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Don't let April O' Neill fool you......

(Before we begin this blog, Today is April Fools Day. I wanted to do something fun. It's called Spot The Mistake. Like they did on The Drew Carey Show, your job is to spot the mistake I made. You can do that by putting in the "Mail me, Please!" section of my blog, or on the group page. Got that? Then let's begin.)
(needle scracthes song)

Thanks, J-Spizzle. Welcome to GSN The Know. I'm Pierre Kelly and you're proud to be in our family. We got 4 pints for you, so let's start with the 1st glass of milk. Hilty?

Hmm, Hilty must've had a candy cigarette. Anyways...The American Bible Challenge took the top spot and Family Feud took 2-8, but in 9th, Fifth Grader went back into the countdown and the Harvey version of Feud rounded it out. Now the bottom 10.

Hmmm, he must've gone to Vegas. Anyhoodles.....

Family Feud and Password Plus were tied for 236th, but Whammy! and Family Trade were next to them. After 2 Feud shows, Baggage came next and after Card Sharks, Family Trade and Baggage were in a sandwich with Feud. That ends teh first grade. I'll shut Hilty off right away.

I'm Guessing Hilty must be sick. Get Well Hilty. On to WHale Mail.

Oh wait, that isn't Whaley, that's a coyote whale. With his bunch of idiots. ANyways, the letter reads:

"Well, it's actually reverting back to winter. Hell froze over. BIG TIME. SOTC acquired by GSN. OF course, people at GSF are beetching and moaning that it's from the "sad part" of the run towards the end, but who cares! SOTC on any tv screen is great! Wasn't it like 1996 the last time we saw it on USA?

Additional PYL and other is great news too. Now, just get some retro programming on past 1pm on the regulars. Not quite a 2008 dream schedule, but we are getting there!"

Well, Spring actually sprung one month too late and Sale actually came to GSN this week. We'll talk more about why it came to the network later on. Now to the 2nd semsester being powered by and the National Association of Survey Takers. Right now, when you sign up, you get special offers from Wendy's, Checkers, Dick's Sporting Goods and tickets to a future Family Feud taping in Atlanta. The National Association of Survey Takers. Because of what the survey says, it's what youu say.

Family Trade may be down & out, but it will be gone come APril 23rd. The fans agreed with them due to recent low ratings the past 2 weeks and has been blown away by the Bible Challenge.

Meanwhile, MTWI got a look at a new set. Flasher, our photo correspondent got a chance to snap this photo during break:

Looks much nicer than the NBC version, don't you agree? Meanwhile, Brooke Burns made a return to GSN, not in reurns obviously, but for a pilot that was shot entitled "Where Have You Been All of My Life?"

Silly, isn't it. Anyways, a spokesperson for the network put it this way. Scriptor?

You must've been on ICOPRO, haven't you? Anyways, it reads like this:

"It went well. [Brooke] Burns has incredible hosting talent and we'd like to see her willing to come back on GSN for this series or another project. We wish her the best of luck."

To put it in perspective, Brooke didn't want to do this anymore. If this would've gone to air, Kellie Pickler or Olivia Munn would've been the pick to do it. And because of APril 1st, let's play a game we call....

Fact or Fanatsy? So what if the schedule went like this?

8:00am: Match Game 90

8:30am: Match Game 98

9:00am: Whammy! (GSN) (2002-03)

9:30am: Temptation (Syndication) (2007)

10:00am Pyramid (Donny Osmond)

10:30am Pyramid (Donny Osmond)

11:00am: Million Dollar Password (CBS) (2008)

12:00pm: The Pyramid (GSN) (2012)

12:30pm: The Pyramid (GSN) (2012)

It would be 75%......

Fantasy. You can't just put Mike's Pyramid, MDP, Temptation, MG '98 and Whammy! on at the same time. Finally, Let's Ask America is up for a 2nd season, but the network is a future possibilty if....if......if........the good people at Scripps who made my hometown paper are a given. Okay then. Now on to recess. Please welcome Big Al and the Alligators of Pensacola, Fla.

ANd before we start the 3rd trimester, please write this down....

Not only you get to do things on here, but you get to order your 3-D goggles, because it's going.....3-D. That's right, 3-D. Hit up for more.

Family Trade. A show that got down many viewers since week 2 had fans complaining like this one....

"There's reality shows, and then there's faux-ality shows, like Operation Repo, Lizard Lick Towing, All Worked Up, etc...actors playing up completely contrived situations. There is nothing real about them. I suspect that shows like Pawn Stars or Storage Hunters fall into that category, where everything is made up, including the artifacts that purport to have historical significance or value."

Maybe ripoffs like that can make them ratings gold. FT turned it into dirt when it first got started. Next one.....

With 347k viewing Family Trade after TABC's 1.15 million and with it's Tuesday Numbers slipping.
GSN's sure way to salvage somewhat respectable ratings for this show: move it to Thursday's 8-9 thus creating 2 hour NEW original block.

Capital N, lowercase o. It wouldn't work. Next....

Family Trade is in no way a game show. GSN should not be airing it. I am also disappointed that GSN no longer has JEOPARDY - the best game show ever.

Maybe That and WOF should and may return. WHo knows? It may not definitely be from the past episodes as far as the viewers of this network are concerned. On to this....

"When reruns of Dog Eat Dog top this in ratings (I just am not a fan of that show ), it's time to fold the tent and call it a day. There's not much to suggest that they have any aces up their sleeve to improve upon what's been shown thus far IMO. "

COUnt that as a no. Last one....

"If poor ratings, why not go with the double NEW episodes on Tuesdays to get rid of the show quicker? The longer they stretch it out, the lower they go.
Decent show, wrong network."

See? Now to the 4th wheel.

WHen GSN came to be in 1994, Sale of the Century was not on the list. It was already on the USA network at the time. It seems that Scarbble and Sale was what the fans wanted, but many think it was too expensive and would never happen again. Than one day, the good friends at the network wanted something to scrape the dawson version of Feud off teh map by acquring 65 shows out of an entire run of Sale. When they became town criers to the story, the fans rejoiced as if PYL came to the network 10 years ago. This week, 8:30 am CST, it was served over that darn bully Matt Lauer and Today. How well will it do? You'll see why.

That's about it, folks. Next week, performer Melody Sweets will sing a medley of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hits. In the meantime, email me at coppockonsports@yahoo,com,, my street address, my twitter handle @Johnny_Arcade, My FB: Pierre Jason Kelly, smoke signals, the Pony express or morse code. Until then, play on, Russia!


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