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(Boys & girls, children of all ages, you've waited long enough for it and here it is. The new 3-period format I was talking to you guys about and it'll come momentarily, because each month, I start out by introducing a sponsor I like and to begin with, it's Think GSN bores you to death? Try out thiswebsite done by a Wisconsin couple. They make it less stressful and more fun for you. Plus, artwork done by Jason Kotecki himself, so go to after you read this....)

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All the ratings you have and wanted......

How long will we wait for Bible?......

and....Why the New Minute To Win It may suceed......and not fail.....yes, from the Wilton-North building where a dream is a wish your heart makes, it's.....

GSN The Know, the blog that almost knows a lot about everything. Here is Pierre Kelly.

Me: Welcome back to the blog that's part of your world, but part of me says I have to date a hipster mermaid and we're here in a brand spanking new studio in a building somewhere in town. Very quiet at the least, but it's always loud in the offices with top 40 music blaring on radios, becuase we're always busy with stories you want to know. All my robot friends are still here, including Hilty who'll kick off the first period in the new building. Hilty, go ahead.

TABC's season finale went back on top at numbero uno, while Feud filled out the rest of the list. Now on to those basement dwellers.

PYL kicked it off first, while Baggage was in a sandwich with DED and 2 Harvey Feuds. After another Harvey Feud, Whammy! was in a sandwich with Match Game and Password Plus rounded out the list. That's the first quarter. Hilty must now leave.

Coming up, a new season of Bible may be on the horizon, but where will it end up? The story after the break.

(song fades out)
(song fades out)

Welcome back everyone. On to the 2nd period.

The American Bible Challenge won't be back until.....2014. The 3rd season of the program will be on hold because the network is doing other things from the upfronts, including "It Takes a Church" and "The Chase." No word yet on when the audtions will be held.

Sticking with "The Chase," the show with Brooke Burns begins this Friday in Los Angeles for taping. The program will take 4 days to air all 8 episodes of the UK import.

And the Daytime emmys are out this month. For Game Show Host, Family Feud, Jeoprady! and Millionaire make the list, while for Game Show Host, Steve Harvey and Alex Trebek make the cut. Only game show cut out this year: Wheel of Fortune. Why is that? Well, Wheel is 30 years strong and TPIR won the most emmys during that time frame. The reason why Wheel got snubbed was because of dumb contestants. Maybe this would've got nominated......

See there?

Kirk Franklin on a morning radio show talked about why the LGBT lifestyle is just for sinners. He also said that the ones I mentioned are allowed to leave the lifestyle. This was from a Sirius/XM program "Sway In The Morning."

And finally, Bible's own Jeff Foxowrthy and Lingo's most recent Bill Engvall will lend their voices to a CMT cartoon called "Bounty Hunters." JP Williams and Jennifer Novak will produce the program. Prior to this, they produced 2 seasons of Bible.

ANd now the 2nd intermission presented by It's like halftime, but gives you a repreive. This week, I call out the texas duo of Michael Henry and Justin Robinett. It's hard to tell if they look like twin brothers or not, but they're students of Texas Tech University. Musicians in their own right, as well as part of their drumline during the college football season, they're forever known for their covers as well as their latest album "Harmonic Hyperbole." Here is one of them:

Way to go, you 2. Now the 3rd period.

Minute to win It is coming this month and to suceed, all we need is Apolo Anton Ohno. Need I say more? Well, I have more. The reason why the games are much the same as the NBC version is the fact that is may cater to a yound audience. The "Been there, wrecked that" routine held a candle to Pyramid and 1 vs. 100, but not Minute. It will never suffer. When the NBC version came to the network, it was once a top 10 hit. WHen the new version arrives, it'll have new stunts before you even know it. In fact, 250,000 will be the top prize. I'm thinking this show will perform well like Bible did.

And that puts the brakes on this blog. Today's post was brought to you by seconds. Because they count and you don't.

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