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Livewire! 6/24

    Opening Theme Colbi King:  From the Game Show Live! newsroom, it's time for............. Your news......with sass. Presented byTaco Bell's new mexican pizza. Get it for a limited time before the drive through window thinks otherwise.  Here now is..... Pierre Kelly! Me: Hi everyone, good afternoon from the Pacific Bay  area  and ‬TGIF! Hope you are well. And if you aren't well, well........ Today is National Take Back The Lunch Break Day. We actually did on the patio outside the studio. You can hear 90's dance music from  loudspeakers away. However, lunch break is over and it's time to get.....wired!!!! Match Game spelling Mishaps It’s usually the  Jeopardy!  contestants who are the subject of mockery for their mistakes and wrong answers, but on the Wednesday, June 22 episode of the long-running game show, it was the production staff in the spotlight. The error came during the Final Jeopardy! clue when eagle-eyed viewers spotted a spelling mistake. The category w

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