Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sex and romance month

It's the start of February!

Black History Month has begun....

Push the Fish's new album is released.....

And at GSN The Know, we kick off Sex and Romance month. That's right, every week in the 4th quarter, I'll rant about the sex and raunch of what GSN did and what needs to work....

Feb. 7th: The Lover's Lounge tribute
Feb. 14th: Newlyweds
Feb. 21st: Excess Baggage
Feb. 28th: That love triangle

Plus, as an added bonus, I'll have halftime videos from harpists Erika Kelly, Evangeline Hall and Erin Hill. So come have a romantic month celebrating GSN's romantic pasts and presents with sex and romance month. It'll make you kiss...and make up.

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