Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cold harsh reality

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Now that we're all ready to go, GSN The Know is on. It's about time you stayed home and what the whole network, because freezing rain and sleet, sometimes snow where you live made you stay in and grab the Starbucks or hot coccoa with soup or chilli and watch from sunup to sundown. We got a hot blog all warmed up for you, so Hilty, start the first quarter for me, please......


Family Feud rang in the new year as if alarm clocks kept ringing with the first 17 on board, but what about the bottom 10 who kept their ears ringing? Let's find out.


100K Pyramid and DOND tied to start the list off, another DOND came and Family Feud filled in the slots with 100K Pyramid in a double decker sandwich between DOND and Password Plus. Yucky! That's the first quarter, Hilty to chill out now.


Now the second quarter and as promised, Family Trade and Bible Challenge will be on in March. Let's all....


Circle your Calendars.

First, Family Trade will be on March 5th, but for all you Bible Geeks out there, the challenge won't be until March 21st, which is 2 weeks later on a Thursday, teh most famous night to gather your families and watch. Hopefully it'll attract more eyeballs and there won't be any football to watch. Oh wait, the NCAA tourney. I won't talk about that, but let's keep on.....


Didn't you see the People's choice awards this past week? Well, Steve harvey did. The Bald-headed wonder got a 2nd season of his talk show and won a People's Choice award. Guess watching Family Feud pays off.

As if you didn't notice, Meredith Viera is leaving Millionaire this year after signed on as syndie host in 2002. Heck, it even was shown on GSN years ago. But there could be a possibilty that Regis may return to do the thing. WHo knows?


And finally, with my blog 1 year old, I ask you to vote as Best Game Show Fan site for the 2013 readers choice award. It pays to be rewarded....sometimes. Halftime is up now and with a new Miss America crowned, Ali Rogers of South Cacaklacking, er, Carolina, should've won the thing, but here's her talent to entertain you guys.

And the fun's not done. It's time for the 2nd half and we have a new sponsor to the blog.


It is Swagbucks. You sign up, you don't pay a darn thing, and you're in a world of earning dough. You can take surveys on this, you can play games on this, you could even have special offers. As if that wasn't enough, you can take social media to fruition and if you've got enough, you could cash in for some stuff. What have you got to lose? Go to the link I just show you, invite your friends and if you're lucky, you could score mega bucks. How easy is that? So hit up swagbucks.com and tell Pierre kelly sent me here. Alright on to the 3rd quarter, and with Drew Carey's show out of Fridays for good, the fans thought about it, starting with.....

"Paging Dan Patterson...

Seriously, I have no real problem with Baggage. Who knows, it may perform good on Friday nights. Only numbers will tell. Whose Line? though, looked more like a game show than any improv show. Improv-a-Bomba I knew would bomb in a few weeks after it debuted after I saw that first episode. I was right."

And they were right. next comment.....

"I didn't think Improv-a-Ganza was an embarrassment or a disaster. It's just that too many stretches of the show were pretty light on laughs. Which is a problem for an alleged comedy show."

That's what the problem was when it first aired 2 years ago. Why did they put it on teh last day of the work week? Anyways, on to......

"I miss Flashback Friday too, but we'll have to see down the road what's in store. I like -------'s idea as much as the next guy, but I couldn't see it happening without a picked show in a block."

I miss it, too. We move on to......

"Why they don't dust off Burt Luddin's Love Buffet is beyond me instead of the more trashy Baggage."

Huh? What? That's not going to happen. Trust me, it won't. Another Comment......

"Not a surprise that Improv is gone.. it was really stinking up the ratings there (Are we really THAT surprised?)"

ummmm......yes. As for Family trade, this does make sense.....

 "Family Trade is still lurking in the weeds, ready to horrify GSN viewers worse than any Improv-a-Ganza episode."

Somehow it could be in your driveway. Let's drive to teh 4th quarter.

GSN & reality shows don't go hand-in-hand unlike any couple at a mall somewhere. Just look around, you'll find them. But since the 2004 changeover when reality TV was on the fringe, (save that for Aussie import "Who Dares Wins" before that) Spy TV & Average Joe popped up out of nowhere. Even Kenny Vs. Spenny was actually a reality competition. GSN chose "The Amazing Race" over "Survivor" and recently, it popped up at 2, sometimes 1 in the morning. Last year, "Dancing With The Stars" came to the network and people clamored when it would go away or not. It did. With Family trade up in March, will that ever continue?


With that, it comes to an end. We want you to stay safe out there on the roads when it's icy wherever you are.

Remember to get into our FB group page and tell us about it. Tweet me @ Johnny_Arcade, friend me as Pierre Jason Kelly or email me at coppockonsports@yahoo.com and when I'm on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.

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