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The 7th Guest: Quarantine Edition

Major funding for today's blog is provided by.... (shows slide of Art Fleming in 1978) New guest hosts to referee the Jeopardy! arena..... (goes to next slide of Mt. Fuji) We're Moving mountains...... (goes to next slide of FBI home video warning) ANd what to do before you spin a big slot machine.  (turns off projector) Today's show is supervised by a 9th grade teacher at a high school somewhere in Pacific Bay. Let's draw tonight's pick 6 winning numbers............. .....or we can roll this intro. Opening Theme Colbi King: From coast to coast and around the world, welcome to.... Now, America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly! Me:Welcome everybody to Game Show Live! where we get lit and get involved. Let's kick it off with...... The  Double Toasted  opening toss up story. Friday’s show marked the last Jeopardy! appearance by guest host Ken Jennings, the first replacement since the death of longtime moderator Alex Trebek. Trebek

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