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An unfunny thing happened on the way to the forums.....
(theme fades out)

This would definitely be the las time you'll hear that theme as we begin GSN The Know for this week. A lot on our plate today, so let's begin with the ratings. One person who thinks it's not the last time is Hilty. He kicks us off with the ratings:\

Feud took in the first 4, but Bible slipped into 5th place, however, the first one I mentioned took the rest of the list. Now the dumpster takers:

Harvey's Feud and Lingo were tied for 233rd, but $100k Pyramid, along with a double dose of Match Game, P+ were in a sandwich with Lingo. MG, 100K Pyramid and Baggage rounded out the list. That ends the first. Direct your attention to the exit.

It must be the end of May, so let's give our Yay & Yawn for today. The Yay: Wagner Warriors wining the American Bible Challenge. I guess bible bowls have paid their way in uh......uh.......chapters & verses. The Yawn: The Girls of Grace. In the finale, they get zippo in "The CHosen Three." yes, zippo. The City Takers paid attention to what took place when they saw the query. Extra Yay: Kari Jobe. Her team would've gone to the finals, but I'm just saying.

Now the 2nd presented by Next week, the blog will move to the Wilton North building. Why do you call it that? Well, in an old building on the west coast, it was home to the second FOX program ever aired when it was new at the time. It didn't last long as late night TV was bombarded by Carson and Letterman. 2 decades later, it'll be revamped for the all-new GSN The Know. New home, new format and same blog. In the meantime.....

One Chase host got the gig and it went to.....uh, drumroll.....

Brooke Burns.

Really? Seriously? Hold on a second, Brooke Burns of DED fame returning. Why did they pick her? Well, if the dating know what that title is, right.....did work out quickly, we would've had somebody else to take her place. The reason is they chose her based on past reruns of modern shows and I'm thinking this may or may not work out. Once August hits, you'll know when. But what in god's name happened to Matt Rogers of "Beat The Chefs?"

He's hosting the reality version of "Summer Camp." Camp Anawanna took it to a whole 'nother level. Meanwhile, "It Takes a Church" is now casting and yes, it may go in the way of Bible Challenge whether you like it or not. The app goes here:

And finally, Mr. Feud Steve Harvey is running a mentoring camp in Dallas. No dirty stuff necessary. With that, we split into halfitme. One last hit of 2003 for the month.

Let's step into our sponsor which is.....

Make opinions on surveys, play a lot of games and watch videos. Once that happens, make a fortune and spend it on something. Go there and make it rain virtual cash.

On to the 3rd and the GSN forums are going away like tickets to a Michael Henry/Justin Robinett sold out concert. Unless it's a samll venue. But one poster says:

"Honestly, I'll be looking forward to the change, if its perhaps, for the better, but I'm afraid in a way because I always come here first thing everyday, and throughout the day. I'm hoping the new community page will be easy to connect and play games with people still."

However, one poster mourned it:

"This is a sad day, indeed. Ten years of coming here, only to see the boards go buh bye. "

Yep yep, 10 long years. One poster also said:

"Man, just when I was getting back into GSN, the community, and whatnot...this sucks."
Me too. Maybe one poster said:

"I've really enjoyed the community and getting acquainted with fellow members. Were this feature cut, one couldn't help but interpret it as another of GSN's blatant, "in your/our face" moves, showing how very little the members mean to them. Most insulting is the fluffy lip service(I don't mean you Angel!) expressing the opposite.

The community is the one thing that keeps this site apart(above) from all the rest. I sincerely hope "they", the GSN powers that be, are being truthful about bringing the community back, improved or otherwise. If not, you might as well just step in line to oblivion."

You know what? I'll stop that and skip to the 4th quarter before I depress you all. We're at the tail end of the 2003 class reunion.

One show broke all of GSN's ratings record. One that will never be broken. The show: Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck scandal. Wait a second, you're thinking to yourself, it's a documentary? Yes, it is. It tells the story of a man named Michael Larsen who did something no other PYL contestant would do: Win $100,000 on teh classic 1980's version. How did this happen? They pieced it, analyzed it and......made it a hit documentary. After the doc, it exploded into a record high of more than 1 million viewers. Bible tried it with their premiere episodes for both seasons, but alas, it fell short. This proves that the documentary became affluent to the classic we all know and love.

With that, it'll be teh last time you'll hear the closing theme, because next week, the 13th floor of the WIlton North building will be the primary place for GSN The Know. Hope you join us. In the meantime and in between times.....

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We'll see you later and play on, playas.



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