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So this is talent?

  Major funding for today's blog is provided by.... Game Show Live is on! Today..... (cuts to monitor of AGT Set) They got they're back again for more. (camera flies to another monitor of RuPaul) If you think Bill Engvall was TV-14, then wait until you see Rupaul going TV-.......... (camera flies to another monitor of ballots) and for somebody else's consideration............ (camera zooms into desk area) The most important blog of the week Opening Theme Colbi King: From coast to coast and around the world, welcome to.... Now, America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly! Me:Welcome everybody to Game Show Live! where we get lit and get involved. Let's kick it off with...... The   Talking Through The Medias  opening toss up story. NBC's "America's Got Talent: All-Stars" announces the 60 acts competing for the ultimate All-Star title. A new extension of the powerhouse hit series, &qu

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