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Hello and this is GSN The Know, the blog that's less cringeworthy than Lana Del Rey on SNL. If you wanted to watch her sing 2 songs, but decided to see what's on GSN right now, here you are. I got Chris and Roxie producing this thing, E-Lo, getting the show together....

(Alicia brings in Rocket tots)

Oh, and Alicia, getting my food in check.

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As you know, we're in the Video Arcade Lounge, right across from a strip mall in the middle of nowhere on an outstretched highway in the USA. It's hard to find it on Mapquest, but easy to find it with a compass. We got a good one for you this week and Malcontent's back from a long vacation to give numbers for us, so let's start quarter #1 with the Ratings Report. Malcontent, go!

Taken from, Fifth Grader kicks off teh 2nd semeseter at the top and 3rd positions with Baggage in between the sandwich, and in a tie for 6th place for both. However, rerun abuse did help as Million Dollar Password took up the 9 spot to Family Feud in 10th place. The big surprise this week? Whammy! and Chuck's Lingo in the middle. Now the bottom 10:

Match game in the opening hours got them turning their dials to sports center and in between, Card Sharks mostly turned away from the oceans. That of course, is your Jan. 2-8 ratings report. malcontent, Leave.

(Malcontent leaves)

On to our poll....on a pole.

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Our question is: What was teh worst GSN overload of 2011? Results:

According to, 32% say it was Engvall's Lingo, 27% believe it was Improv-a-Gonzo with Drew Carey, and 18% tier between Baggage and Feud of teh 2000s and 4% believe it was the Newlywed Game. Not on the list: Love Triangle, DOND, Whammy! and all 4 classics. Sad, isn't it. Pole, come back up.

(pole comes back up)

and we end teh 1st quarter. Time for the 2nd quarter where we poen up the newsroom. In Match Game history, head coach Brian Billick wasn't the only sports person to appear on the show, per version, there's this story:

An ACC blog tells us that a Wake Forest basketball player by the name of Tim Stare was on the 1974 edition. His take: Zippo. Wow. How's that for you?

This is the week DWTS will come to GSN on Saturday, just to relive stars acting goofy on teh dance floor for a trophy, speculation says taht producers of the program had weak casting.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, DWTS will crank out more seasons. Who knows? GSN may acquire more of them.

And a quick note, there was no Catch 21 marathon last night, instead it was Engvall's Lingo. Bummer.

2nd quarter is over, Time for a video in honor of MLK Day which was yesterday.....

Time for the 3rd quarter. When DWTS was snatched by GSN, the media had a fenzy inclusding....this....

Even this ad i took a snap with my Ipad made sense, but many GSN fans didn't make sense to the news. That's why they took it somewhere else other than the GSN forums, like....

"The best channels for DWTS are Lifetime or Oxygen. When was the last time you heard a group of men talking about the show, really?"

That was from one Buzzerblogger. How about another one?

"Thanks, GSN…for giving me a reason to stick with Netflix!"

Yeah and Kinect and "Adventure Time" and whatever else is on there....another one, please....

"What’s really odd is that, very likely, they could’ve picked up an actual game show with the money they spent on this. I don’t pretend like I know the inner workings of the network, but something is missing there. Almost like they’re thinking “What can we do to get these pesky game shows off this channel?”, as ridiculous as that sounds."

And how? Spending it on something that didn't make sense.

"Given the "romance" kick GSN has been on (TNG, Baggage, Love Triangle), I'm surprised they didn't pick up "The Bachelor/ette" from ABC . . . wait, let me not give them ideas. With this acquisition, Tom Bergeron, Shandi Finnessey and John O'Hurley will be back on GSN (sort of). I suspect there will be the usual peak curiosity, then declining ratings with endless reruns. "

That came from a poster on this site:

And they weren't talking about it much. That ends quarter 3 and we head into the 4th quarter with this subject I'm about to talk:  Please Re-Lease me.

What is your favorite game show liek Tic Tac Dough or The Joker's Wild picked one season and rerun it to the ground? The asnwer here is leasing. Of 4 classics that air, each one shows 200-400 per cycle, meaning that GSN makes money off it it, but the problem is that money is tight around the GSN building and it's too expensive to convert older tapes into digital. So why are we stuck on Match Game? It's because we're in 1974-1975. Card Sharks? Both 1978 and 1986 respectively. Family Feud? 1980-1981. But any network original on the network leases 40 episodes the first season and some won't be sticking around come next season. But if they continue to lease the same things, will they tune out and let the network go bankrupt? Answer it yourself as 2012 rolls on.

You know what that song means? Either Lana Del Rey is singing somewhere or it's time for me to go. Thanks for particpiating. If you want to know more about what I said....

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