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Welcome to GSN The Know, let's jump right into it. Before we begin, I would like to dedicate this blog to Anthony Hardy. Last week, I listened to WUAG on the Tunein radio app on my iPod and all I heard was his comic voices and carnal knowledge. Now I get to spend every Friday night listening to "Captain's World." This one is for you, Anthony. Let's start the first quarter. Hilty, if you please.....

For the day of April 19th, Family Feud and an episode of Chain Reaction rounded out the top 5, the bottom 3 were Feud in the morning and Woolery's Lingo. Let's head into the rest of the week.

Once again, Family Feud dominated the top 10...almost with Fifth Grader taking the 2 and 4 spots. Now the bottom 10:

A tie between Jeopardy! and Lingo Kicks off the list along with the late night classics including the Password twins filling in the last 2. That's the first quarter. Time to hit off.

We begin the second quarter by saying goodbye to a creator.


This past week, we said goodbye to Bob Stewart, the father of the Pyramid.

Born Isidore Steinberg in Brooklyn, Stewart's big break came in 1956 when he joined Goodson-Todman. He developed The Price is Right, To Tell the Truth and Password for G-T before he left the organization in 1964.

By then, he became an independent producer creating such shows as "Chain Reaction," "Jackpot!," "Go," and more. He was one of the first game show producers to go green by recycling formats, theme songs and stars. He made the Pyramid what it is today. His son, Sande went into the business as well creating Hollywood Showdown for our network. Bob was 91 years old.

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Sticking with Bob's best known creation, Donnymid will air in place of the $25,000 Pyramid where it normally airs just for this week, but those watching Clark's Pyramid, you're not alone. Flashback Fridays will still continue to air classic Pyramid every week. That makes us wonder, where's the real Flashback Friday at? GSN, of you're reading this, bring back the classics we haven't seen in a while. Moving on..,..

An HBO show called "Girls" takes over "Baggage." how nice. Perhaps one day, you may see the entire cast of Mythbusters on Engvall's Lingo, Mike & Molly on Sherriwed and....don't hold your breath now.....Point of Grace on The American Bible Challenge going up against Flyleaf....it could happen.


Of new Trutv shows developing, DOND host Howie Mandel will create a game show entitled "Turbulance," which takes place in an airplane. What's next, a show that quizzes children inside a school bus? And finally....


Wink Martindale, my hometown guy who knows about X's, O's and...dragons is going into the TN radio hall of fame. Hooray for him. That ends the first half. We've reached halftime. For that, we pay homage to American Idol. The show launched a decade ago and Kelly Clarkson was it's first breakout star. Here is one of her hits:

Now we begin the second half. We head to the GSN Forum Palace for reactions for what I said in the 4th quarter starting with:

"I would certainly go for that, especially during bowling season when I'm not home on Friday evenings, and the real Press Your Luck would be a great program to include."

Of course, but one disagrees with PYL coming soon:

"Just sticking to the 4-hour block scheduling now I would bring back Card Sharks and air that Friday nights since it's nowhere else on the schedule, and maybe add a slot at 9:30am eventually. But that's only if they bring it back. I also don't expect PYL on GSN anytime soon."

Why? Rerunning the whole GSN cycle over again getting people on their nerves? We may soon see. However, having the entire run from 1983 to 1986 might cough up money to the network for seeing them all. Here's another one....

"Throwback Thursdays is a good idea.

How about this..."

6:00pm $25,000.00 Pyramid(another lease)
7:00pm Press Your Luck
8:00pm Match Game PM
9:00pm The Joker's Wild
10:00pm Blockbusters
11:00pm Tattletales
and 12:00am Card Sharks(another lease)

Dang. Your guess is as good as mine. However, I would have Tattletales and the Eubanks/Rafferty edition of Card Sharks squished together in the 11 Cst hour. Next up:

"Isn't this "Throwback Thursdays" just another excuse to move the low rated Friday block up a day? Kinda defeats the purpose since Friday and Saturday are lowest rated TV nights. Thursday is still somewhat substantial."

It would have tough competition against whatever's on TV especially NBC's "must see" lineup. Here's one:

"By the way, if you don't remember, GSN was trying different stuff back in August 2011 to replace Improv a Ganza and Love Triangle on GSN. They tried the Play It Back: 70's, 80's and 90's Game Shows documentaries too."

I was hoping for a 2000's version of the same docs we've seen last year. Come on Caroline Rhea, take me through it. One more:

"But as for oldies on Thursday, why would they get any better numbers than they get on Fridays? They would only face much tougher competition from the broadcast networks on Thursday. Frankly, folks around here should be happy if GSN doesn't put another night of Harvey Feud on Friday."

Maybe it'll be something like Whammy! Fridays or Lingo Fridays or whatever. Time to end the quarter and we begin the class of 2002 reunion with a show that started a future "Reality Remix" host:

Friend or foe? A 2002 show that showed Kennedy, a former MTV VJ her hosting prowess in addition to more work throughout the years. Here, players formed teams of 2 to answer trivia questions worth money. By the end of each round, they could end by....

                   Friend                     Foe
Friend          50%                        100%
Foe             100%                       0%

-Having 2 friends choose "Friend" and split the whole thing....
-Having 2 friends vote "Foe" and getting nothing at all....
-or having one player choose "Foe" and take the whole thing.

It's sorta like a game of "Rock, Paper or scissors ," but "Friend or Foe" proved that sometimes trust can be misleading.


Friends, Foes, Romans, and Countrymen, time for me to go. Next week we'll go through Russian Roulette. Be a friend of this blog by doing the following:

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