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(Hello my know-it-alls, this month's blog is presented by Think 104 slots of Feud is too much for you? Well, Kim & Jason have child-like activites to make you feel like a child again. So stop going to geek out on a Game Of Thrones marathon and head over to after you geek out on this.)

VO: Coming up next.....

All the ratings when Bible was gone for the season......

"The Chase" takes you there and what's it all about.....

And we go to the movies.....get your popcorn ready.....Yes, from the Wilton-North Building where it's just a little candy's......

GSN The Know, the blog that almost knows a lot about everything. Here is Pierre Kelly.

Me: Welcome back to the blog recommended by most dentists in waiting rooms all across the country. Big news for this blog: Over 10K views. That is stunning. It finally took us a year and a half to get to that milestone. Tell your friends and be invited to this blog so we can have 15K or 20K views quickly. Alright, Time for the blog. I've got the tools to take you to GSN school. Because you know the drill by now....

Okay okay, I get it. This may be worse than a root canal, but we have to press on. Here we go with the first period and Hilty will see you now.

Family Feud took up the first 7 slots, but Fifth Grader took 8th and Feud filled out the rest. Extracting the bottom 10.

2012 Pyramid was in a sandwich with MG and Baggage, while Whammy! split the sea of MG shows. Minute to Win it for the first time ever hit teh bottom 10, along with Password Plus and Dog Eat Dog. That ends the first. And Hilty must go get another patient.

Time to go on a soft food diet, but don't leave yet, because we'll get inside "The Chase" after I brush my teeth. Hang on.

(song fades out)

(song fades out)

Back again with Menchie's in the freezer and let's talk "The Chase" for a minute. As I promised you, there are pictures that my friend Snapper took and here they come.....

This looks much better than the Uk version, don't you agree?

But Hollywood Junket told you about what the rules are, because we're going.....

....Under The Sink. Gotta love that new theme tune.

According to teh article, players earn $5000 for every correct answer, but there could be even more cash wheter it's close to home or going for it. I'll let you read teh rest. Google up "THe Chase Hollywood Junket" and see if you like it.

Oh, and the network just started it's summer promotion. All you have to do is go to and you might win $50,000.

Speaking of $50,000, The Pyramid had the max amount a year ago, but one poster from The Game Show Forum wanted to make it an hour. Let's find out....What should've happened?

"A user proposed a format that could be used for Pyramid to make the show an hour long without playing two long, half-hour rounds each. The user states that there should be 4 rounds, 15 minutes each (with commercials). In round one, two new contestants. In round two, two new contestants. In round three, the winner of round one versus two. In round four, the winner of game 3 versus the defending champion."

Okay, but why did the 2012 version and the 2002 version not have one? I want to know.

Back to the Chase for a second and it's was suppoed to be August 15th, then it was pushed back to next week. Now it's pushed back to.....September 3rd according to Chad Mosher's twitter feed. I guess they wanted to broaden their horizons and make it a fall hit show.

Now to the 2nd intermission presented by I call your attention to Boyce Avenue. They consist of 3 brothers from Florida and are an independent band under their own label. Here is one of them.

Now we get to the 3rd period. Normally I rant on one topic, but there's this movie called "Now You See Me" which stars Morgan Freeman and Isla Fisher about Illusionists. It may be confusing with teh classic game show "Now You See It," but I took movie titles and applied them to GSN. This could be fun. BTW, if you have one, please do so at our GSN The Know FB group page.


GONE IN 60 SECONDS-Apolo Anton Ohno tries to do things in his life in 1 minute and finds out if he actually did it in time. Guy Fieri also stars as the dad.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS-Jeff Foxworthy portrays Moses in this Biblical classic. Musical Score by Kirk Franklin.

CHAIN REACTION-Dylan Lane is stuck on a chainlink fence and uses words to get them out. Based on the TV version.

But wait, it gets worse.....

MULTIPLICITY-Steve Harvey clones himself 104 times and becomes a newsmaker. May open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Then there's....

THE CRYING GAME-A GSN fan reacts as to why his favorite classic got reverted back to it's starting point. Title may change if the lease gets extended.

And for you old-schoolers out there.,,,

MONEY TRAIN-Corbin Bernsen conducts a train for those who aren't greedy.

And finally....

DROP DEAD GORGEOUS-Roger Lodge can't remember his gibberish girlfriend's name, so he drop letters to figure out who she is. Guest appearance by Mark L. Walberg.

Okay I'm done, J-Spizzle, hit the end music.

Today's blog was brought to you by "Now You See Me", in theatres now.....and by now, I mean RIGHT NOW!!!!!

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