime. We'll return Wednesday with a new GTK blog for you.  Until then, play on playas.

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