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Jojo Siwa, your bowtie is calling

Major funding for today's blog is provided by.... (shows slide of DWTS judges) If you got dancing shoes, prove it. (Goes to next slide of an Avatar) If you got a Smule App, prove it. (Goes to next slide of actress Julie Brown) And if you want to start out on a game show before making it big, prove it. (Turns projector off) Just Say Game Show Live! and it will come to Opening Theme Colbi King: From coast to coast and around the world, welcome to.... Now, America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly! Me:Welcome everybody to Game Show Live! where we get lit and get involved. Let's kick it off with...... The Double Toasted opening toss up story. ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" 2021 celebrity cast was announced today on ABC's "Good Morning America," live from Disney's California Adventure. The series, hosted by supermodel and businesswoman Tyra Banks, returns to the ballroom for its milestone 30th season wit

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