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Welcome, it's DWTS All-Stars season, and it's time to get our go go go go, go go go go, go go Gadget flow on. Today will mark the "Fan Of The Fourth Quarter" series. More on that later, but first, time to get the ratings and a brain called Hilty will get the motor running.

For the 5th time, Bible remained at the top spot and MTWI took the silver medal, but Feud notched up the rest of the top ten. Chefs crept back into the top 100, but it was too late. More on that in the 2nd quarter. Back to the 1st with the garbage du jour.

Whammy! was the big moldy sandwich to kick things off in between P+, DED and Feud. Another Whammy! was the double decker to Family Feud and P+. Time to end quarter one, Hilty should tell you when to leave and it will

Time for the second quarter. As you may or may not know, Beat The Chefs was dead after 4 episodes obviously, due to sinking ratings and getting bombarded by The American Bible Challenge. However, it's like Wyclef Jean, it's gone 'til November, but for now, the Pyramid will take the place of Chefs, with a couple of $100k Pyramids on Sunday. So enjoy a lit of Richards and a little Clark on the side. More news now:

Remember Bob & Marianne of GSN Radio? Well, they return to where they left off, but in the Natty. Can you tell they even had their own shows on the network together and separate? Well, good luck as I find it on my Tunein app.

Sticking with the Natty, Alex Trebek spent many summers there way before game show hosting.

Todd Newton of the now low-rated Whammy! reflects back on how we won an Emmy. Whammy! should've gotten nominated in the first place. And finally....

A family from Steeler Nation competes on the Feud in memory of a dead family member. Bittersweet, isn't it? Well, that ends the 2nd quarter and we move into halftime. Today's halftime performance is violinist
Lindsey Stirling, hip-op violinist. When you think of it by comparsion to Miri Ben-Ari, another hip-hop violinist, Lindsey has something that will mesmerize you. So watch and we'll see you in the second half.

And that dubstep violin takes us to quarter 3. As mentioned, Beat The Chefs is put off the shelf until November, so we ask teh fans what they thought. we start with:

'Look at the ratings, for GSN is didn't do that bad. Yes, it had a big drop after American Bible Challenge every week, but what...The Pyramid won't?

In fact, from week 3 (Sep. 6) to week 4 (Sep. 13), the audience for Beat the Chefs gained 10%."

The Pyramid is doing well, but Family feud is still the king when it comes to the network. next....

"I doubt it will keep all of American Bible Challenge's audience, but I could see it retaining considerably more of it than Chefs. I don't think that it would be unrealistic to expect 500K or even 600K numbers for Pyramid on Thursday night. The show did slightly better numbers than Beat the Chefs in the last reported week, in an earlier timeslot and without the benefit of a 900K+ lead-in. Also, unlike Chefs, it largely maintains its lead-in's audience, AND performs better in reruns if the Friday night numbers we saw are any indication."

In fact, Pyramid is doing well after Bible. Here's another one.

"I'd rather Beat the Clock over Beat the Chefs, IMO!"

Right, but bombardent from teh moderns would be a pain. MTWI would be the best bet yet. Next one....

You've got to consider this also. Beat the Chefs didn't do horrible in new runs. It's premiere episode was around 550K (great), the second week had a mid 300K number (still pretty good), the next week was 300K (OK number), and then the most recent week was 330K (better, 10% gain). That may be a huge dip after American Bible Challenge, but those numbers still show that 'Chefs' shouldn't be dumped completely from the network, considering it still has two or more new episodes to air.

"I'll admit it. GSN standards are higher now, with the 5th Grader, Minute to Win It and Harvey Feud acquisitions, plus the strong success of block scheduling since around April. 300K in primetime used to be good, and excellent anywhere else. Now in primetime, that is weak and for the rest of the schedule, it's just considered "good", depending exactly where you're talking about. Even The Pyramid isn't doing as well as the premiere week, dropping below 400K, but in my opinion, at least renewable.

GSN now doesn't mess around. It took them five months to get rid of Improv, two months to get rid of Dancing with the Stars after it was a "failed acquisition", and almost a year to get rid of 1 vs 100. Beat the Chefs getting W-I-P-E-D shocks me, where GSN spent the money on making the show, but then pulls it after four weeks of airtime."

To be fair, 2 weeks would've done it had the ratings sunk like a boat. Having weeks to get rid of it can be hard depending on the ratings report. Another one, please...

"The show had no play along factor and it was unfairly compared to the Bible Show in terms of ratings.
If they wanted to see how the show would have fared, schedule it on a different night and maybe a different timeslot."

Right, and Matt Rogers would've narrated the action to follow along for the viewers.

"As Nipsey Russell probably would have stated had he been alive today:

Is "Beat the Chefs" gone?
I didn't know it was on.
A show that should be sent to Mars,
Is that awful "Dancing with the Stars." "

Very funny. And now, it's time for....

The fan of the Fourth Quarter. As we enter the last quarter of play, it's a new feature where I introduce you, yes you, the GSN fan. This week, North Carolina native, founder of GSNN and WLTI's own, Dino "Chico" Alexander.
(song fades out0

I'm with Dino Alexander, one of GSNN's big men. I got 5 questions, so let us begin. First one, Did The American Bible Challenge do better than Beat The Chefs and if so, why?

Dino: ABC did much better than BTC and after three weeks, it continues to do so, ranking at the top I the charts. I think you can chalk that up to a) production standards, it's a solid game that's presented solidly, and b) it's a game that knows its audience and plays to it effectively. Nothing against Beat the Chefs, it could be a good show itself, but it's not as solid a product. ABC premiered to 1.7 million, then since leveled to around the million level. BTC launched to about 500,000, 600,000, and since dropped by half. That itself is a testament to the emphasis placed on production.

Second question, we've been informed that Baggage will temporarily, and if possible permantely replace Feud and MG at 8 am EST. Could this be the downfall of classics on the network?

Dino: You know, people have been trying to predict the downfall of classics since the beginning of time, and the fact of the matter is that they are still an integral part of the network. If they are phasing out of classics, they're moving at a turtle's pace about it. But as long as there is promising property to be acquired, GSN will go for it. Unfortunately that means that some of the lesser-performing shows will have to be phased out. Like the man said, "For every great game show that came along, another great game show had to end."

Third question, Is the new version of "The Pyramid" considered a hit?

Dino: I'd like to think so. It's certainly brought GSN an audience for its premiere shows, and hopefully that number will hold over the week. It's true that one show doesn't a hit or miss make, but the return shows some serious promise.

Forurth question, is there anything Beat The Chefs may improve on?

Dino: I don't know. I mean, one of the problems that I have with it is that it was over-long. If you've ever seen "The F Word", one of my favorite segments is the recipe challenge, and that lasts about 10, 15 minutes for cooking and about five for tasting. GSN took that concept and expanded it through two matches for an hour. That's a lot of stretching. It's one of those shows that works on Food Network, not necessarily on GSN.

Final question, if you could watch a classic from GSN's archives only to bring it back for today, what would it be and why?

Dino: Blockbusters. Definitely Blockbusters. And it's not just because it's one of my favorite series of all time, but Challenge (in the UK) brought it back this year and everything absolutely clicked with it. And I really see no reason as to why FremantleMedia couldn't give it a go here.

That's all 5. Dino, thanks for chatting with me today.

Dino: No problem. And if I may plug the WLTI Live podcast, it's at Good listen.

Well, time to hit the sack and nap to this cool fall weather. Thanks for sticking and staying with the blog.

Remember to get into our FB group page and tell us about it. Tweet me @ Johnny_Arcade, friend me as Pierre Jason Kelly or email me at and when I'm on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.


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