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GSN The Know: Sloppy Seconds
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Hello and Hi, I'm Pierre Kelly, this is GSN The Know, the place where you kno something abot GSN. You got CP3 and The Real Roxanne working with me....

(Alicia brings in Chilli and cheese soup and Sprite)

And let's not forget my lovely server, Alicia. Thank you girl.

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As you know, we're in the Video Arcade Lounge, right across from a strip mall in the middle of nowhere on an outstretched highway in the USA. And if you need directions....go find it, airhead! Anyhoodles, let's get going with the, Erin, my show runner says Malcontent could'nt make it today, because he may be too tired of GSN's sagging ratings, so until furthr notice, we like to fill teh 1st quarter with something we like to call: POLL....ON A POLE

(pole Lowers)

Here's the question: Will you be Watching DWTS on GSN this month? And the results are:


89% said no way, Jose while 11% want to test th waters in teh shark-infested ocean. We'll see how this goes once it coms on in 1 week from now. pole, come back up.

The pole is gone. Now we go to the 2nd quarter. It's time for News, Notes and Andedotes. If you read teh PDFs like I...don't, you know these things on Jan. 17th, The $25,000 Pyramid will air one time only for Bety White's birthday, Millionaire will replace Catch 21 and Lingo on Sundays, DWTS for it's first week will air from 6 to the time they turn it over to infomercials, and again all afternoon next weekend, and Carniewed or, The Newlywed Game witrh Carnie Wilson before SHerri Shepard will get Tuesdays. Interesting....move.

If you want, go to and look on the right side of the page and scroll all the way down for the updates. Sticking with Carnie Wilson, she has recently talked about weight gain and her stuggle to lose those pounds, but GSN and herself have settled a lawsuit.


You remember "Unstapled?" It was a reality show that only....5 people watched. Well, according to, she's owed nearly $300,000 in extra pay for work on her unscripted show "Unstapled." $300,000 bucks for costing extra? Hmmm, for what? I don't know. But in a future 1-minute warning, I'll tell you more on reality and GSN sticking together. Time now for a halftime video, but since I can't upload WIlson Phllips for youse guys, I'll give you a video from some friends of mine. They're restaurant workers who are into music and they're from Cordova, Tn. Please welcome Push The Fish.

We'll get to teh 3rd quarter in a minute, but I want to take time out for that video I gave you earlier. If you want to know more about the group, go to or follow themselves on twitter:

And their youtube page is:

And did I fail to mention their myspace page....Is myspace still alive?


Spead the word, tell your friends, but don't spread germs on your hands. And if you see them playing in the Orpheum Theater or the Apollo Theater in Harlem, tell them GSN The Know sent you. Now on to he 3rd quarter and I have a picket sign that says "Occupy DWTS," because DWTS is coming in 1 week from now, and here's the buzz about it. From one poster:

"Watching DWTS is even less interesting than having root canal (and more painful)."
And here's another:
"No, I will NOT be watching Dancing with the Stars. Instead, I will be Dancing Through The Channels to find something else interesting to watch.
Seriously though, I'll just turn off the TV entirely. I will occupy my free time by playing Cities XL 2012 on my computer, and building up a city amongst beautiful graphics and realistic background scenery. This calm, non-violent and non-sexually-suggestive computer game will help to lower my blood pressure from dealing with the anger GSN has inflicted upon me for continually deciding to ruin their network with poor program acquisitions and bad scheduling decisions. "

But wait, there's more:

"Dancing With The Stars will never be a game show, I want old game shows instead. "

And that came from a thread where a petition was signed to go against DWTS on GSN, and I signed my Magna-Doodle then and there but some against it are already jumping on the bandwagon. Here's one:

"I am upset about the acquisition, since the money could have been spent in acquiring several game shows, old and newer, and creating new game show projects for the network. Putting all of their eggs in one basket will cause the same problem they had last year with Improv-a-junk. They didn't learn from that mistake, and it's really frustrating to me! Every year they make atleast one massively huge, expensive mistake:
Who Dares Wins, Amazing Race, Horse Racing Stable reality show, Late Night Liars, Carny vision, Martindale hidden camera show, Improv and this year Dancing with the stars...
It's good to think of new acquisitions and create new productions, but with a track record like I mentioned above; is it really the best idea to blow your entire annual budget on one production, and then be forced to air the same repeats over and over again for the rest of the year? "

Heck, why is GSN going to the opposite of heaven in a handbasket with these shows and Unstapled that I mentioned earlier? Because they want to take something that's watchable for everyone and make it unwatchable for no one. Here's one more from a poster:

"If anything you're doing nothing but drawing attention and interest by talking about it. Look at tv history for examples, Threes Company wasn't real popular and possibly on the verge of the ax. Some Christian group decided to complain about it, people turned the show on to find out what the big uproar was over, liked it, and it became a hit. Same happened in 1997 with Ellen. It SUCKED in the ratings, then word leaked out her character was going to come out in the show. Naturally, the religious folks went ballistic and a whole lot of people tuned in to see that episode because of it. Ellen stayed around another year. However, had people kept their mouths shut on both accounts no one would have paid attention to either show and they would have died right there.
Speak with your viewing, that's what counts. Not petitions, public outcries, etc."

Come on, why can't you show PYL in 1986 or any other show going downhill for that matter? Well, that about does it for quarter number 3. Time now to end this show with my one-minute warning. The topic is: Who Hates Harvey?

Family Feud has been on GSN ever since Sony popped them out of the womb. It's been on the air for 35 years overall, but there's one poster named "patnvanna83," obviously it's because it's shared with Wheel of Fortune's greatest year when it entered the syndication market. He wants to hate on a more recent version of know, the one with Steve Harvey. In fact, I'll show you this clip:

Now then, he says he doesn't like it for a number of reasons. Here are some examples:

  • he present's the answers in a ghetto slang fashion (for example: yo' mama jumped out da cake or they be eatin' moose)

he reaveals the answers from bottom to top instead of top to bottom (after the "chance to steal" segment of course)

  • he reaveals the answers from bottom to top instead of top to bottom (after the "chance to steal" segment of course)

  • he fails to know any knowledge of any famous white Celebrities (ex:the pronunciation of Gisele Bundchen's name when he presents it to the survey board)

  • he claims that he's a man of god or makes gospel references (which shouldn't be needed alot for the show)

  • he acts dazed and confused when he hears bad answers from the contestants

  • And finally: he has to make a rant on bad answers from contestants just for jokes
See? SO next time you watch Family Feud with Steve Harvey on your local channel, don't bother watching, because it's #3 in the syndication market and GSN won't have it any time soon. Survey says: John O' Hurley's last season we've yet to see on GSN. That's what we want.

That little digital clock on the wall says Time's up. We gotta go. But if you want to know why Harvey's version of Feud should come to GSN, or if you wanna preach the gospel on DWTS to GSN, here's what you do:

please add me on FB:!/pierre.j.kelly

Follow me on Twitter: @Johnny_Arcade

and my email adress: for any questions, praise or compliments. And diring the week, I'll even go to to see what's going on. Until then, play on, playas!  


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